Taliban Announce ‘Operation Victory’

May 3rd, 2009 - by admin

KavKaz Center – 2009-05-03 10:11:11


(30 April 2009) — Afghanistan’s Taliban Mujahideen Wednesday threatened a new operation against occupation troops in response to a surge of thousands of extra US soldiers due in the coming weeks.

‘Operation Nasrat’ (Victory), to be launched on Tuesday, would also target Afghan puppet officials and international diplomats with a wave of Shahada operations and attacks, claimed a statement from the Taliban. The full statement can be read from here.

The announcement was read to AFP over the telephone by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid who said it was signed by Mullah Boradar, said to be a deputy to the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.

‘Now that America and Nato intend to send more troops to Afghanistan, the Afghans also feel the need for a more speedy and strong operation to defend themselves and the freedom of their country,’ it said.

About 70,000 foreign occupation troops are stationed in Afghanistan under Nato and US command in an effort to defeat the Taliban, who were in government between 1996 and 2001 and are fighting to expel the occupation troops out of the country.

The United States is preparing to deploy an extra 21,000 troops as part of a sweeping new strategy to counter the Taliban and other countries, including Australia and Germany, have also pledged more soldiers.

The statement warned of increased ambushes, Shaheed attacks and bombings.

‘Our targets will be the units of the invading forces, diplomatic stations, convoys, ranking officials of the puppet government, MPs, and employees of the defence, interior and intelligence ministries,’ it said.

It also called on Afghans to stop working for the Western-backed government of President Hamid Karzai and warned private sector contractors and logistics companies supplying foreign forces to halt their activities.

Source: Agencies
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