ACTION ALERT: The Human Cost of Moving Fuel in a War Zone

July 21st, 2010 - by admin

Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson, US Army (Retired) / – 2010-07-21 00:32:45

Moving fuel in a warzone. It’s probably the most dangerous job in the world, costing over 1000 American lives. I should know. I was the Chief Logistics Officer under General David Petraeus in Iraq.

During my 15 months over there, I became convinced our young men and women are getting killed moving fuel we wouldn’t need if our military was more efficient. That’s why I chose to be in this new clean energy ad for

There are many ways that energy reform will help save lives.

For example, simply insulating our inefficient structures in theater will not only save Billions of dollars (Yes, with a “B”), but will get thousands of fuel trucks and escorts off the most dangerous roads in the world.

It’s through my experiences of overseeing the fuel resupply effort in Iraq that I learned the importance of energy efficiency, reducing risks to our troops, getting us off of foreign oil, and developing new, renewable fuel technologies.

A clean energy plan seems common sense to me, but passage of the plan isn’t a sure thing.

I see this plan as a way to save American lives, protect America, and create thousands of new jobs. Some industries sees it as a threat to their bottom line but fail to see a great opportunity for not only their bottom line, but our national security, financial independence, and economic prosperity.

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Right now, the Senate is considering a clean energy climate plan, that will cut our dependence on foreign oil in half, drive our nation to embrace energy efficiency, and bring about a revolution in new clean, renewable fuel technologies that won’t just help us here at home, but will save American lives abroad. Our Senators have to make a choice — keep spending billions of dollars a day on foreign oil, or let America keep paying the price.

We don’t have a moment to waste, and I’m committed to doing everything I can to see that Congress passes a clean energy plan this year. Can I count on you to stand with me? Can we stand together to fight for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting fuel missions in which every bend in the road could be their last?

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Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson, US Army (Retired)
Former Chief of Logistics (MNF-I C4) in Iraq (August 2006-November 2007)