Enough Plutonium Reported Missing to Produce 8 Nuclear Bombs: Obama Orders Pentagon To Secure US Nukes

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(February 7, 2009) — Troubling reports circulating around the Munich Security Conference today are stating that the United States delegation headed by their Vice President Joseph Biden has told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to take over from the US Energy Department all American nuclear weapons plants after it was discovered that enough plutonium is ‘missing’ to make 6-8 one kiloton atomic bombs.

News of this unprecedented move to turn over to the US Military the control over their Nations nuclear weapons making ability from its longstanding civilian overseers is also being circulated in the American propaganda media, and as we can read:

“The Obama administration is considering whether to shift the management of nuclear weapons production to the Pentagon from the Energy Department, a step that would end more than 60 years of civilian control over nuclear bomb manufacture.

The White House has ordered the Defense Department and the Energy Department to study the costs and the benefits of transferring two national laboratories that design weapons, the sprawling Nevada site where they can be tested and all or part of four major plants around the country that build and maintain bombs and store weapons fuel.”

Russian FSB reports are further reporting that this latest shocking move by President Obama is a continuance of the battle President Bush had begun against the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) infiltration by elements of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad, said intent upon their not losing control of the United States to further their goal of destroying their Middle Eastern Islamic enemies, Syria and Iran.

The full extent of Israel’s penetration into the CIA was uncovered in the late 1990’s when the FSB uncovered the Mossad-CIA network attempting to smuggle nuclear weapons plans and radiated fuel out of the Ukraine and which led to the United States convicting CIA agent Harold James Nicholson (codenamed Batman) who is presently imprisoned in the US.

Upon his taking office, President Obama, these reports continue, ordered the ‘immediate’ arrests of other rogue members of this CIA-Mossad nuclear smuggling gang, and which included Nicholson’s son, [according to Oregon Live: see full article below]:

“Harold James “Jim” Nicholson, a 58-year-old native Oregonian convicted in 1997 of selling classified information to the Russian Federation, is now accused of using his son to collect the debts. His son, Nathaniel James Nicholson of Eugene, a 24-year-old disabled Army veteran, is accused of traveling the globe to collect.

Father and son were indicted Tuesday for conspiracy to act as agents of a foreign government; acting as agents of a foreign government; money laundering; and conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years.”

Most interesting to note of the US propaganda media reports about the arrest of Nicholson’s son are its ‘glaring incongruities’, states the FSB (which denies any involvement with these US-Israeli criminals), and who give as just one example in their report these words as reported by the New York Daily News Service:

“Nathaniel Nicholson, 24, was “trained and tasked” as a spy by his father in order to pass secrets to his handlers that revealed how the FBI originally nabbed the ex-CIA operative.

The son collected $41,000 from the Russians for his father’s “past espionage activities”, court documents say. “Nicholson utilized his CIA training in instructing [his son Nathaniel] on how to collect the funds from the Russian Federation in a covert and secret manner,” prosecutors charged.

He also allegedly conned his parents into hiding the cash; the FBI also said he had hinted to the Russians that another son “may hold some future value” as a traitor. The FBI disclosed that son Jeremiah Nicholson is married to a Russian and serves as a sergeant in the Air Force “with a security clearance.”

First to notice about this propaganda report, says the FSB, is that it is ‘impossible’ for any imprisoned CIA agent in the US to not know that conversations held with anyone are recorded and analyzed and all visitors tightly controlled and constantly monitored.

Secondly, the FSB states that it is ‘totally ludicrous’ for anyone to believe that a son of a imprisoned CIA spy could get a US Security Clearance for anything, let alone one for the US Air Force. The FSB further states that the Russian wife of Nicholson’s son Jeremiah is actually the daughter of Russian émigrés to Israel who has never lived, or even visited, the Motherland, and wonder why this fact wasn’t reported.

