Secret: Wikileaks! Egypt! Power to the People!

April 5th, 2011 - by admin

Ira Marlowe / – 2011-04-05 21:41:48

A Guide (in order of appearance) to the Images in this Video.

Dick Cheney — former American vice-president

Hosni Mubarak — deposed Egyptian dictator

Josef Stalin — former Soviet dictator

Richard Nixon — disgraced American President

Nancies Reagan — former First Ladies

Werner Krauss and Conrad Veitt (from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)

Mandrake the Magician — comic book hero, 1934-1964
(Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson)

Lindy England — American soldier (with her charge)

Basil Rathbone (as Sherlock Holmes)

J. Edgar Hoover (as Basil Rathbone)

Generals Lauris Norstad and Matthew B. Ridgeway (1952)

The names in bold are individuals who have died at the hands of political assassins.

Namir Noor-Eldeen, Reuters photographer killed 7/12/07

Mohandas K Gandhi — Indian independence leader

Robert F. Kennedy — US Senator (D-NY)

Martin Luther King, Jr. — American civil rights leader

Benazir Bhutto — former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Anwar Sadat — President of Egypt

Yitzhak Rabin — Prime Minister of Israel

Medgar Evers — American civil rights activist

John Lennon — British musician and activist

John Brown — American abolitionist

Paolo Borsellino — Italian anti-mafia judge

Veronica Guerin — Irish journalist

Stephen Biko — South African anti-aparthieid leader

Dorothy Stang — American nun, killed by Brazilian business interests

Alexander Litvinenko — Russian critic of Vladimir Putin

Indira Gandhi — Indian prime minister

Jacques Roche — Haitian journalist

Olof Palme — Swedish prime minister

Karen Slikwood — American whistle-blower

Abraham Lincoln — American president

Paul Wellstone — US Senator (D-MN)

Dian Fossey — primatologist and animal-rights activist *

Chico Mendes — Brazilian environmental activist

Sérgio Vieira de Mello — Brazilian, UN Special Representative in Iraq

Natalia Estemirova — Russian human rights activist

John Granville — Diplomat, US Agency for International Development

Georgiy Gongadze — Ukrainian journalist

Benigno Aquino, Jr. — Philippine opposition leader

Elijah P. Lovejoy — abolitionist and journalist

Anna Lindh — Swedish foreign affairs minister

Wen Yiduo — Chinese poet and scholar

Dele Giwa — Nigerian journalist

Petra Kelly — German Green Party Leader

Yuri Shchekochikhin — Russian journalist

Lasantha Wickrematunge — Sri Lankan journalist

Kalogiannis — information needed

Konca KuriÅŸ — Turkish Islamic feminist

Vladimir Herzog — Brazillian journalist

Munir Said Thalib — Indonesian human rights and anti-corruption activist

Grigoris Lambrakis — leader of anti-fascist movement in Greece

Salman Taseer — Pakistani governor, opposed anti-blasphemy laws

Augusto Pinochet — Chilean dictator

Donald Rumsfeld — former American Defense Secretary

Julian Assange — WikiLeaks founder

Jim Varney — American actor (as “Ernest”)

American Idol Judges

The Wiggles — Australian entertainers

Vanna White, Pat Sajak — American game show presenters

Jessica Simpson — American singer

Adolph Hitler — German dictator

Alfred E. Neuman — American treasure (removed in Version 2 over copyright issues)

Bob Keeshan — American actor (as Captain Kangaroo)

R. McDonald — corporate clown (removed in Version 2 over copyright issues)

Board of Directors — SEAGD (US Federal Reserve Board, 1917)

Benjamin Franklin — American genius and $100 bill frontman

Oliver North — principal, Iran Contra Affair

Hosni Mubarak — in his new role