Action Alert: Say ‘No’ to Dow Chemical’s Plan to Spray Agent Orange on GE Corn

January 1st, 2012 - by admin

The Cornucopia Institute – 2012-01-01 22:42:53

Say No to Dow’s GE Corn

Action Alert: Say ‘No’ to Dow Chemical’s GE Corn Petition — Proven in the Jungles of Vietnam as Part of Agent Orange!

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(January 1, 2012) — Dow Chemical is seeking USDA approval for a genetically engineered (GE) version of corn that is resistant to 2,4-D, an herbicide that was used in the formulation of the highly toxic defoliant Agent Orange. Agent Orange (half 2,4-D by composition) was extensively used in Vietnam by the military to destroy forests and crops.

Dow’s Christmas gift for America was formally announced, by the USDA, in the December 27, 2011 edition of the Federal Register. If the federal government wants to bury something in the news, and burn up part of our window to publicly respond, you can bet they’ll do it around the holidays. The public has 60 days to comment on Dow’s petition for deregulation, and can do so online at:!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2010-0103-0001

Weeds are increasingly adapting to Monsanto’s genetically engineered line of crops that rely on the use of a different herbicide, glyphosate, which Monsanto markets as Round-up®. This is leading competitors, like Dow, and proponents of GE agriculture to look for weed killing alternatives. Herbicides more toxic than Round-up® appear to be next up in the pipeline.

2,4-D, a systemic herbicide, is used on many types of broadleaf weeds. It is a chlorinated phenoxy compound that has caused serious eye and skin irritation among agricultural workers. According to information compiled by Cornell University, rats fed 2,4-D produced “fetuses with abdominal cavity bleeding and increased mortality.” And 2,4-D may cause infertility, birth defects, organ toxicity and neurological effects.

As Dow’s GE corn is resistant to the herbicide, it is possible that the plant may absorb 2,4-D residues into its structure, and then transfer those chemicals, or their related metabolites, to livestock and humans consuming corn or milk, meat and eggs produced from the GE crop.

The USDA also just announced the proposed approval for a new strain of drought resistant corn, and a soybean, Soymegaâ„¢, both from Monsanto. The Obama White House appears to be giving Monsanto and Dow, and other biotechnology corporations, everything they want while the public, according to polls, is overwhelmingly concerned about genetic engineering and losing control of our diets.

Thanks for speaking out in defense of a sane food production system. We hope you will be proactive by doing the following to protect your family:

1. Exclusively purchase organic products in the supermarket. They are the only food items that are legally prohibited from using GMOs with oversight sanctioned by Congress and independent watchdogs like The Cornucopia Institute.

2. We hope you also consider signing the following petition, asking President Barack Obama and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to consider the widespread public opposition to further release of novel genetic organisms in our environment. Given the immaturity of the industry, the long-term impacts to health and the environment are simply unknown. The petition also calls for mandatory labeling of GMOs giving consumers the right to choose. Click here to read and sign this petition.

Dear President Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack:

I find the current proposal, to approve genetically engineered corn varieties resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D, knowing its deleterious impact on the health of mammals, including humans, to be troublesome.

More importantly, I find the accelerating pace of approvals, by the USDA, for commercialization of genetically engineered organisms into our food supply to be reckless.

Peer-reviewed studies featuring animals fed genetically engineered crops show abnormal growth. Further, there is mounting evidence that, since the introduction of genetically engineered crops, livestock are having increased difficulty reproducing (as the human species is also experiencing reproductive difficulties). The approval process should be slowed down until definitive long-term testing concludes that these products are safe to animals and humans beyond a reasonable doubt.

Once these novel genes are released into the environment it might be impossible to call them back.

I also want you to know that I strongly support the mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically engineered material, allowing consumers the right to choose in the marketplace.

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