But, not just to Nicholson and his son are the links of penetration of the Israelis into the CIA either, as in the past month two other of their agents have been captured, and of whom we can read about as reported by the propaganda media organs in the US, and who always convict their most feared spies for either stupid criminal acts or sex crimes so as to destroy their credibility should they ever leak information as to the full extent of their crimes against humanity:

“A 16-year veteran of the CIA pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal fraud charge after using undercover agency credit cards to run up $75,000 in personal expenses, including costly hotel stays and a $700 watch.

Steven J. Levan, 48, worked as a case agent at the CIA until his recent termination over the fraud. According to an affidavit by a U.S. postal inspector who investigated the case, Levan made unauthorized personal use of four special credit cards that, while not officially billed to the government, are “customarily paid by the agency.”

“The agency had to pay the defendant’s fraudulent charges on those credit cards, in order to maintain the means by which the agency protects the identity of certain of its employees,” reads the affidavit.

Despite the relatively mild charges, Levan’s been held without bail since his arrest on January 12, based on the government’s assertion that the former spy could begin peddling national security secrets to foreign powers to raise more money.”


“ABC News reports that the Department of Justice has launched an investigation into a CIA station chief that may have drugged and raped Muslim women in Algeria and Egypt. Following at least two specific complaints, investigators discovered secret surveillance tapes in the agent’s possession showing sex acts between him and a number of women, as well as a cache of pills of an undetermined type.

It’s impossible to overstate the damage this could do to the US, both diplomatically and in the war on terror. Algeria is a critical station for intelligence against al-Qaeda, and one of the most active subgroups of AQ operates in that country. Reports of biological weapons research by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) and laboratory accidents underscores the need for robust CIA work in the country, which will almost certainly suffer serious damage and a curtailment of cooperation.”

Of these two latest arrests of rogue CIA-Mossad agents by President Obama’s forces, these reports continue, the most significant is that of the CIA Algerian Station Chief Andrew M. Warren, and of whom we can read:

“Andrew M. Warren grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia. An expert in Middle Eastern affairs, Mr. Warren served as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. State Department (1997-2001); during his tenure, he spent two years in Kuwait at the American Embassy in addition to traveling extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to his service at the State Department, he worked with the National Security Agency. Mr. Warren obtained a Masters Degree in Middle East History and Arabic from Indiana University; and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Norfolk State University.”

What has particularly raised the FSB’s interest in the CIA’s Agent Warren is the contents of a book he had written tiled “The People of the Veil” in which a fictional American diplomat named Nick Phillips is caught in the midst of an Islamic revolution in Algeria which leads to his discovering a vast world-wide plot involving the CIA and Israel’s Mossad working in league with Islamic terrorists to unleash nuclear and biological destruction upon the United States.

Most amazing about all of these reports, however, is that according to the American propaganda media [New York Times]:

1.) A convicted and imprisoned CIA spy is allowed to continue his spy network from his prison cell using visits by his son where secret information is passed between them unnoticed for years by guards and another son is granted a security clearance by the US Air Force.

2.) A 16-year CIA spy veteran has absolutely no idea that his fraudulent use of credit cards will be discovered by the most powerful intelligence agency in the World, and 3.) An 18-year CIA Spy Chief who was a former US Foreign Service Officer and accomplished author, ‘all of a sudden’ decides to become a deranged serial drug abuser and rapist of Muslim women.

If we were ever to put forth such blatant lies and total absurdities in our reports they would be branded, and rightly so, as the ravings of a deluded mind.

Sadly though, in what passes for news in the United States today, it is a certainty that these lies and absurdities will be believed as that is all these people have been taught to trust in.

But, to the greatest fear these people should have is if the fictional story of CIA-Mossad agent Warren is not fictional at all and was, instead, intending it as a warning of what is soon to come.

It is without doubt that the American people themselves will not think so, the same, thankfully, cannot be said about their President Obama who by all accounts will not rest until all of these conspirators are captured.

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