Veterans, DU, Dioxin, and Deception

November 14th, 2008 - by admin

John Jonik / Fauxbacco.blogspot – 2008-11-14 23:00:27

Special to Environmentalists Against War

(November 11, 2008) — Veterans Day, 2008. Few say “Happy Veterans’ Day”. Time to look up some things about US vets, cancer, and Depleted Uranium.

At the web site of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a search for “Depleted Uranium” turned up a pathetic 5 hits…none of them addressing vets, cancer and DU.
No luck at the American Cancer Society (ACS):
Search results…
Your search – Depleted Uranium – did not match any documents.No pages were found containing “Depleted Uranium”.

Maybe the National Institutes of Health (NIH):Bingo! 37 hits for “depleted uranium”….but only 14 of them mentioned Depleted Uranium, some hits were repeats of others, and some links led to missing or unavailable PDF documents. The rest were about “depleted” other things, and Uranium mines.

Search of NIH with the term, “Depleted Uranium Iraq”; 8 hits, most from long ago, early 90s, late 80s…some lengthy laws where anything about DU is well buried, if it’s there. No indictments of the Pentagon or military contractors or etc.

These are the top three US entities in the field of cancer and health. Their word is taken as gospel by the media and public officials. They all have missed… ignored… almost endless documentation elsewhere on the topic. They don’t even bother to discredit DU information. It is a Non Topic. Even they cannot defend the indefensible. They do not try.

A regular web search for “Depleted Uranium Veterans Cancer” got 486 hits, right to the end of the list (up to the “omitted results” line). It’s not even a question that DU is a vicious cancer cause among both soldiers and civilians near or downwind from sources of contamination, namely the armor and weapons made with that radiological waste.

A search for “Depleted Uranium” got 506 hits out of about a million more if one enters into the area of “omitted results.”

This is evidence, proof positive, of virtually absolute, universal corruption of the nation’s medical and scientific system, not to mention the media that fail to inform, and the public officials who perpetrated it all.

The NIH, ACS and NCI are prominent “concerned” voices against “tobacco” and “smoking” but, in deference to the cigarette industry, chlorine and pesticide industries, pulp/paper, etc., and their insurers and investors, they utterly ignore the presence of dioxin in smoke from most cigarettes… the ones with chlorine-bleached paper and chlorinated pesticide residues. As these “expert” health organizations accept Pentagon assurances that DU isn’t a problem, they also accept, without checking, the cigarette industry claim that cigarettes are just tobacco.

The EPA, to its credit, has acknowledged presence of dioxin in cigarette smoke, that dioxin is “unlikely in nature” (i.e., not from tobacco), and that it is a deadly by-product of industrial chlorine. The NIH, ACS, and NCI have made no such acknowledgment…and the EPA routinely ignores its own Dioxin Re-Assessment (1994) findings when they testify about “environmental tobacco smoke”. Oddly, they are not questioned about that.

These organizations, including the EPA, also ignore the PO-210 radiation in typical (not all) cigarettes from the perversely still legal use of rad-contaminated phosphate tobacco fertilizers. No rad symbol yet required on cigarette packs. That would cut into “sin” tax revenues, for one thing.

If radiation, even at low levels, was outed as a significant contributor to so-called “smoking related” illnesses, well, that would bode badly for the DU industries and all radiation interests.

The “smoking” crusade isn’t about “smoking” per se, it’s about evasion of liabilities and prosecution; about covering up for many decades of unconscionable adulteration of smoking products with some of the most deadly industrial substances on the planet. Over the last century, cigarettes have been transformed from tobacco products to industrial waste incinerators… albeit better-flavored.

This is still about Veterans’ Day. It relates to US Soldiers who are fairly heavy smokers. It’s been in the news lately. Search up “US Troops smoking” for plenty.

Would anyone care to guess what will be blamed for any diseases contracted by soldiers?
Hint: It will not be Depleted Uranium.
It will not be dioxin in cigarette smoke.
It will not be radiation in the smoke.
It will not be Pentagon approved pesticides.
It will not be combos of the above.
It will not be any industrial substance.

Dioxin damages ones immunity to anything, and since it is a Promoter of cancer caused by industrial and even natural carcinogensThe cruelty of providing soldiers typical Dioxin Dowels, and not even providing the option of chlorine-free, pesticide-free, (and rad-free) tobacco, is a significant crime.

What kind of leaders would poison their own people?…even their own soldiers? (What kind of Democrats fail to impeach and prosecute such leaders?)

Will soldiers be checked for body-burdens of dioxins, radiation, pesticide residues, and DU? No. Not unless there are serious, intense, and widely public pressures by not just veterans groups but by any and everyone with concerns about the legitimacy and credibility of the US health system in general.

US veterans who smoke will assuredly be blamed for causing or exacerbating their own health problems, even though their particular disease(s) may be impossible to be caused by smoke from any plant, even tobacco. But this is the good old “Company Doctor” syndrome where, say, coal miners who smoke are diagnosed as having caused their own respiratory damage…damage actually caused by coal dust and mine safety violations.

US soldiers are fighting and being injured and killed not to spread democracy but for US/Western control of oil that will be partly used to make, among other things, tobacco pesticides that are, as we speak, harming the soldiers.

This profound, institutionalized disregard for human health and life shown all over the place makes it entirely plausible that, yes indeed, it is understood at top levels that soldiers who smoke those Pesticide Pegs, and who are incidentally hit with DU, will not live so long. Their premature deaths will free up more tax money to go to private corporate interests. The money will not be wasted on veterans’ health care and other services.

Searches of the NIH, ACS, NCI, and EPA for “smoking” or “tobacco” will turn up almost infinite hits…not a one that will provide an actual analysis or description of “tobacco” or “cigarette” or “smoke” to address the non-tobacco industrial contaminants and their inevitable effects. A few hits that refer to additives, and even pesticides, are items that are simply excluded from Smoking and Health matters in medicine and legislation. Better to blame the victims, and an unpatented, traditionally-used, conveniently “sinful” natural plant.

Active-duty soldiers, veterans, and all humans deserve better. It remains to be seen if the new administration will apply its “change” principles to this arena.