Bin Laden Attacks Obama Policies

June 9th, 2009 - by admin

Al Jazeera & Reuters – 2009-06-09 00:10:02

Bin Laden Attacks Obama Policies
Al Jazeera

(June 03, 2009: 19:42 Mecca time, 16:42 GMT) — Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda leader, has accused Barack Obama, the US president, of following the policy of his predecessor George Bush in “antagonising Muslims.”

In a tape broadcast by Al Jazeera shortly after Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, bin Laden said the president had inflamed hatred toward the US by ordering Pakistan to crack down on fighters in the Swat Valley.

He said: “Obama and his administration have sowed new seeds of hatred against America. He has followed the steps of his predecessor in antagonising Muslims … and laying the foundation for long wars.”

Richard Holbrooke, the US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, described bin Laden’s claims about the fighting in Swat, which has led to the displacement of 2.4 million people, as “ludicrous”.

Holbrooke, who is visiting Pakistan, said: “The idea that anyone is responsible for the refugee crisis other than al-Qaeda and the Taliban and the other people that have caused such tragedy in Pakistan is ludicrous.

“This entire problem began with al-Qaeda and its associates and everybody in the world knows that. It’s silly indeed to respond to such a ludicrous charge.”

Saudi Reaction
Saudi Arabia described the new tape a sign of the al-Qaeda chief’s desperation. “It’s an act of desperation,” Nial al-Jubeir, a Saudi information ministry official, told AFP news agency. “They are still making their statements while hiding in a cave,” he said.

Earlier, bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, urged Egyptians to shun Obama, saying his Middle East trip was at the invitation of the “torturers of Egypt” and the “slaves of America”. In a taped message released overnight, al-Zawahiri dubbed Obama a “criminal” who “is not welcome in Egypt”.

In March, bin Laden accused some Arab leaders of being “complicit” with Israel and the West against Muslims and urged holy war to liberate the Palestinian territories.

Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, said that bin Laden will be able to exploit the escalating conflicts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where an increased number of US troops have been deployed under Obama in the latter case.

“As long as Afghanistan is that kind-of swamp of corruption, chaos, landlords, drugs and war it will be a place where extremism can be groomed against the United States and also Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of the Islamic world,” Bishara said.

To the Western Peoples
“Reasons of the struggle on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the occupying state of Israel”

Sheikh al Muharib Usama bin Laden (Hafidhahullah)

(March 2008) — In the Name of Allâh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

To the Western peoples in general, peace be upon him who follows the guidance

My speech to you is about the reasons of the struggle between our and your civilizations, I mean the Palestinian issue.

This struggle is increasing under your current policy, and I confirm here that the Palestinian issue is the first basic issue of my Ummah. Thus, it was an important factor which motivated me since my childhood as well as the (19) freemen and created in us a great feeling to defend the oppressed and to punish the Jew aggressors and their supporters.

Then your aggression against us continued in Lebanon and and so on, and this was the cause of the september 11th as well as previous and following events, so I draw your attention here and I say to you:

There is a precious opportunity for the just ones among you who want to know the truth. The Jews celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of their state and Western leaders take part in it.

This celebration has many important significations which I summarize in three points:

This event shows clearly that there was no state for Israel 60 years ago, but it was founded on the extorted land of Palestine by military force, and this is the proof that our issue is truthful and that Palestine is our land and the Israelis are occupiers who must be fought.

This event showed that the majority of your mass media gave up the objectivity and professionalism in this and similar issues. The responsibles were misleading you during (60) years and turned the truths upside down to show the occupying invading Jews as victims, on the other hand the oppressed Palestinians demanders of their land as terrorist headmen.

Here it appears the danger of the dominating mass media which play the role of sorcerers in falsifying the truths and forming a misleading public opinion that put the Western peoples in a position to engage in an unjust war against us illegitimately. This appeared clearly also in the invasion of Iraq, when these mass media propagandized for the lies of the White House’s leader and his followers, and then the Zionist lobby used these mass media to turn the truths upside down to be in favor of the Israelis.

