The Post-9/11 Decade of Lies

September 13th, 2011 - by admin

Larry Chin / Global Research – 2011-09-13 01:07:53

The myth of 9/11, imbedded inextricably into the fibers of society and culture…

(September 8, 2011) — It has been and will be the same since the day it happened. The same exhausting exercise, whether one, five years, ten or fifty years since 9/11. Another orchestrated orgy of mass propaganda-stoked ignorance and “war on terrorism” hysteria.

The propaganda myth of 9/11, imbedded inextricably into the fibers of society and culture, and into the brain cells of naïve, willfully uninformed people, is back for another sickening “commemoration.”

Who chooses to “commemorate” the lie of 9/11? Undoubtedly, the high officials and elites who planned the event, who successfully achieved everything they wanted — unending war for oil, naked fascism and militarism, and economic conquest — from this ultimate false flag operation. The atrocity of 9/11, the desperate act of an empire facing extinction, was not an “intelligence failure,” but the greatest intelligence success and criminal operation in history.

Underneath all of their somber play-acting, they’re celebrating. They are all laughing, from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, to Barack Obama, the Osama-killer “avenger of 9/11.” You should be able to hear peals of laughter from the members of the Bilderberg Group and elite think tanks, and laughs must certainly echo in the halls of CIA headquarters, the offices of the Pakistan’s CIA subsidiary, the ISI, and in the offices of multinational oil companies and Wall Street banks.

They are all dancing on the graves of 9/11. And George W. Bush does it literally, every time he dares stand on the ground of the World Trade Center that he helped bring down.

And along with the criminals, the legions of victims and witnesses who still, after ten years of unabated suffering under the lash of empire, continue to dance to the tune of the official propaganda myth, every time it is played.

How many of those who never hesitate to worship first responders have bothered to understand who and what actually those brave men and women into the flames of the Twin Towers? How many of those who have proudly sacrificed their children to the wars have truly questioned the official lies that resulted in the destruction of their families?

On this day, rather than drown in the familiar waves of conspiracy theory that is the official 9/11 myth, know that a decade of conspiracy fact has long shattered this myth, exposing the ugly reality for those who choose to know the truth. This body of conspiracy fact not only exists, but it continues to grow, despite years of intimidation, cover-up, attempted derision.

This true history and exhaustively compiled evidence can be found in Michael C. Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon and Michel Chossudovsky’s America’s ‘War on Terrorism, to name just two landmark studies among hundreds, too many to name. Their work remains as vital today as the day they were penned.

Tragically, every single thing that whistleblowers of 9/11 have predicted has come about. This is the tragic, bitter vindication for everyone who has spoken and written the truth. The world around us speaks for itself, and it is a harrowing death scream.

Today’s world — of endless war for oil, endless false flag terror operations and atrocities, unabated political criminality, economic looting, social upheaval, fascism, and a global war/intelligence-industrial police state — is the fruit of 9/11. So too is the post-9/11 Peak Oil wreckage that is the United States, its population embracing open fascism, and with a proposed Keystone tar sands pipeline cutting through the very heart of the continent.

Consider this single conspiracy fact: energy-rich Libya is being overthrown and conquered by NATO, in attacks spearheaded by CIA, its allied intelligence branches, and Al-Qaeda.

Yes, Al-Qaeda. What happened to the “war on terrorism” fiction? Why is the arch-enemy, Al-Qaeda, working openly with NATO?

This, too, is 9/11’s bounty. It brings us to the conspiracy fact of historical record:

Islamic “terrorists,” including CIA asset and (and US ally in Kosovo) Osama bin Laden, have been in the continuous employ of western forces and the CIA since the Cold War—before, during, and since 9/11. Al-Qaeda and “Islamic terrorism” is an instrument of Anglo-American intelligence, propaganda, and geostrategy. Al-Qaeda has always been an American-made and CIA-sponsored brand.

Just as is the case with the many other false flag terror events and wars since 9/11, any careful analysis of the forces behind the destruction of Libyabrings us back to the same places, pointing to the same inevitable conclusions.

The “war on terrorism” is a lie, founded on the Big Lie of 9/11.

On this day, rather than commemorating propaganda, truly commemorate the work of those who have dared tell the truth, who have never stopped telling the truth. These are the real heroes of 9/11, the ones who truly honor the memory of those who died.

These people, not the liars or the murderers and criminals in high office, remain the only dim light in this post-9/11 apocalypse that continues to unfold.

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