“Putin Ordered” His KGB/FSB Terrorists to Murder Belarus President

September 16th, 2010 - by admin

Kavkaz Center – 2010-09-16 11:16:59


(September 14, 2010) — A video statement by a former Russian terrorist, a member of one of the gangs in Russia, appeared on the YouTube.

He warns that the Russian terrorist leader Putin plans to kill the President of Belarus, Lukashenko. The repentant Russian KGB officer said that he states this very seriously, because he has trustworthy facts.

Here is a full transcript of the statement by the Russian KGB officer:

“I, a former employee of one of special services of the Russian Federation, would like to make the following public statement.

The Russian prime minister Putin wants to murder the President of Belarus Lukashenko. I say this with full responsibility, because I have reliable facts. For obvious reasons, I cannot give my name. I was and still am a patriot of Russia.

I personally do not like Lukashenko — neither as a man nor as a politician. I do not like that he wants to ensure the welfare of his country at the expense of my homeland — Russia. There come presidential elections in Belarus soon.

“We have a range of normal means and methods to eliminate Lukashenko. Our media could make of Lukashenko any image they wish: of him being crazy or sick. We can put him on his knees economically — through oil and gas supplies. We can finally come to an agreement with Europe and the United States. And that would be enough — Lukashenko would collapse.

But I absolutely do not accept the methods of the physical elimination of the President of Belarus that are envisaged by the leadership of my country.

I know for certain that a special group of former employees of the Federal Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service and other intelligence agencies has been created in June this year in the state corporation “Russian Technologies” to achieve this goal. The group was created under the direct orders from Putin.

Everyone knows that “Russian Technologies” is actually a branch of the FSB, and its leader Chemezov is a close friend of Putin. There, former employees of the intelligence services are not only earning enormous amounts money from various transactions, in internal slang, this is called “nagging the projects.” Dirty business is planned and implemented there. I say this with full responsibility.

A group for the physical elimination of the President of Belarus is top secret. It includes only security officers most trusted and loyal to Putin. Several scenarios for the murder of Lukashenko have already been worked out: a car or a plane accident, a poisoned gift or a poisoned letter, a sniper shot.

But the most likely scenario includes a large-scale terrorist attack during one of events with the participation of Lukashenko. In his election campaign, he will be obliged to have a lot of such events.

A bombing during the traditional Harvest Festival in Belarus is under a serious consideration. Possible losses of human lives are simply not taken into account.

In order to create a sense of panic, a series of intimidating act with the use of explosive devices and abductions of prominent persons are planned in forthcoming months in Belarus. In order to spread panic against Belarusian export products, the specialists of the group intend to contaminate several batches of food with radioactive substances.

Where do I know these facts from? There are also decent people in this special group. I am a combat officer, I have been for many years in combat areas, and I know what terrorism is, and what the death of innocent civilians means. Volgodonsk and Beslan are only the most vivid examples.

I absolutely do not accept such dirty methods of removing the head of another state, even if you do not like him. Especially, if it is connected with the death of ordinary Belarusians. And they are most close to us, Russians, in spirit.

Not only I but many of my comrades think this way. That is why I decided to reveal the existing plans, openly and publicly. It is clear that those who are behind these plans, would say that this is a provocation. But later developments would speak for themselves.

To my colleagues in the intelligence services I want to say that I, too, [am] a professional and that it is useless to search for me. Honorably yours.”

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