ACTION ALERT: Divest From War

May 16th, 2012 - by admin – 2012-05-16 13:39:20

Are you worried about a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran dragging the US and the entire Middle East into yet another war?

Do you feel helpless in the face of our so-called elected officials’ unwillingness to stand up to the Israeli government?

The Israeli government is not worried about the US Congress or any western government. However, they are worried about grassroots boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movements that are challenging their impunity.

We can use this concern to help raise the cost of an attack on Iran, and thereby help prevent the next war in the Middle East.

By signing the Divest From War Pledge, you commit to boycotting Israel and Israeli products, and divesting from Israeli government bonds if Israel initiates a preemptive attack on Iran.

All peace-loving people around the world are encouraged to sign this pledge.

Click on the link below to read and sign the Divest From War pledge

Upcoming Events:
May 19, 2012, David Swanson speaking in Rockville, Md., with Peace Action Montgomery

June 24, 2012, March against torture

May 14-18:

Outreach to schools & communities in Barack Obama’s hometown, where people are being propagandiz ed to welcome NATO as “humanitarian interveners.”

YOU are invited to join us! Call or text Chicago World Can’t Wait at: 773-739-3743 for the place we will be meeting everyday.
* Orange jumpsuit contingents will expose NATO’s role in the US torture-detention network
* Join the kNOw Drones tour of parks and shopping areas.
* Join veterans of the US wars on Iraq & Afghanistan in visiting high schools who will teach the youth about the human cost of wars.

Monday May 14:
Film Screening of 5 Days in Denver
on the 2008 protests against the Democratic National Convention
7 pm, MultiKulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Donations appreciated
Facebook event – invite your friends

Wednesday May 16:
Book Presentation by Kevin Gosztola on
Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning by Greg Mitchell and Kevin Gosztola
Sponsored and hosted by Revolution Books
7 pm, 1103 N. Ashland Ave

Thursday May 17:
Post-9/11 Targeting of Muslims: Naming the Victims, Naming the Repression with Lynne Jackson of Albany-based Project SALAAM
7 pm, St. Luke’s Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco
Facebook event — invite your friends

May 17-19,
Voices for Creative Nonviolence events and reunion.

< b>May 18-19,
NATO-Free Future.

May 18-20,
National War Tax Resistance Gathering and Coordinating Committee Meeting

May 18-19,
VFP/VPT Nonviolent Training and Direct Action.

Friday May 18:
World Can’t Wait’s International Voices for Humanity and the Planet: An Evening of Arts to Oppose NATO
David Rovics and an acoustic set by rockers Outernational unplugged headline an evening of music, spoken word, and more celebrating o ur resistance! With speakers from countries targeted by NATO and the US.
7 pm, St. Luke’s Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco
Buy ticket(s) online
Facebook event — invite your friends

May 18,
National Nurses United Rally,
11 a.m. March leaving from Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers,
12:15 p.m. Rally at Daley Plaza, Washington & Dearborn.

May 19,
Veterans For Peace Direct Action

May 19:
David Swanson speaking

May 20:
Coalition Against NATO-G8 Poverty Agenda (CANG8) Rally at Noon
and March

We have worked out a 10% discount with AMTRAK for anyone traveling to the Chicago demonstration on May 20. You can use this discount to travel to and from Chicago on an AMTRAK train from anywhere in the country during the period from May 17 to May 23.

To get the special rate, you need to make a reservation and give them the “Convention fare code number of X50K-949.€ If t hey ask you what organization you are from, it is UNAC. AMTRAK fares go up the closer it gets to the day of departure. So, to get the lowest fare, it is best to reserve a seat as soon as possible. There are other discounts for seniors and youth that may be cheaper.

May 21:
Shut down Boeing

May 18, 2012

Frederick, Md., Occupy G-8 People’s Summit

May 19, 2012,
UK Protest NATO

May 24, 2012,
Forum on Iran in Richmond, Va.

June 16, 2012,
New York, N.Y., Protest NYPD Abuse and Targeting of Muslims

July 4, 2012,
Philadelphia, 99% Convention

July 14, 2012,
Wisconsin, Peacestock.

July 16, 2012,
David Swanson at Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville, Va.

August 8-12, 2012,
Miami, Fla., Veterans for Peace Convention.

September 17, 2012,

Occupy Monsanto

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