Air Force Raid in Las Vegas Violates Posse Comitatus Act

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Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean & Lawrence Mower / Las Vegas Review-Journal – 2011-10-01 02:30:14

Obama Issues Secret Order For Military Raids On Civilians
Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean

MOSCOW (August 20, 2011) — A report prepared by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) circulating in the Kremlin today states that the United States has moved even closer to becoming an all-out police state after President Obama issued a secret order yesterday allowing US military forces to begin conducting raids against American civilians.

According to this GRU report, an American law called the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits US Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States. The US Navy and Marine Corps are prohibited by a Department of Defense directive, not by the Act itself from going against their own citizens and the Coast Guard, under the Department of Homeland Security, is exempt from the this law.

Obama’s secret order yesterday, however, overturned this law meant to protect American civilians from military oppression and allowed heavily armed troops belonging to the US Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations to raid a military surplus and gun store in Las Vegas Nevada named Citadel Gun & Safe.

This privately owned civilian company describes itself as: “Citadel Gun and Safe for 7 years has provided law enforcement & soldiers quality firearm accessories and security products. We have the largest selection of ammunition and security products, safes, optics, preparedness supplies, and firearm accessories in the state. It is a unique store with something for everyone in every price range.”

Witnesses to this raid, as noted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper, stated that heavily armed US Air Force Troops broke down doors while storming into Citadel Gun & Safe shouting “search warrant” and were assisted by local police forces and FBI “observers.” When local reporters attempted to query a Nellis Air Force Base spokesman about this unprecedented raid they were told to ask their questions to the office’s headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.

Important to note, this GRU report says, is that the assertion by these US Air Force troops that they had a “search warrant” is highly suspect because there is no judicial record of any American judge ever issuing such a document to military forces to act against civilians.

The true reason for Obama signing this secret order to allow US military forces to begin raiding American civilians, this GRU report asserts, is his regimes crackdown against any establishments that sell any type of survival-type supplies as they deem them to be one of the greatest threats to their being able to hold onto power.

Just this past week, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a new declaration titled “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores” wherein they warned that any American citizen buying survival-type supplies, especially if they pay with cash, are now to be reported to authorities as potential terrorists.

So fearful has Obama become of these “potential” terrorists that this past week, during a national television interview, he warned that the biggest threat to the United States was what he termed as “lone wolves” and that his intelligence officials have begun to characterize in videos released to police departments as “white middle-class Americans.”

This GRU report says [there is a] growing knowledge among the ordinary classes in the United States that their government has ceased to serve them and is, instead, a tyrannical system that protects the 400 oligarchs who control more of the wealth of that nation than 150 million of their fellow Americans.

In a nation that now has as many of their citizens in prison that live in public housing, and where Obama has prosecuted more government whistleblowers for trying to tell American people the truth than all of the other US Presidents in history combined, and where more of its soldiers have died by suicide than in their wars, this GRU report warns that the US military is now planning for London-style riots to hit their country too….

This past week by Paul Deller of the London Metropolitan Police Federation who said, “In Britain we police by consent… America polices by force and we do not want to do that in this country.”

As history has always shown, a population that allows its self to be governed by an elite class at the expense of everyone else can not help but to fail. And as warned about by Karl Marx (1818-1883), “At some point, Capitalism can destroy itself.”

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Air Force Unit Raids Central Valley Gun Store
Lawrence Mower / Las Vegas Review-Journal

LAS VEGAS (August 19, 2011) — The US Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations raided a central valley gun store Friday afternoon. Officials would not state the purpose of the raid at the Citadel Gun & Safe, 4305 S. Dean Martin Drive, near Flamingo Road. A Nellis Air Force Base spokesman referred questions to the office’s headquarters in Quantico, Va., but said that the raid referred to an “ongoing investigation” on which he could not comment.

The office investigates Air Force and base-related crimes, including property crimes. Las Vegas police and the FBI assisted Friday. Spokesmen for the agencies declined to comment.

Witnesses saw SWAT officers shouting “search warrant” enter the store with guns drawn.

“We saw them break that door down and everything,” said Joe Gold, whose Bahama Mamas cigars office sits behind the gun store in the business park off Interstate 15. “They were everywhere here.”

Police were seen going in and out of an office behind the gun store that witnesses thought was uninhabited.

A message left with a spokeswoman for the Office of Special Investigations was not returned.

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