NYPD’s Crackdown on the Protest: Live Blog

September 25th, 2011 - by admin

Kevin Gosztola / Dissenter & FireDogLake – 2011-09-25 22:25:02


Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet:
NYPD’s Crackdown on the Protest

WALL STREET, NY (September 24, 2011) — Fifty to eighty people have been arrested in New York City as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest. The NYPD is cracking down on those involved in the action and the NYPD is surrounding Liberty Park (Zuccotti Park) where people have been occupying for the past week. Suspicions are high with many believing those in the park will be forced to disperse or arrested.

Firedoglake’s live blog of #OccupyWallStreet continues. Here is a Twitter list that can also be followed for the most recent updates from the scene.

11:10 PM Police violence makes NY Daily News front page.

11:07 PM Recorded two interviews that will run in tomorrow’s blog. One with a bystander who witnessed the mass arrest of people at today’s protest, one with Paul Weiskel, photographer, whose photos I have been posting in the live blog.

11:06 PM The crowd at Zuccotti Park right now.

10:06 PM Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now! calls in to WBAI and shares his insight. He says the NYPD’s handling of the protest was a continuation of tactics used during the Troy Davis march on Thursday night. He witnessed a woman being pulled over a barricade violently and then pulled to the ground and then somehow thrown back over the barricade where she hit her head on the pavement. He shares NYPD confrontations have not been focus of Occupy Wall Street.

That is not why people are out in the streets. It is “difficult to tell” the NYPD’s strategy. The police are relaxed currently but earlier it appeared they were going to move in and disperse the camp late in the night. And he talks about the nets that the police have been used to corral protesters.

9:09 PM Occupation has lined the park with candles

8:47 PM Video of Marissa Holmes, who was part of the livestream crew, being targeted and arrested:

8:43 PM Now at the park, police arriving on north and south side. Reportedly around 20 police cars.

8:37 PM From earlier, police handle protester so roughly he gets a concussion:

8:31 PM They are surrounded

8:10 PM Paul Weiskel, who has been taking great photos since Day 1, has a new set up with photos of today’s police intimidation, harassment & brutality along with photos of the march.

8:07 PM A march to a precinct station to show solidarity with people arrested probably about to be surrounded by police netting. Those in the netting are probably going to be arrested. Unless the police choose a different tactic for crowd control….

7:54 PM This is the scene right now. Police moving in. They have nets. Report the police scanner feed that people all over the world have been listening to has been cut.

7:47 PM Fire department support for protesters:

7:41 PM Round-up of press coverage via FDL user Cahokia:
-Protesters march in Manhattan, criticizing Wall Street
-Over 50 occupiers cuffed in Union Sq. chaos
-Police arrest 50 at Occupy Wall Street protests amid claims of aggressive tactics

7:09 PM The New York Observer has picked up on the fact that one person is tweeting from a van or bus of people who have been arrested. Here are some of the tweets from @PulseofProtest (all tweets from the past hour):

7:08 PM Activist in tears because she just wants to use the bathroom, has her hands ziptied, reportedly been in the van for 2 hrs

7:01 PM March on Broadway, earlier:
And more video of police abusing protesters [watch for a suit that takes a protester and helps police wrestle that person to the ground] –

6:59 PM More video from earlier:

6:51 PM Number to call to find out about status of arrested protesters — call 888-692-7233

6:40 PM Roundup of earlier reporting from the scene (includes video)

Village Voice, a local newspaper, reports on what happened during the afternoon.
Mass arrest at 13th near 5th earlier this afternoon

6:35 PM Tune into Kenneth Lipp talking about what is happening in Liberty Park, calling attention to the gross police presence. Watch here. He is going to walk around and show off the police presence. Streaming video.

6:30 PM ABC, FOX & WPIX news vans now on the scene.

6:28 PM 80-100 arrested today. Media team members targeted for arrest.

6:11 PM Press conference planned for now should be happening. Here is a photo of the scene moments ago where toddlers are at. The occupation setup a child care center so everyone could down and this could be a family affair.