Evidence Suggests Fort Detrick Scientist: Ivins Innocent

August 20th, 2008 - by admin

Kevin Barrett and Rolf Lindgren / The People’s Forum – 2008-08-20 22:13:21


Fort Detrick Scientist:
Ivins Innocent, FBI Worse Than KGB!
Kevin Barrett and Rolf Lindgren

If elected, I will call for an immediate all-out congressional investigation of the anthrax attacks as well as the 9/11 attack they were so obviously linked to. In fact, I hope that by the time I reach Congress, a no-holds-barred investigation of FBI misconduct in the anthrax affair will have already brought down this lying, murdering administration.

A growing legion of skeptics, including more and more mainstream journalists, say the government’s case against suicided anthrax fall-guy Dr. Bruce Ivins has more holes than a Dunkin’ Donuts factory. World Net Daily reports that Ivins passed two lie detector tests, and that a comparison of his handwriting with the handwriting on the anthrax letters shows that he wasn’t the one who scrawled “Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great” on the toxic missives.

By blaming Ivins, who was not Muslim, the government is admitting that the anthrax scare was a false-flag terror attack, presumably one designed to demonize Muslims and grease the skids for war and fascism.

The anthrax attacks targeted Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, the two biggest obstacles in the path of the Patriot Act, and helped convince ordinary Americans who have mailboxes, but who don’t work in skyscrapers, that their lives were endangered by murderous Muslim madmen.

But was Ivins the real false-flag terrorist? RawStory reports that Ivins’ erratic behavior appears to have been the result of FBI stalking and persecution. As a Democrat, why would Ivins target Democratic leaders? And why would he want to make people afraid of Muslims? In short, where’s the motive? The government’s claim that only Ivins had access to the anthrax used in the attack is falling apart, following reports that 16 labs had the strain of anthrax used in the attacks, which did not even originate at Fort Detrick.

Though the FBI has threatened all currently employed Fort Detrick scientists, saying they will be fired if they speak to the media, one brave whistleblower isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Today (August 9), I spoke with a PhD scientist who works at Fort Detrick. The scientist knows Dr. Bruce Ivins very well and has worked with him for many years.

The scientist is an acquaintance of mine who I’ve known for about five years.

The scientist is a specialist in infectious diseases, including airborne diseases.

The scientist does not want their name given out. The FBI has told all the scientists at Fort Detrick they cannot speak with the media or they will be fired.

[Its interesting to note that scientists at Fort Detrick can’t exercise their first amendment rights, but the FBI can illegally leak confidential investigative information to the media. Its also interesting that some of the info leaked to the media by FBI informants is not legitimate investigative material, but instead, material meant to character-assassinate Dr. Ivins. It’s also interesting that the FBI leakers can avoid detection, given the Patriot Act.]

The scientist’s eyewitness statements and expert opinions are based on personal knowledge, not media reports, and the scientist has hardly read any news articles about Dr. Ivins. The scientist has heard media reports that have character-assassinated the good name of Dr. Ivins. I will be sending some important news articles regarding the anthrax case to the scientist today.

The scientist’s political views tend to lean to the right side, while the views of Dr. Ivins tend to lean toward the left side. This is based on the fact that the scientist tends to vote Republican or conservative Libertarian, while Dr. Ivins was a regular voter in Democratic primaries. Therefore, the statements of the scientist have nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the facts.

The scientist says that “Dr. Bruce Ivins is innocent and all the scientists who worked with him know he is innocent.”

The scientist says that “Dr. Ivins didn’t have a motive to kill anyone”, and was instead, “dedicated to saving lives by making anthrax vaccines.” “Dr. Ivins has 30 years of service in protecting human life.”

The scientist says that “Dr. Ivins did not make weaponized anthrax, did not know how to make weaponized anthrax, and did not have the equipment to make weaponized anthrax.”

The scientist says that this holds true for every scientist at Fort Detrick, “none made weaponized anthrax, none know how to make it, nor do any have the equipment to make it.”

The scientist says all the scientists at Fort Detrick have been harassed by the FBI. The scientist says that the “FBI harassment has been totally awful and it’s disgusting the way the scientists were treated.”

The scientist says that “two doctors who came over from the Soviet Union and work at the facility think the FBI’s behavior is worse than the KGB.”

The scientist says that “Dr. Ivins was driven crazy and racked with fear from the FBI harassment which amounted to psychological torture.”

The scientist says the “FBI essentially murdered Dr. Ivins by driving him crazy.”

The scientist says that “Dr. Ivins innocent and doesn’t know who sent the anthrax.”

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