Scots Want Blair Tried for ‘War Crimes’: Spain Wants US Troops Tried for Murder

October 2nd, 2010 - by admin

Parliamentary Motion in Scotland / Global Research & David Eade / Morning Star 0n-line – 2010-10-02 21:23:22

Scottish Member of Parliament Calls for Blair’s Arrest for War Crimes in Iraq
Parliamentary Motion in Scotland / Global Research

More leukemia in Iraq than after Hiroshima as result of depleted uranium, white phosphorus bombs and nerve gas
Parliamentary Motion in Scotland

(September 22, 2010) — Bush and Blair lied about non-existent Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to justify their invasion of that country. Now the toxic effects of US-UK’s own WMD bring a massive cancer scourge — particularly of childhood cancers — to the town of Fallujah. Women are now being advised not to have children. Women advised not to have children as legacy of US and UK WMD.

Bill Wilson MSP (SNP) has lodged a Parliamentary Motion highlighting the consequences of the US and UK’s use of Weapons of Mass Destruction during an attack on Fallujah in 2004. 

Speaking after lodging his motion, Dr Wilson said, “The consequences are ongoing: a survey showed a four-fold increase in all cancers, a 12-fold increase in childhood cancer in under-14s and a 38-fold increase in leukaemia. By contrast, Hiroshima survivors showed a 17-fold increase with regard to the latter. What’s more, because of this cancer crisis, local doctors are advising women not to have children. 

“I have long been convinced that those responsible for the invasion of Iraq should be charged. It seems to me that any reasonable person looking at what happen in Fallujah would conclude that major war crimes have been committed. Tony Blair has to answer for his decisions. 

“It is disappointing, to say the least, that our media have paid relatively little attention to this issue. Yet women are now being advised not to have children. To turn a blind eye now would surely make us all complicit.” 


Dr Bill Wilson MSP 

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Short Title: Women Advised Not to Have
Children as Legacy of US and UK WMD

S3M-07049 Bill Wilson (West of Scotland)

That the Parliament notes a report in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009,” on the effects of the United Kingdom and United States’ attack on Fallujah in 2004;

notes the reports that this attack involved the use of illegal chemical weapons, phosphorous bombs and nerve gas;

understands that it has been further reported that this has led to an explosion of infant mortality, leukaemia and cancers, exceeding those following the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the extent that local doctors are advising women not to have children; supports the international courts in their pursuit of war criminals since 1945;

believes that no individual guilty of such crimes should escape justice, and calls for the detention and trial of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. 




MSP Seeks Legal Advice re Crown Office Refusal to Disclose Deliberations on Iraq Prosecution

(September 10, 2010) — Dr Bill Wilson MSP (SNP) has announced that he is seeking legal advice over the Crown Office’s refusal to disclose details of its deliberations on whether the crime of aggression forms part of Scots law and, if not, whether the declaratory power of the High Court could not be used to make it part of Scots law.

The announcement follows a long-running exchange of letters between Dr Wilson, who maintains that Tony Blair should be prosecuted under Scots law for what he believes was the illegal invasion of Iraq, and the Crown Office, which maintains that this cannot be done.

Dr Wilson said, “Iraq was invaded on what amounts to a pretext, and a million-plus Iraqis have lost their lives, not to mention thousands of coalition servicemen and women. More people die every day. Frustrated by the Crown Office’s refusal to fully explain why it believes that Scots law cannot be used to bring a prosecution for what I believe was a bloody crime of aggression, I lodged a freedom-of-information request, hoping to uncover the Crown Office’s deliberations.

“I received a refusal on the grounds that, amongst other things, an answer would not be in the public interest. I am not at all happy that it is in the public interest to hide the reasons for effectively turning a blind eye to what many consider to be mass murder, and so I am seeking legal advice to take the matter further.”

Spanish Court Demands Arrest
And Murder Trial of US Tank Crew

David Eade / Morning Star 0n-line

(August 9, 2010) — The Spanish government wants a three-man US army tank crew to stand trial for the death of cameraman Jose Couso in Baghdad in 2003. Couso was killed on April 8 2003 when he was hit by a shell from a US Mark I Abrams tank that fired at the Hotel Palestine in Baghdad, which at the time was a civil zone and used by reporters.

High Court judge Santiago Pedraz has issued three international arrest warrants for the soldiers after they fired at the Telecinco employee, fatally wounding him. It is the third time that Spain has issued arrest warrants for Sergeant Thomas Gibson, Captain Philip Wolford and Lieutenant Colonel Philip de Camp.

The Spanish Supreme Court decided at the beginning of July to reopen the investigation into Couso’s death. The highest court in Spain accepted an appeal made by Couso’s family in the case. The judge has now issued a “find and capture” warrant for the tank crew on the basis that “they can be deemed to have committed a crime against the international community,” which amounts to homicide.

The Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that the detention order has been sent to Interpol via the Policia Nacional. This means that nations which are members of the Interpol network are obliged to detain the three troopers if they are in their jurisdiction.

The High Court has called on the US government to make available all documentation on the incident and to present declarations along with the three tank crew.

The ruling has been welcomed by the four journalists who witnessed to the attack that resulted in Couso’s death — Olga Rodriguez, Carlos Hernandez, Jon Sistiaga and Jesus Quinonero. They have stated their willingness to travel to Iraq with the judge and to go to the bridge and hotel with him. They say that the tank fired from a position from which it would clearly have been able to see the signs for the hotel as well as the word “press” on the flak jackets worn by the journalists.

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