Afghans Protest US-led Closure of Airport

May 17th, 2011 - by admin

PressTV – 2011-05-17 00:54:44

KABUL (May 12, 2011) — Hundreds of Afghan passengers have gathered at the airport in Afghanistan’s Herat Province, protesting a move by US-led forces to halt the airport’s domestic flights. The passengers say they have been coming to the airport for three days, but after hours of waiting, they are told that the US-led forces do not allow Afghanistan’s domestic flights.

Also, hundreds of Afghan travelers seeking to travel to Herat have reportedly been waiting in the Afghan capital of Kabul for three days, drawing increased protests by the travelers.

Some of the Afghan passengers who have been waiting for a flight in Herat for four days say the Afghan government has to be held responsible for all the disorder.

Some Herat airport officials say the US-led forces are currently repairing the runway, and that it is not known how long the process will take.

The officials say they have several times asked the US-led forces to speed up the repairs to the runway in order to ease the troubles of the passengers, but the repairing process has not been completed yet.

While it has been said that two rockets fired by armed Afghan militants have damaged the runway of Herat’s airport, security officials deny the allegation.

A security official in Herat says it is yet unknown when the province’s airport will be opened to the flights.

US-led forces in Herat have made no comments regarding the issue yet.

The largest military base of US-led forces in Afghanistan is located in the country’s Herat Province. Herat’s airport has been hit by rockets from Afghan militants for over 15 times.

Residents of western Afghanistan have for many times voiced their concern over the presence of the military base of US-led forces close to Herat’s airport, and have warned the province’s military and government officials against the potential attacks on the airport by Afghan militants.

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