Jeju Island Protest Fast against US Navy

March 4th, 2012 - by admin

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space – 2012-03-04 01:10:16

See this video from 2011 where Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo talks about Gureombi and the corporate neo-liberalism that is now controlling the world. You will be deeply moved by his words and his action.

In Solidarity with Yang Yoon-Mo:
Cry for the Future Generations

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

(March 3, 2012) — Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is now on his 25th day of hunger striking while inside prison on Jeju Island in South Korea. He is back in jail for interrupting Navy construction vehicles.

Last summer Yang, while in jail for laying under a construction truck, nearly died as his 71 day hunger strike only ended when Jeju Island Catholic Bishop Kang convinced him to stop.

Just before leaving Jeju in recent days, Mary Beth Sullivan got to meet with Yang at Jeju City prison where he awaits his latest trial. He restarted his hunger strike upon entering and vows to continue as long as necessary.

Mary Beth wrote down his words:

If Gureombi (the sacred rocky coastline) lives, I live. If Gureombi dies, I die. Do not cry for me. Cry for the future generations who may not be able to feel the beauty of Gureombi. Gureombi is the medium to connect myself and the sky. The self, the sky, Gureombi have become one. This commitment is a call from God.

I’ve decided to join his hunger strike for one week beginning Sunday. I would hope others will decide to fast for a meal, a day, or more during this time when Yang is putting his life on the line to stop the destruction done by this Navy base plan. Please let me know if you join the fast and I will collect the names and send them on to South Korea so Yang can see that others care about him, the nature around Gangjeong village, and peace.

I’d also urge you to call the nearest South Korean embassy/consulate and tell them to stop the Navy base and to release Yang from prison.

If you are on Facebook you can get regular updates from the villagers. Just click here.

Thanks for your interest and support. It means the world to people on Jeju Island.

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