September 6th, 2011 - by admin

– 2011-09-06 22:49:41

Evidence that George W. Bush had Advanced Knowledge of 9-11

Cheney Admits Osama bin Laden Not Suspected for 9/11

White House Admits Bin Laden Wasn’t Involved in 911

Bush Talks about Explosives in Building

Rumsfeld Slips Up, Admits Flight 93 ‘Shot Down’

Former 9 11 Commissioner Admits Missile Hit Pentagon

Only Aired Once: Eyewitness Press Report on Pentagon Attack

Here’s Something the Government Didn’t Want You to See

New Pentagon Video of 9/11 Attack Doesn’t Show Passenger Jet

Official Pentagon 9/11 Clips Are Censored

Bush Ordered UA93 shot Down BEFORE the Crash

Banned from CNN: Flight 93 Eyewitness Admits Not Seeing Dead bodies

Cynthia McKinney Questions Rumsfeld on NORAD 9/11 Drills

Footage of Tower 7 Shows Series of Detonations before Collapse.
Building’s Owner Says Decision Was Made ‘To Pull It’

The Day before 9/11, Rumsfeld Calls for End to Pentagon Waste. The Day after 9/11, George Bush Calls for $48 Billion in New War Spending