ACTION ALERT: Tell President Obama: Keep Nukes out of the State of the Union Address

January 20th, 2011 - by admin

Nuclear Information and Resource Service – 2011-01-20 23:21:24

Tell President Obama:
“Keep Nukes out of the State of the Union!

WASHINGTON (January 20, 2011) — We have learned that President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 25, may include a call for Congress to enact a “Clean Energy Standard” that would support new nuclear reactors and “clean” coal plants.

However, we’re told a final decision has not been made by the White House and the issue is still the subject of debate within the Administration.

Your actions now can make a huge difference. Please send a message to President Obama below and tell him that we know nuclear power and coal will never be clean and have no place in a “Clean Energy Standard.”

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Every nuclear facility releases toxic radiation on a daily basis, creates lethal radioactive waste and presents constant threat of meltdown — how is that clean? And even if carbon from coal plants could be captured (which is by no means clear), coal still brings us poisonous mercury, toxic ash and mountain top removal.

The Obama Administration — and Congress — must understand that while carbon emissions must be slashed, replacing them with other pollutants is no answer. And, of course, if we’re really serious about slashing carbon emissions, then we need to move more quickly to renewables anyway, which release two to six times less carbon per kilowatt of electricity than nuclear power.

To our international friends:
Our President may listen to you as well, so we encourage you to send a letter too!

Note: You may edit the sample letter to reflect your own concerns and priorities if you’d like.

President Barack Obama
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Keep Nuclear Power Out of the SOTU

Dear President Obama,

I have learned that you are considering endorsement of a “Clean Energy Standard”–that includes nuclear power and “clean” coal–in your State of the Union address next week.

This would be a terrible mistake.

There is nothing clean about nuclear power. Every nuclear facility releases toxic radiation into our air and water on a routine basis. Nuclear reactors generate lethal radioactive waste and pose a constant threat of catastrophic meltdown.

“Clean” coal is an oxymoron. Even if its carbon could be captured, which is by no means clear, burning coal still releases mercury, generates toxic coal ash, and entails destructive mountain top removal.

Carbon is not the only pollutant we must be concerned about and low carbon does not signify “clean.” And nuclear power is far less effective than renewable energy, energy efficiency and 21st century technologies like smart grids and distributed generation at reducing carbon emissions. Indeed, carbon emissions associated with the nuclear fuel chain are 2 to 6 times higher per kw of electricity produced than solar and wind power.

I understand you have not yet made a final decision on this critical issue. As a first step, please do not endorse a “Clean Energy Standard” that includes nuclear power and coal in your State of the Union Address. Then, please take the time to examine this issue more carefully. I am confident you will find that nuclear power and coal do not deserve the support of your Administration.