ACTION ALERT: Marines Coming to Protect Wall Street Protests Against Police VIolence

October 4th, 2011 - by admin

YouTube & Occupy Wall Street – 2011-10-04 02:42:45

Occupy Wall Street Update!
The Marines Are Coming to PROTECT the Protesters

YouTube & Occupy Wall Street

TAMPA, FL (October 1, 2011) — The Occupy Wall Street movement may have just received an unexpected surprise — United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters.

Army serviceman Ward Reilly posted the following on Facebook:
“I’m heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform.

I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress:
I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it’s Congress’ turn.

My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let’s see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets…. We can organize once we’re there. That’s what we do best. If you see someone in uniform, gather together.

Video: NYPD Arrest a Child At #OccupyWallStreet Brooklyn Bridge Protest

Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street

WASHINGTON (October 2, 2011) — Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich offer words of wisdom to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement has tremendous potential, but only if we can resist the wedges that the corporate/government cabal continues to try to drive between us.

There are differences of philosophy between progressives and libertarians, but we CAN agree on at least four issues upon which we can make immediate and concrete demands. Success on these demands would go a very long way toward saving the United States and prevent us from falling deeper into serfdom and slavery.

We may never have a better chance than right now.