The participation of the Western leaders in this celebration confirms that the West supports this unjust Jewish occupation of our land, and they stand with the Israelis in the same trench against us, and they confirmed this practically when they sent their troops to south of Lebanon to support the Jews.

The Western politicians still living with a mentality of the Middle Ages in oppressing the others by occupying their lands, killing their peoples and robbing their riches. This was proved clearly by Bush and Blair in the invasion of Iraq, where they robbed its oil and humiliated its people.

Even if Britain enabled the Jews of occupying Palestine through Balfour declaration, and even if the United Nations decided to hand over Palestine to the Jews, these declarations have no value for us and don’t concern us. The one who possesses no thing, gives it to him who does not merit.

The United Nations Council is nothing but one of your tools. The peace negotiations which have started (60) years ago and still going on, are not but a means to deceive the stupid ones. And the promises of Bush about a state in the full sense of the word, are nothing but a means to drag the issue and to gain more time, although the Jihad is a duty to free the whole Palestine.

We understand that the unjust persons tend usually to encroach upon the rights of the others to take their money illegitimately whether by trickery or armed robbery. And if those reached the authority the things become worst as much as the difference between the power of the state and the power of the armed gang.

In our case today, the dispraised terrorism and armed robbery are carried out by the leader of the strongest military force known to humanity, thus the catastrophe is not regional but global.

Despite the large tragedies we face in your wars, but we endure and stay honest in fighting the aggressors.But what brings queasiness is that after all this killing, destruction, robbery, lowliness and ribaldries, your politicians still continue on talking about values, this is insupportable, don’t bring together two injustices. If you insisted on robbery you will find worse, be ashamed and stop lying by talking about values.

I will give examples from the reality of Palestine which clarify more the issue and show the falseness of your values. The Double standards in the same issue is one of your politicians’ characteristics. You classify the Palestinian organizations as terrorists, thus you make a boycott against them and you punish them while the Israelis kill the civilians from women and children with booby-trapped cars, as what was happened in Yafa and Hayfa etc.

And more than that was when the Zionist organizations carried out massacres against the Palestinian villagers to terrorize them, displace them and extort their lands, so what was your attitude towards this?

The answer was clear by your dealings with Begin the well known bloodthirsty of Dir Yaseen massacre, he was the leader of an unjust Zionist organization, he used to slit open the bellies of the pregnant women in the massacre of Dir Yassen.
Is there any horrible and ugly terrorism more than this? This is the top of criminality and the bottom of degeneration. Can any man kill a villager woman who had no relation with fighting and slit open her belly while being pregnant?.

Seeing this horrible crime makes heads hoary and it is unbelievable except that the documents prove it, and more than this there are Israelis who are proud of it and said, if the massacre of Dir Yassen didn’t happen the Palestinians would never leave their lands for us and we would never be there.

Then what was the attitude of the West towards Begin? Instead of punishing him for his crimes, he was named and recognized as prime minister, the West wasn’t content with this and they granted him the Nobel Peace Prize.

What an aggression and injustice..

What a cheapness of the innocents’ bloods..

What a mercilessness and savagery

The massacres didn’t stop after Dir Yasseen but they came successively, and today we are living with the massacre of Ghazza which happens before the whole world. One million and half persons are exposed to the slow death because of malnutrition and lack of medicine due to the murderous siege.

More than this, your politicians oblige the governor of Egypt to fasten the siege from his side to stifle the feeble ones most of them are women and children.

Then, tell me what is the difference between your values in your contemporary Jahiliya (state of ignorance) and the values of the Jahiliya of HAMAN who supported Pharaoh in killing the children of “Bani Israel” in Egypt.

At last, he is not blamed him who defends his children and shows enmity toward the followers of the unjust Paraoh’s policy. We will continue in fighting the Israelis and their allies to enforce the right and to defend the oppressed people.

And we will never give up even if one span from Palestine “by the permission of Allah” as long as there is one honest Muslim on the ground.

“Him who plants the thorns will never reap the grape”

And peace be upon him who follows the guidance