ACTION ALERT: Help Stop the Sri Lankan Bloodbath

May 12th, 2009 - by admin – 2009-05-12 22:35:02

(May 12, 2009) — Tens of thousands of innocent civilians are trapped in a shrinking 3-square-kilometer (1.6 miles) conflict zone — bombarded by government artillery and used as human shields by the rebels. The Japanese government, Sri Lanka’s largest donor and closest regional partner has the power to help stop this humanitarian disaster.

Act now by sending a pre-translated message below to the office of Japan´s Foreign Minister Nakasone. The message (right, in Japanese) calls on the Japanese government to:

• demand that all citizens are protected from harm;

• push for UN Security Council access to the conflict zone and the capacity to deliver urgent humanitarian aid; and

• ensure Japan’s aid achieves real peace and human rights.
Add your own personal message (optional) above the Japanese text (in the box to the right). Or just press send and an email will be sent on your behalf!

Dear Prime Minister Aso and Foreign Minister Nakasone

As Sri Lanka’s largest donor and close regional partner, we call on you as citizens from every region of the world, to immediately take all possible actions to stop the human bloodbath that is unfolding in Sri Lanka. We URGE you TO:

• Demand that the parties to the conflict protect all civilians from harm, regardless of whether they remain trapped or have fled from the conflict zone;

• Support the UN Security Council to formally assess the situation, deliver humanitarian aid and gain access to the conflict zone; and

• Ensure your development aid promotes sustainable peace and human rights now and as the conflict concludes.
Japan has a proud recent history of humanitarian assistance. Your urgent response could help to save countless civilian lives.

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