New Research ‘Validates’ Claims of ‘Mind Control’ Targets

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Deborah Dupre / Human Rights Examiner & PLoS Biology & World Trans – 2012-02-28 11:51:40

New Research Validates
Targeted Individuals’
Neurophone Claims

New research reflects leap in mind control secret weaponry

Deborah Dupre / Human Rights Examiner

(February 2, 2012) — California researchers have presented a new paper published in PLoS Biology [on January 31, 2012] evidencing that they can track brain activity of a person listening to spoken words and use it to reconstruct the words. The report might shed light on what thousands of targeted individuals consistently allege they experience, remote neurophonic mind and behavior control, a type of “no-touch torture.”

“The results provide insights into higher order neural speech processing and suggest it may be possible to readout intended speech directly from brain activity,” according to the study report, “Reconstructing Speech from Human Auditory Cortex.”

Two-way electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote neural monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in human brain) is ultimate surveillance system.

Reconstructing Speech from Human Auditory Cortex
Abstract / PLoS Biology

How the human auditory system extracts perceptually relevant acoustic features of speech is unknown. To address this question, we used intracranial recordings from nonprimary auditory cortex in the human superior temporal gyrus to determine what acoustic information in speech sounds can be reconstructed from population neural activity.

We found that slow and intermediate temporal fluctuations, such as those corresponding to syllable rate, were accurately reconstructed using a linear model based on the auditory spectrogram. However, reconstruction of fast temporal fluctuations, such as syllable onsets and offsets, required a nonlinear sound representation based on temporal modulation energy.

Reconstruction accuracy was highest within the range of spectro-temporal fluctuations that have been found to be critical for speech intelligibility. The decoded speech representations allowed readout and identification of individual words directly from brain activity during single trial sound presentations. These findings reveal neural encoding mechanisms of speech acoustic parameters in higher order human auditory cortex.

That’s Impossible Mind Control (4 of 5)

Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone
Hope for the deaf and superlearning for all

Eddy Taylor / World

In 1958, Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in Bellaire, Texas when he was 14 years old. This electronic device transmits sound through the skin, bypassing normal hearing. A family friend who was a patent attorney for Shell Oil, helped Patrick submit a patent application. The patent examiners thought that this was just sound transfer through bone conduction and refused to issue a patent for 12 years.

In a rare meeting in 1970, the patent office agreed to examine the Neurophone for themselves and meet Patrick and his attorney. They both encountered a surprise. The examiner had a deaf employee attend the meeting to test the device. The man was totally nerve deaf in one ear and almost totally deaf in the other. Patrick showed him how to use the Neurophone and played a record of the famous Maria Callas singing an opera. As he was able to hear the undistorted beauty of her voice, the tears of joy streamed down his face.

For the first time in history, the Patent Office reopened a file after it was officially closed and Patrick Flanagan received United States Patent Number 3,393,279. Prior to this, scientists thought that sound could only be perceived by the inner ear to the brain.

A Houston Post reporter had a relative who was nerve deaf from spinal meningitis. A test was arranged and when the device worked, an explosion of news coverage resulted in the story being carried on the international wire services.

How the Genie Was Lost
In an agonizing infringement, a Defense Intelligence Agency sealed the patent and a national security order forbade Patrick from working on, or even talking about this invention. After many years and nearly 300 inventions later, Patrick received the Neurophone for public use. In a triumphant court case, the secrecy and the seizure of the device by the Government Agency was overruled and the genie was out of the bottle!

Electronic Hearing and Telepathy
To quote Patrick’s Neurophone article in Nexus Magazine (Feb/March 1994): “All hearing aids stimulate tiny bones in the ear. In order for bone conduction to work, the cochlea or inner ear that connects to the 8th cranial nerve must function. People who are nerve deaf cannot hear through bone conduction because the nerves in the inner ear are not functional. A number of nerve-deaf people who have had the entire inner ear removed by surgery have been able to hear with the Neurophone.

The Neurophone is really an electronic telepathy machine. Several tests prove that it bypasses the eighth cranial nerve (or hearing nerve) and transmits sound directly to the brain. This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a seventh or Alternate Sense!”

The Texas home of the Neurophone
The Neurophone became publicly available on a broad scale for the first time in July 1996. An international Health Products company is now distributing the Neurophone. This corporation is based in Dallas, Texas, and was established in 1976. A digitally computerized model is now being developed by Patrick and his wife Gael Crystal in their laboratory in Sedona, Arizona.

