Nobel Committee Asked to Strip Obama of Peace Prize

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Joseph E Lovell / Digital Journal – 2011-03-27 00:46:54

Nobel Committee Asked to Strip Obama of Peace Prize
Joseph E Lovell / Digital Journal

“Obama has now fired more cruise missiles than all other Nobel Peace prize winners combined.”

(March 21, 2011) — The Bolivian President and a Russian political leader have launched a campaign to revoke Obama’s honour after the US attacked Libya.

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia leader and Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky released a statement today calling for the Nobel Prize Committee to take back the honour bestowed on US President Barack Obama in 2009.

Zhirinovsky said the attacks were “another outrageous act of aggression by NATO forces and, in particular, the United States,” and that the attacks demonstrated a “colonial policy” with “one goal: to establish control over Libyan oil and the Libyan regime.” He said the prize was now hypocritical as a result.

Bolivian President Evo Morales echoed the call: “How is it possible that a Nobel Peace Prize winner leads a gang to attack and invade? This is not a defense of human rights or self-determination.” Morales won the Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights in 2006.

He is amongst a number of left-leaning Latin American leaders who have denounced the attacks against Libya. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Cristina Fernandez of Argentina have all criticized western media coverage of the Libyan crisis. Morales and Chavez repeated calls for peace talks with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.” The Committee praised the “change in the international climate” affected by Obama’s presidency.

In his Nobel Lecture, he discussed the “hard truth” of the inevitability of war, saying: “There will be times when nations — acting individually or in concert — will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified.”

A message has been widely retweeted on Twitter today: “Obama has now fired more cruise missiles than all other Nobel Peace prize winners combined.”

Лишить Барака Обаму Нобелевской премии!

С соответствующим предложением в Нобелевский комитет обратился заместитель Председателя Государственной Думы, лидер ЛДПР Владимир Жириновский.
Как известно, в 2009 году Нобелевский комитет присудил Премию мира Бараку Обаме. Главной заслугой 44-го Президента США комитет счел вклад в борьбу за нераспространение ядерного оружия в мире.
Между тем, в минувшую в субботу США и Великобритания подключились к военной операции в Ливии. Это произошло после авиаударов по ливийским позициям ВВС Франции. «Что это за миротворцы, которые «Томагавками» расстреливают целую страну?» — заявил Владимир Жириновский. Он напомнил о военных операциях США в Афганистане и Ираке, о войне на Балканах.
«События в Ливии — очередной возмутительный акт агрессии со стороны натовских войск и, в частности, США. Это ярко выраженная колониальная политика. Это очередное грубое вторжение во внутренние дела независимого государства. Цель одна — установление контроля над ливийской нефтью и ливийским режимом, а вовсе не спасение ливийского народа», — отметил лидер ЛДПР.

Denying Obama the Nobel Prize!
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With a proposal to the Nobel Committee asked the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

It is known that in 2009 the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize of Barack Obama. The main contribution of the 44 th U.S. President’s Committee considered the contribution to the struggle for nonproliferation of nuclear weapons in the world.

Meanwhile, last Saturday in the US and Britain joined the military operations in Libya. This occurred after air strikes on the Libyan Air Force positions in France. “What is the peacemakers who Tomahawk shot the whole country?” said Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He recalled the U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the war in the Balkans.

“Developments in Libya — another outrageous act of aggression by NATO troops and, in particular, the United States. It’s pronounced colonial policy. This is another flagrant intervention in the internal affairs of an independent state. One goal — to establish control over the Libyan oil and the Libyan regime, not the salvation of the Libyan people,” said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

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