Met Police Turn ‘Big Brother’ For G20 Summit

March 31st, 2009 - by admin

Sky News – 2009-03-31 23:06:33

LONDON (March 31, 2009) — With security fears rising in the build-up to the G20 summit on Thursday, the Metropolitan Police have been given access to more than 3,000 CCTV cameras around London. Scotland Yard’s Central Communications Command in Lambeth, South London, will become the eyes of the city tomorrow when more than 100 officers monitor live links across the capital.

As the world’s most powerful leaders arrive in London, the priority will be to ensure their safety while also keeping an eye on the thousands of protesters expected to turn out. The surveillance team will be managed by a team of 20 senior officers including tactical advisers and counter-terrorism staff.

The team will be backed up representatives from the fire brigade and ambulance service.
The control room will be the hub for co-ordinating the several-thousand strong police force who will work to ensure security throughout the G20 summit.

The huge operation, known as Operation Glencoe, is one of the biggest to have taken place in recent times.

The Liberal Democrats say they will be keeping a close on on the policing of the G20 protests. The party’s justice spokesman, David Howarth, said: “We do not want to see a repeat of the policing of last year’s (climate change) camp at Kingsnorth, which was disproportionate, heavy-handed and provocative.

“I was encouraged to hear the Metropolitan Police talking seriously about proportionality when I met them today. I very much hope the that the rights of the protesters to make their important point peacefully will be fully respected.”

• It’s interesting to read that the met were reported to have been talking about proportionality, when we all know they just want an excuse to execute people – just because they can away with it. It’s about time individual plod were actually punished every time they start making up the law as they go along. I sometimes wonder who is actually running this country – theiving new labour or acpo………..
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• This will be a field day for the government bully boys, they will block absolutely everything, throw their weight around and generally act like some third world dictatorship army. I am not for violent protest but in a democracy people have a right to make their point and the police are increasingly stamping this out. Sometimes individual plods are making descisions on their own that are downright wrong and contradictory to what people are actually allowed to do. We are dangerously close to a police state.
Oh and for the Government snoopers reading this Hi There !!

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• To anyone who is going, Please be careful and behave because Im certain that it wont take alot for a police reaction. If it gets nasty then it will mean more justification for snooping laws and they will be just dieing to use the terrorism act against you! You know, the same terrorism act which allows you to be arrested for no good reason and you can be held for no good reason aswell!

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