Turning on our Neurophysiological
Potential for Health, Knowledge and Awareness

One of the last statements by Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current, the radio and holder of well over 1,000 patents, was that he regretted not having done more in the science of electromedicine.

In 1962, Patrick predicted that electromedicine would revolutionize conventional healthcare. One of the relatively unknown, silent revolutions has already taken place in the form of blood- and lymph-cleansing devices. These simple, yet powerful, electronic devices have been popularized by Bob Beck, physicist and bio-electronic researcher and Hulda Clark, N.D.

In 1990, a remarkable discovery was made by Steven Kaali, MD and William Lyman, associate Professor of Pathology at Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. It was shown that a minute current (50-100 micro amperes) can alter outer protein layers of the HIV virus and prevent its attachment to receptor sites. (Science News, March 30, 1991, pg. 207). The viruses loose the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction. This process may also reverse Epstein Barr (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Hepatitis and Herpes B. Responsible users of this technology who are HIV positive, may expect a Negative P24 surface antigen or PCR test (no more HIV detectable in blood) after 30 days.

A simplified version of this unit now makes self-help feasible. The potential to clean and potentize the blood banks of the world with this instrument is truly staggering. Bob Beck’s Sept. 96 Explore Magazine article notes a study on the lifespan of blood cells sealed under cover slips on microscope slides. While the average life of “normal” blood is about four days, blood cells treated with a mild microcurrent live for well over a month!

This very mild charging of the blood does not harm blood cells. Furthermore, the applied physics of Eddy Current (Lenz’s law) demonstrates the neutralization of a myriad of parasites, viruses, microbes and fungi. It is important to realize that these organisms are critical co-factors, if not actual carriers, regarding the multitude of new deadly contagious diseases appearing throughout the world.

These blood-cleansing devices are safe, with intelligent use, have been around for decades, and seem to have a variety of other benefits. You can do your own research on the scientific evidence by scanning this document. Be aware that there are now customized, blood and lymph cleansing units far better than Mr. Beck, Dr. Clark, and most others, describe and or advertise.

The Big Turn-off
By contrast, the HAARP Project, a giant array of microwave towers in Anchorage Alaska, may not exactly raise awareness and improve human health. It’s billion plus watts of power can impact an entire nation or even a complete hemisphere of the world. You may find the rest of the story through the writings of Nick Begich and other investigators. This brings new meaning to that old expression used in TV and radio: “Don’t touch that dial!” Nick is a life-long educator, native of Alaska, and has been featured on thousands of radio programs in the last four years. He also is perhaps the most informed writer on the Patrick Flanagan story and the benefits of the Neurophone.

Education Automation Vacation
Scientific experiments indicate that effects of the Neurophone range from super learning, long term memory speed learning, relaxation, pain control and enhanced psychic abilities. The Neurophone’s ability to transfer large amounts of information into long term memory may, alone, make the current model of education obsolete.

We could advance beyond the problem of information overload and actually emphasize values, goals, strategy and a profound interdisciplinary approach to world problems. Positive solutions in an ever more complex world may themselves depend on the solution offered by the responsible use of the Neurophone.

Ma Bell
Studies on a special “head start” program, with pregnant women using the Neurophone have promising news. These women describe children with marked intelligence. This neuro-networking seems actually to nurture neuropathways for the fetus.

Extra-sensory Perceptions
All organs of perceptions evolve from the skin of the child within the womb. Theoretically, the skin could perform all sense perception. In Russia blind people have been taught ‘to see’ with their fingertips. Deaf people in Czechoslovakia have been instructed ‘to hear’ with their fingertips.

Details on the Neurophone,
Super Learning and Electromedicine

The intricacies of how the Neurophone is constructed, along with it’s bio -physical- interactivity, is provided in the book, Towards A New Alchemy, by Nick Begich. For a broader background see Super-Memory: The Revolution, by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. The Explore More Magazine’s March/April 1996 article, ‘The Skin, Our Fifth Sense’ is a real eye opener. For a historical view of related research read Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. A technical understanding of the bio-electronics of organisms in health and disease, will be found in the book, The Body Electric- Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden, (Quill Publisher).

