19 NATO Oil Tankers Set Ablaze in Pakistan

August 23rd, 2011 - by admin

Big News Network.com – 2011-08-23 23:44:23


(August 23, 2011) — Another NATO oil tanker convoy in Pakistan has been attacked. Nineteen of 20 tankers in the convoy were set ablaze by militants in the Mastung District.

Five gunmen attacked the convoy by firing on the trucks, which were carrying gasoline to frontline NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Most of the trucks exploded as the gasoline caught fire. There have been no reports of casualties among the convoy drivers. The attackers also were unharmed, and reportedly escaped.

The twentieth tanker truck which was not hit overturned in the turmoil. Local residents rushed the truck to steal gasoline. They used buckets and other containers to carry the fuel to their homes despite the exploding fracas around them.

Tuesday’s attack is one of many carried out against NATO convoys travelling through Pakistan to reach Afghanistan. The hit was exceptional due to the success of the gunmens’ managing to blow up nineteen of the trucks in the convoy, and seeing the other also disabled, and with the assailants all escaping.

The supply of gasoline through the tanker trucks going through Pakistan is vital for the 130,000 NATO troops (mostly U.S. forces) stationed in Afghanistan in their fight against the Taliban.

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