ACTION ALERT: Keep the Pork out of the Pentagon Budget

May 8th, 2009 - by admin

Matt Holland / True Majority – 2009-05-08 22:53:52

This week, Congress is debating the supplemental funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our friends at True Majority have an important action urging Congress to stop pork barrel funding for C-17 transport planes even the military doesn’t think we need. I hope you’ll have a look and take action; we have far more important uses for our tax dollars than this.
— Kate Stayman-London, CREDO Action

No one wants these war planes — except Congress.
It’s time for a responsible budget.

Tell Congress: Don’t waste our tax dollars on pork barrel defense contracts — we have too many desperate needs to put up with shennanigans like this.

Remember when we said last month that this year could be our chance to finally cut Pentagon waste and focus the budget on things we want — like healthcare, education and jobs? Well the real fight over that vision starts today. It’s time to get busy.

The full Pentagon budget hasn’t even been drafted yet. But some members of Congress are already trying to slip billions of dollars of pork-barrel weapons projects into the supplemental budget request for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tell Congress not to slip pork-barrel contracts into the Iraq/Afghan funding bill.Matt Holland is Online Director for True Majority/US Action

The Letter
The President and the Secretary of Defense are calling to cut wasteful weapons and invest in things that make us truly strong. But some of your colleagues want to add over $2 billion in funding to the President’s supplemental spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.

The extra money is to be used for things we don’t need – like C-17 cargo planes Secretary of Defense Gates specifically asked to CUT from the budget.

As your constituent, I ask you to oppose any add-ons that increase the cost of President Obama’s Iraq/Afghan funding bill, and keep future military funding bills clear of pork-barrel spending. We’ve got a chance to change America’s priorities, let’s use it.