Dolphin Speak
In a curious parallel to Roxanne Kremer’s work on interspecies communication with the Pink Amazon River Dolphins, Dr. Flanagan has made impressive technical contributions. In February, 1968, he applied for a patent on a device for translating human speech into dolphin language and vice/versa. This was a result of studies with dolphins in the lagoon of a small island off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

A vocabulary of 30 words was discovered before a startling intervention. Six months after applying for the patent, it was placed under secrecy order #756, 124 by a U.S.Government surveillance agency. Five years later, another hard-fought legal battle rescinded the suppression and patent #3,647,970 was granted on March 7th 1972. This speech processing patent is actually used as the circuit in the present version of the Neurophone.

The Sound of the New Millennium
“The Music of the Spheres and the Hemispheres”, heard with the assist of the Neurophone, opens new doors for musicians and composers, as well as educators and students of life in general. In what may be seen as another motif on Sonic Bloom-like-phenomena, some theories hold that it has the potential for developing super plants and healing animals as well as people.

Mind Meld
Experiments with a Neurophone mind link between two or more people seemingly makes possible learning directly from the mind of another. And I thought this was only in the SCI FI domain of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock and certainly beyond the ken of Dr. Spock. Nick Begich describes the phenomenon as an electronic “corpus collosum” between the minds of two people. The corpus collosum is the semi-permeable bridge between the two hemispheres of an individual’s brain.

The Neurophone
The Neurophone also causes both sides of the brain to pulse in harmony creating an environment which may be ideal for learning. Use of the Neurophone tends to balance all the acupuncture meridians. In the near future, the Flanagans will produce cassette tapes and CD’s designed to be used only with the Neurophone. The tapes will cover categories as varied as Psychic Center Stimulation to Subliminal Learning Programs.

Other Flanagan products include Crystal Energy, (ultra-colloidals — each only 12 atoms wide — of silica, magnesium, zinc, gold, silver, and titanium which have duplicated the structure and improved upon the health benefits of Hunza Water). The people of Hunza claim that their longevity, often living up to 130, stems primarily from their consumption of Hunza water, also known as ‘glacial milk’. This technology has also been used to create what is truly the most unique spirulina, and other supplements, presently known.

A Word to the Wise
Winston Churchill said, “most people occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had ever happened”. If you sense you’ve encountered some truths in this article don’t use them as stumbling blocks. They may be stepping stones to far higher truths, if you dare to care and share. Data in this article can be legally offered only as “theoretical”; and no medical claims can be made or implied. See your health professional.

You may reach Eddy Taylor through e-mail at:

Eddy is currently researching electro-agriculture. This employs the use of mild electrical frequencies generated by instruments, similar to the blood cleansing device, to assist crop production. This also includes enrichment and transmutation of soil and water. While aware of Sonic Bloom and other related approaches; he is seeking testimonials and scientific data solely from those in the field of ‘electronic bloom’.

It has been theorized that the proper agro-frequencies neutralize harmful organisms, new viruses, etc., now threatening entire bioregions via water, plants, and soil. If you would like to join this research effort and need a frequency generator for hands on experiments, Eddy may be able to refer you to a supplier. Just as there are no medical claims made or inferred regarding the Neurophone or the blood and lymph cleansing devices, there are no agricultural claims made or inferred involving electro-agricultural devices.


HumanRights Award

The Petition:
We, the undersigned victims of various forms of Electronic Warfare (who are known as Targeted Individuals (TI) worldwide) and our Supporters (Advocates & Activists), are collectively outraged and demand an end to our perpetual torture and harassment.

These diabolical Electronic Weapons (EW), which include Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and (V2K) among others, have been remotely deployed against us for many years and are beaming us into metastasizing sickness and even premature deaths! Also, these, Information Operations (IO), with their potentially lethal neurological and psychological attacks explain many of our similar clinical symptoms and diagnoses, which are caused by exposures to these Electromagnetic Radiations (EMP).

We demand an immediate end to this pandemic! We hold all those sadistic shadow networks, Secret Services, e.g. CIA (Jackals), NSA, KGB, and Organized Stalking (OS) accountable. By writing you we hope that you would acknowledge our protest, aid in raising public awareness, initiate an investigation, and legally support our appeal for justice. These unconscionable travesties are the ultimate crimes against humanity and we are all at risk.

Please address the outcries of all survivors in ending all forms of electronic genocide and menticide. We are pleading for your help to be unleashed from these atrocious Psychotronic shackles. Please do not allow secrecy to enslave civility.

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