Israeli Military Shoots Gaza Farmer: European Union Calls for an End to Israel’s Attacks on Farmers

March 9th, 2009 - by admin

Via Campesina, the International Peasants Union – 2009-03-09 22:38:36

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Israeli Military Shoots Gaza Farmer
Via Campesina

GAZA (February 18, 2009) — Israeli forces shot a twenty-year-old Palestinian farmer as he worked his land in the village of Al-Faraheen, east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. International Human Rights Activists were accompanying the group of farmers at the time as they worked approximately 500m from the Green Line.

Mohammad al-Breem, 20, was shot in the right leg as the farmers, together with the international Human Rights Activists, attempted to leave the area having worked on their land for 2 hours in full view of the Israeli forces situated along the Green Line.

As the farmers were loading up the parsley and spinach from the agricultural lands shots were fired from Israeli forces on the border. Mohammad was shot in the right leg and evacuated, while still under fire, to hospital.

International Human Rights Activists have repeatedly witnessed Palestinian farmers being shot at by Israeli forces as they attempt to work on agricultural land situated within 700m of the Green Line.

On Tuesday 27th January 2009, in Al Faraheen, Israeli forces shot at several farmers, killing a 27-year-old farmer.

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The Palestinian Farmers Union via Via Campesina the International
Peasant Farmers Movement

(January 26, 2009) — The fierce Israeli attack against Gaza Strip has lead to the complete destruction of the agriculture sector — starting from land bulldozing to destruction of irrigation networks to uprooting of trees uprooting and crops damage, the demolition of greenhouses, the slaughter of variety of livestock shelter and the deaths of 30 farmers killed while working in their fields.

Leave the Fields to the Farmers;
End the Violence in Gaza!

The European Coordination Via Campesina supports the Palestinian Farmers Union

BRUSSELS, 14th (January 14, 2009) — We have watched with horror as the aerial attacks on the Gaza strip which began on the 27th of December 2008 have escalated to a full scale ground assault, with a death toll now in excess of 1,000 people. The European Coordination Via Campesina, which incorporates more than 20 farmers and agricultural workers unions in Europe, is both appalled and angered by the indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children in Gaza.

The Palestinian Farmers Union (PFU), which works in the empowerment of local farmers and in the redevelopment of farming in Gaza with a view towards achieving positive social change, has suffered greatly since the start of the invasion. Farmers in Gaza have difficulty accessing land and water resources due to the conflict.

The situation in Gaza is worsening daily, as the infrastructure crumbles and more people are killed. The UN distributes food to more than 70% of the population, more than 20,000 people each day. Entire fields have been bombed in the Israeli attacks. The conflict makes it impossible for Gaza to produce its own food. Many citrus and olive groves have also been destroyed.

We call for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and a cessation of the aerial attacks which have taken so many human lives.

We see the continued attacks on Palestinian civilians as a crime against humanity and call on the governments of the European Union to denounce the invasion.

We support the civil society groups and social movements throughout Europe and the world who are uniting to call for an end to the violence and to compel the governments of their countries to put more pressure on Israel to end the hostilities.

An Appeal for Help from the Palestinian Farmers Union
For All Living Consciences of the World

The Palestinian Farmers Union

(January 12, 2009) — At the time we try to pull together our wounds, our voices are calling for help and support. We in the Palestinian Farmers Union appeal to all our brothers in the farmers and peasants Unions, we also appeal to all international organizations and solidarity with Palestinians organizations to work to stop the massacre, to stop the siege and to help and assist the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, for what they are facing steadfastly of Barbarian fierce attack by the Israeli occupation forces, as this aggressive bombardment reached children, women and the elders and even trees and stones.

We are in the provinces of the West Bank and Gaza Strip are living these days, a state of panic and shock to the size of the heinous crime committed by the Israeli occupying authorities against the defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and what we appeal to the brothers and friends in the world is to work on:

1. The organization of marches of solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand the world to intervene to stop Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people.

2. To expedite the provision of financial support and in-kind for the benefit of the Gaza Strip.

It is essential that right will win at the end and injustice will vanish.

Your brothers and friends in the Palestinian Farmers Union