Total Acres of US Bases Are Bigger Than Some Countries

September 13th, 2008 - by admin

Celia Perry / Mother Jones Magazine – 2008-09-13 22:54:13

SAN FRANCISCO (August 22, 2008) — Our roundup of the Pentagon’s latest basing stats—plus a few we dug up ourselves.”

What a Spread!
Land occupied by US bases: 46,566 square miles*

Land area of North Korea: 46,541 square miles

Lessons From Rome
Roman bases at empire’s peak (AD 117): 37

British bases at empire’s peak (1898): 36

US military sites overseas (2007): 761*

In Germany: 268

In Japan: 124

In South Korea: 87

Number that the Pentagon defines as “medium” or “large” (worth at least $888 million): 30

Number of foreign countries/territories that host US bases: 39**

Total US sites, foreign and domestic: 5,429

Military Architecture
Total Pentagon “facilities”: 545,714*

Percentage of total on foreign soil: 19

Number on foreign soil: 102,376

Buildings: 52,962

Roads, bridges, weapons ranges, etc.: 39,648_Overseas facilities’ “replacement cost”: $119 billion

Priorities, Priorities
Estimated worldwide defense spending: $1.2 trillion

US share of the total: 49 percent

Federal defense spending (FY ’08): $587 billion

Federal education spending (FY ’08): $62 billion

Federal Social Security spending (FY ’08): $5 billion_Bush budget request to train and equip foreign militaries (FY ’08): $4.5 billion

Overall US spending for tsunami relief: $656 million
*Figures don’t include bases in Iraq and Afghanistan; “facilities” include buildings, structures, roads, bridges, ranges, and plants; “sites” may include bases, hospitals, schools, and depots

**The Pentagon does not acknowledge all of its bases.
(See “America’s Unwelcome Advances.”)

Celia Perry is an assistant editor at Mother Jones.

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