Afghan and Iranian Officials Criticize Pentagon and CIA

July 14th, 2010 - by admin

Fars News Agency – 2010-07-14 11:35:01

Afghan Analyst: US Seeking to Create Crisis in Afghanistan
Fars News Agency

TEHRAN (July 12, 2010)- A prominent Afghan analysts blasted the United States’ new plan for forming village militias in his war-torn country, and warned that the policy would further deteriorate security conditions in Afghanistan.

“Americans are trying to create crises in Afghanistan in a bid to manage the region through them,” Ahmad Saeed told FNA in Kabul. 

”The US military experts know well that the formation of village militias is an inauspicious phenomenon that would nurture insecurities,” Saeed added. 

He further reiterated that Washington’s idea and plan for the formation of local militias will surely intensify insecurities in Afghanistan and in the region. 

The analyst cautioned that the local militias will weaken the country’s Armed Forces, including the Army and Police forces. 

The remarks by the Afghan analysts came after the US daily, Washington Post, reported that General David Petraeus, the new commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan, has met sharp resistance from the Afghan President over a plan recruiting villagers. 

The idea of recruiting villagers into the so-called local defense program is a key part of the US military strategy in Afghanistan, and Karzai’s stance poses an early challenge to Petraeus.

Lawmaker Deplores Abduction of Iranian Scholar

TEHRAN (July 12, 2010) — Abduction of Iranian scholar, Shahram Amiri, by the CIA agents in Saudi Arabia last year violated all the international norms and regulations, a senior Iranian lawmaker reminded on Sunday.

“This has been a fully illegal move against one of our nationals and citizens,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Javad Jahangirzadeh said in an interview with FNA. 

The legislator further stressed that the US has kidnapped the Iranian scholar in a bid to use his remarks as an important source of intelligence about Iran’s nuclear activities and program. 

“At the same time, it is clear that Americans are seeking to make a negative ploy of Amiri’s case and trying to inspire the world with this idea that Amiri has invaluable information and that’s why they him as an important source of intelligence,” he added. 

The lawmaker reminded the record of the US plots against the Islamic Republic during the last three decades, and added, “Americans are seeking to empty out their psychological complexes against the Iranian nation through measures which run counter to all international rules and norms.” 

Jahangirzadeh further urged the Iranian Foreign Ministry and other relevant bodies and organizations to follow the case seriously. 
Late in June, Amiri appeared in a new video posted on the internet and confirmed authenticity of his previous video message aired by the Iranian television. 

”The first video aired by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) in which I was speaking to my Iranian country mates from Pusan (S. Korea) is completely authentic and contains no lies,” Amiri said in his new video message. 

In a video message screened by Iran’s state television network on June 7, Amiri unveiled CIA and Saudi intelligence agency’s role in his abduction, and said he had been tortured in US jails. 

At almost the same time that the first video went on screen by the Iranian television, a second video was posted on YouTube in which Amiri said he is safe and happy to be in the United States. 

Also in his new video message, Amiri rejected the Internet footage posted on YouTube by the US administration as a “sheer lie” and fake. 

He also said that has escaped US incarceration, and stated, “I am Shahram Amiri, a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran. A few minutes ago I managed to escape from the hands of US intelligence agents in Virginia.” 

”I am not free and I’m not allowed to contact my family. If something happens and I do not return home alive, the US government will be responsible,” he said. 

Amiri also urged human rights groups to help him return to Iran, and noted, “I ask Iranian officials and organizations that defend human rights to raise pressure on the US government for my release and return to my country.” 
Amiri reiterated that US interrogators’ gruesome tortures, pressures and threats against him have all failed to make him betray Iran. 

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