10 WARS, 10 MEDIA LIES: A Short Inventory of Disinformation

May 22nd, 2008 - by admin

Michel Collon / MichelCollon.info – 2008-05-22 22:12:19


BELGIUM (May 16, 2008) — Every war is preceded by a big media lie. Today, Bush threats Venezuela and Ecuador. Tomorrow, Iran? And after that, who’s next?

With, as the puppet, President Uribe, drug dealer and Indians slaughterer (four millions refugees). This one Uribe pretends that proofs of Chavez support to terrorism and militarization of the region have been found in the indestructible Raul Reyes’s (FARC) computer.

Mainstream newspaper reflect this propaganda campaign for the next Bush’s war. Let’s recall how many times USA and those same medias have manipulated us. Every major war is ‘justified’ by what will appear as disinformation, short list:

1. VIETNAM (1964-1975):

• MEDIA LIE: August 2 and 3 (1964), North Vietnam forces are accused by US government of attacks against two US military ship in the Tonkin Bay.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER ON: No ships have been ever attacked. That was a White House’s pure invention.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To impeach Vietnam independence and to maintain the US domination in this region.

• CONSEQUENCES: Millions of victims, genetic malformations (Orange Agent), massive social problems.

2. GRENADA (1983):

• MEDIA LIE: The small Caribbean island is accused to install a Soviet military base and to attend to the life of US doctors.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER ON: Completely false. US president Reagan invented all of that from scratch.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To impeach socials and democratic reforms of the Prime Minister, Bishop (who was murdered). Reagan said ‘We cannot allow communist apaches to take over our private garden…’

• CONSEQUENCES: US Marines invasion, brutal oppression et restoration of Washington control over the country.

3. PANAMA (1989):

• MEDIA LIE: The US marines invasion was setup to arrest president Noriega accused to be a drug dealer.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: CIA agent, Noriega claimed Panama Channel sovereignty at the end of the lease. Unacceptable for USA.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To maintain US control over this strategic communication way.

• CONSEQUENCES: US bombing killed from 2 to 4000 civilians, ignored by medias.

4. IRAQ (1991):

• MEDIA LIE: Iraqis stoled incubators in Kuwait-city maternities.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: Total invention produced by Hill & Knowlton advertising agency, paid by the Emir of Kuwait himself.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To impeach middle-east to gain independence against USA domination and to maintain Israel military control over the region.

• CONSEQUENCES: Uncountable amount of victims during the war, followed by a long embargo, medication included .

5. SOMALIA (1993):

• MEDIA LIE: Mister Kouchner presents himself as a hero of a humanitarian campaign in Somalia.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: Four US companies had bought a quarter of Somalia underground, rich of oil.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To control a military strategic region.

• CONSEQUENCES: Unable to control Somalia, USA maintains the country in a total chaos.

6. BOSNIA (1992 – 1995):

• MEDIA LIE: US Firm Ruder Finn and Bernard Kouchner denounced so called ‘Serb’s extermination camps’.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: Ruder Finn and Kouchner lied. Those camps were for war prisoners ready for exchange. Muslim Bosnian President Itzebegovic admitted it.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To destroy the socialist Yugoslavia, its social coverage system, to submit the area under multinationals control, to control strategic Danube river and balkanises roads.

• CONSEQUENCES: Four years of terrifying war for all nationalities (Bosnians, Serbs and Croats). Provoked by Berlin, prolonged by Washington.


• MEDIA LIE: Kosovo’s Albanese were genocided by the Serbs.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: Pure invention as admitted by Jamie Shea, official NATO speaker.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To impose NATO control over the Balkans and its transformation as the World Wide Police Force. To install US military base in Kosovo.

• CONSEQUENCES: 2000 victims of NATO bombing. Ethnic cleaning of Kosovo by UCK covered by NATO.

8. AFGHANISTAN (2001):

• MEDIA LIE: Bush wanted to take revenge after 9/11 and to capture Bin Laden.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: There is no proof of the existence of the Al-Qaida organisation. Anyway, Taliban had proposed to extradite Bin Laden.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: To military control this strategic Asian region, to build a pipe line across Afghanistan to control energy supply of South Asia.

• CONSEQUENCES: Long term occupation and massive increase of opium production and traffic.

9. IRAQ (2003):

• MEDIA LIE: Saddam has dangerous massive destruction weapons, stated Colin Powel at UNO, test tube in his hand.

• WHAT WE’VE LEARNED LATER: White House imposed to its services to falsify (Libby case) or to create false reports.

• REAL OBJECTIVE: All oil resources control and possibilities to blackmails rivals: Europe, Japan, China…

• CONSEQUENCES: Iraq in chaos and civil war, women conditions back to submission and obscurantism.

10 VENEZUELA – ECUADOR – (2008?):

• MEDIA LIE: Chavez supports terrorism, imports weapons, is a dictator (Final pretext has not been chosen yet).

• WHAT WE’VE ALREADY LEARNED: Many media lies have been already downplayed: Chavez shooting at his people, Chavez anti-Semite, Chavez militarist… The game continues…

• REAL OBJECTIVE: US major companies wants to keep control over the continental oil and others resources. They are afraid of the democratic and social liberation of Latin America.

• CONSEQUENCES: Washington leads a global war against the entire south continent: putsches, economical sabotages, blackmails, installation of US military bases next to the natural resources…


Anyway, every war is preceded and justified by a massive media lies campaign. And our inventory is far to be complete!

To impeach wars is to denounce those media lies the sooner as possible and in the largest way. Thanks for circulating this article, for translating it into other languages if possible (available in French, a Spanish version is coming soon) and to sending us the translation. In the news war, you are the real force !

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