Positive and Negative Readings of Obama’s Speech

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Saed Bannoura / International Middle East Media Center & Agecnies – 2009-06-07 22:26:16

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PALESTINE ( June 05, 2009) — Some Palestinian analysts said that Obama repeated the rhetoric of former US presidents, but this time he used new phrases.

Obama said that the Palestinians should abandon violence, and that “resistance through violence and killing is wrong and cannot succeed”, and reminded the Palestinians of the suffering inflicted on the African Americans during decades of slavery and discrimination.

Yet he said that “they did not achieve all of their rights through violence”, adding that the Palestinians should have the right to establish their own state.

As for the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Obama said that the movement enjoys public support among the Palestinians, and added that Hamas also has responsibilities.

He also said that Hamas must “end violence, recognize the previously signed peace deals, and recognize Israel.” But he did not ask Israel to officially recognize the internationally guaranteed Palestinian Refugees right of return.

Obama acknowledged that he cannot just eradicate years of mistrust between the United States and the Arab World, and called for dialogue and mutual understanding.

He acknowledged the Palestinian suffering, the historic and the current, and the effect this suffering has on them and on the Arabs.

Obama also used the word “occupation” when referring to Israel’s control over the West Bank, an issue that was widely ignored by former US presidents.

Meanwhile, Hamas movement said that the Obama speech is a change in language but not in policy.

Izzat Al Rishiq of Hamas, said that the core of Obama’s speech is biased towards Israel, and that this speech is a repetition of the same rhetoric of previous US administrations.

Al Rishiq further stated that Obama demanded Hamas to recognize “the Zionist entity” and renounce violence, but he did not demand “the entity” and Netanyahu to be committed to a two-state solution, or to recognize the Palestinians rights.

He said that the current Israeli government already vetoed the two-state solution, and insists on constructing settlements on Palestinians lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Furthermore, Al Rishiq stated there are several contradictions in the speech of Obama as he spoke of elected governments, but referred to Hamas only as a movement that enjoys a majority without admitting to the fact the Hamas was democratically elected by the majority of the Palestinians.

“I believe that the speech of Obama did not carry any indication to a real change in US policies”, Al Rishiq added, “his speech carried a change in the form but not in the core, he ignored the internationally guaranteed Palestinian right to resist the occupation”.

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In his Cairo Speech, Obama confirms strong relations with Israel
author Thursday June 04, 2009 23:26author by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agecnies

The much anticipated speech of US president, Barack Obama, which was delivered in Cairo Wednesday, was met with disappointment by the Palestinians and with praise by Israel, as he called for recognizing Israel and its “right to a homeland”, and ignored the 60 years of suffering of the refugees, and the suffering of the Palestinians living under siege in Gaza.

Obama also slammed the firing of homemade shells at “Israeli children in Sderot”, but did not mention the thousands of children and civilians killed by Israeli shells and bullets.

As for the right of return, Obama did not mention the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees but said that the peace process requires a parallel line that achieves a two state solution.

He started by stating that the US-Israeli relations are strong and unbreakable, and added that 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust, indicating that this number if even bigger than the number of Jews currently living in Israel.

Obama also said that the Palestinians suffered for six years, and the refugees are deprived from a safe livelihood.

“No one can deny the suffering of the Palestinian refugees, the United States will ignore the Palestinian rights to living in dignity and independence”, the US president said, “the only solution is the two-state solution, living in peace and security, this is an Israeli, American and a Palestinian interest, it is an international interest”.

He also called for renouncing violence and added that violent resistance cannot achieve success.

AS for the Hamas movement, Obama said that the movement has enormous responsibilities to fulfill to in order to play a role in achieving the aspirations of the Palestinian people. He repeated the Quartet demands that Hamas must recognize Israel renounce violence and recognize the previously signed peace deals”.

He also said that Israel should not ignore the Palestinian right to exist, and that Israel should be committed to its responsibilities and to achieve progress in peace talks.

He also mentioned that September 11 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, repeated the Israeli rhetoric of the Iranian nuclear agenda, and called for tolerance between all faiths, dialogue, freedom of women, and even used some verses from the holy Quran regarding forgiveness and rejecting violence.

Obama also said that his country is seeking a new beginning with the Muslim world; a start based on mutual trust and respect, and added that this issue requires time and patience.

He added that Morocco was the first Arab country to recognize the United States and that the Muslims in the US participate in its life and economy. He stated that the partnership between Islam and America should be based on the true principles of Islam.

Obama stated that his country resorted to courts in order to protect the rights of Muslim women in the US, and their right to wear the Hijab, and added that his country will not tolerate violent extremists.

He further said that the September 11 attacks were a shock to the Americans and created a state of anger and hatred.

On the Afghani and Iraqi issues, Obama said that he does not want US basis to remain there, and would like to bring the troops back to the US, but added that he wants to make sure the violence had ended.

“Islam is greater than hatred, what the Al Qaida did is against the principles of Islam”, he said, “We realize that military might is not the solution in Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

He did not mention that millions of refugees and casualties in Iraq, and stated that the Iraqis are in a much better situation than the situation they had under the Saddam regime.

He stated that the countries must help Iraq in shaping its future, and that the United States does not seek military basis in Iraq, and is not after its natural resources.

As for Guantanamo infamous prison, Obama said that it would be shut down by the beginning of next year.

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