Cover-up of American Casualties Continues

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The Peace and Justice Resource Center – 2011-06-09 19:39:57

US Troop Casualties – October 7, 2001 – June 7, 2011

Casualty Category
Killed in Action
Afghanistan (1,601). Iraqi Freedom (4,421) New Dawn (36). Categorical Total 6.058.
Wounded in Action
Afghanistan (11.864). Iraqi Freedom (31,031) New Dawn (178). Total (43,973
Afghanistan (13,474). Iraqi Freedom (40,424) New Dawn (1.354). Total (55,252
Operational Total.
Afghanistan (26,939). Iraqi Freedom (76,776) New Dawn (1,568). Total: 105,283

Data courtesy of the Department of Defense. Prepared by Wesley Saver, Research Assistance for the Peace and Justice Resource Center.

(June 8, 2011) — The true number of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan totals no less than 176,772 when one tabulates the dead and wounded, those who have required evacuation due to injury or illness, and private contractors on the US payroll.

* US troops dead and wounded: 50,031
* US troops requiring medical evacuation: 55,252
* Private contractors dead and wounded: 71,4891

If these numbers are manipulated to their minimums, the total numbers for US casualties of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are scandalously-ignored and underreported.

Tragically, beyond these numbers are hundreds of thousands more Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran patients being treated at the VA, “a tidal wave of casualties,” according to Paul Sullivan, Executive Director of Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), (2) which consists of nearly 10,000 new patients each month.

This grim tally does not yet begin to account for the hundreds of thousands of direct civilian casualties, the hundreds of thousands more who have died due to illnesses and lack of adequately staffed, supplied, and equipped medical facilities, or the millions of displaced civilians and refugees.

For further information, contact Rep. Bob Filner (D-California) at 202-225-8045, or write his staff, Leticia Cazares, at .

(1) “Defense Base Act Case Summary Reports.” US Department of Labor. March 31, 2011.

(2) VCS has testified before Congress more than 20 times about the causes, conduct, and consequences of war. Please download and distribute the VCS fact sheets and reports, which include VA data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Reader Comment
I toured multiple hospitals in San Antonio, Texas, looking for a suitable one for my mother to convalesce after back surgery. All the hospitals had wounded soldiers roaming the halls and some in wheel chairs doing their own laundry while heavily bandaged.

I asked them why they were not in the new “state of the art” flagship V.A. hospital in San Antonio. The soldiers told me it was because that hospital was full. This was right after that hospital opened. So much for the ribbon-cutting ceremony…