Gaza Freedom Flotilla Smuggled Photos. Videos Reveal Truth

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VIDEO: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Smuggled Photos
Kevin Neish / Global Research & A News

SAANICH. VANCOUVER ISLAND (June 10, 2010) — A Victoria peace activist who was aboard an aid ship attacked by Israeli commandos off Gaza last week says he was able to smuggle out photos of the raid. Kevin Neish says he hid a camera card on his body before he was seized by Israeli soldiers.

Some of Kevin Neish’s photos were published in the Turkish English-language newspaper, Hurriyet and other media outlets throughout the Arab world. Kevin Neish says he saw dead and wounded people strewn about the vessel, including two who appeared to have been killed with execution-style bullet wounds to their heads. He says 16 people died in the attack but official reports put the death toll at nine.

VIDEO: Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara. Smuggled one Hour Video reveals the Truth
Commentary by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya / Cultures of Resistance

(June 11, 2010) — Eyewitness reports and photographic evidence have proven that Tel Aviv has been completely dishonest about the Israeli military attack on the unarmed international civilian flotilla of humanitarian and aid ships going to the Gaza Strip. Israel has also been caught doctoring evidence. New video evidence has now been presented dispelling what little credibility Tel Aviv had left.

When the Israeli military attacked and took over the civilian ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla it had its forces collect and destroy all media devices on the civilian ships. This included laptops, video cameras, cell phones, photography cameras, and other electronic media devices. Using the same Israeli tactic applied in the occupied Palestinian Territories, international journalists were also systematically sought and attacked by Israeli forces.

Yet, the journalists aboard the Mavi Marmara managed to smuggle one hour worth of video evidence proving that Israel has been giving a false account of what happened.

The video was released at a United Nations press conference held at the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library in New York City. Iara Lee, a filmaker from Cultures of Resistance, proves that the passengers accounts are the ones that conform to reality.

Realizing that its false narrative was not holding account, Tel Aviv has begun changing its story. Firstly it attempted to demonize all the members of the Mari Maramara as bloodthirsty extremists tied to Al-Qaeda that were set on violent conflict. Later Israeli officials moderated their claims, saying that there was an extremist fringe element onboard the Mavi Maramar.

It should be noted that there was an understanding with all individuals onboard the international civilian flotilla of humanitarian ships that their mission was a peaceful one. The violence from the passengers that the Israeli military presents was self-defence.

The video evidence presented by Iara Lee and Cultures of Resistance also confirms the peaceful nature of the passengers. It also proves that the Israeli account was false. This video evidence proves that the Israelis were firing from overhead before they landed. Their laser lights of their rifles could also be seen scanning for the civilian passengers while firing could be heard. These lasers lights are used to mark targets and would not be used unless the Israelis were intending to shot to kill.

The video footage also shows blood on the ship before the Israelis landed. Israeli soldiers were only caught after by the passengers who clearly only wanted to protect themselves. There was no “lynching” as the Israelis claimed.

All of these facts prove that the survivors and eyewitnesses onboard the Mavi Marmara were telling the truth when they said the Israelis fired from overhead and killed passengers before landing. Israel has zero credibility.

The video evidence also proves that the Israelis had gathered intelligence and profile data on the passengers. In the video evidence Kevin Neish, a Canadian activist, holds a leaflet that was found on one of the captured Israeli servicemen that shows the passenger profiles from Challenger II.

This means that Israel had prepared well in advance, which was also reported by Israeli media too, and that most probably the Israelis had a priority list that they used to both identify targets, such as journalists, and passenger expendability.

Tel Aviv has been lying at the highest levels. Israel has zero credibility. Just like its promises to deliver proper humanitarian aid, Tel Aviv cannot be trusted to have another one of its own internal inquiry. An independent international tribunal needs to formed to persecute the Israeli officials responsible for these violations against international law.

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