With Love and Admiration for the Gallant People of Tunisia

February 11th, 2011 - by admin

– 2011-02-11 23:48:01

Humat Al Hima — The National Anthem of Tunisia

When the people will to live,
Destiny must surely respond.
Oppression shall then vanish.
Fetters are certain to break.

O defenders of the Homeland!
Rally around to the glory of our time!
The blood surges in our veins,
We die for the sake of our land.

Let the heavens roar with thunder
Let thunderbolts rain with fire.
Men and youth of Tunisia,
Rise up for her might and glory….

A Young Tunisian Girl Stands and Sings
In the Middle of a Revolution

For the Dictator of Tunisia
Warning: Graphic images of torture and brutality.

“Allahuakbar!”Song of the Tunisian Revolution by Tunisian Muslim Youth: El General

The Martyrdom of Mohamed Bouazizi and the Tunisian Revolution

Americain rap song about the Tunisian revolution

Viva la Tunisian Revolution!