Russia Slams Facebook Targeting Of US Marine War Hero

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Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean & Activist Post & The Blaze – 2012-08-28 00:26:27

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(August 25, 2012) — The shocking Obama regime arrest of US Marine war hero Brandon Raub has reverberated throughout the Kremlin this past week with the Federal Security Service (FSB) warning today that the US social media website Facebook has now become the “greatest threat to freedom” the American people have ever seen.

According to this report, Raub was detained and put into a psychiatric hospital by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and local police forces after they were notified by Facebook that this highly decorated Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran had made postings considered to be anti-government, but according to Russian and American constitutional legal experts were Raub’s legitimate use of his Free Speech rights granted to him by the US Constitutions First Amendment.

In their report on Raub’s arrest the Washington Times News Service wrote: “Citing an obscure statute allowing the involuntary detainment of a citizen for psychiatric evaluation, the FBI, Secret Service, and local authorities swarmed Raub’s property to question and then seize him.

Without a warrant or recitation of his Miranda rights, Raub was handcuffed and taken into custody. After a quick hearing, government officials confirmed that Raub’s Facebook posts necessitated his detention, refusing to acknowledge legal objections that the words were wrongly interpreted.”

The noted US Constitutional attorney, and president of The Rutherford Institute, John W. Whitehead came to Raub’s defense enabling him to gain his release yesterday after a hearing was held before Virginia Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett who called the Obama regime charges against this US Marine war hero “so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.”

Judge Sharrett further added that he was shocked to find that the magistrate doing the bidding of the Obama regime did not include “any grounds at all” for holding Raub, who was placed in custody for a full week without any charges being pressed.

In an extensive interview with Russia Today correspondent Liz Wahl yesterday, Attorney White stated that this was most chilling case of its kind he has seen in his over 40 years of practicing US Constitutional law.

Attorney White further stated that Raub’s Facebook postings were part of an online game he was playing with his brother and sister wherein they quoted famous American patriots, including America’s Founding Fathers, but which, apparently, caused Facebook to forward them to the FBI as “evidence” that this US Marine war hero was a “domestic terrorist.”

Though many in the US blogsphere are stating that Raub’s arrest by the Obama regime was intended to strip him of right to own firearms, Attorney White noted in his interview with Russia Today that Raub, in fact, didn’t own a single gun at all.

This FSB report, however, states that the “most probable” reason for Raub’s arrest was its use as a propaganda tool enabling left-wing websites supporting the Obama regime to use it in their war to demonize those Americans still clinging to the past motivations and statements of their Founding Fathers.

One such website, Policymic.Com, has, indeed done just that as evidenced in their article titled “Brandon Raub and Tom Head Think US Civil War is Coming: One is a Mental Patient, the Other is a Judge in Texas,” failing to note that Raub was freely exercising his Constitutional First Amendment rights.

Interesting to note is that Raub is far from being the only US war hero being targeted by the Obama regime as the InfoWars.Com is reporting that an unnamed Ohio American war veteran was similarly arrested and put into a mental hospital for expressing his anti-government views.

Even worse, Russia Today reported yesterday that Obama regime forces have charged 23-year-old Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran William Everett Alemar with “committing a terroristic act and wearing body armor while committing a felony offense.” The “terroristic act” Alemar was arrested for was his going out and doing a morning jog while carrying an air-soft “training rifle,” a gun that, while similar to his actual weapon, only fires pellets, not bullets.

The FSB ominously notes in this report that by the Obama regime now targeting their war veterans, combined with HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, that passed both the US House and the Senate this past year which authorizes the use of 30,000 spy drones over America by the year 2015, and with Facebook now funneling “dissident information” directly to the FBI and CIA, the outlook for American freedom can only be described as “grim.”

And too the exact words that threw this US Marine war hero into the bowels of the Obama regime gulag? Read it now, and then think for yourselves what America has truly become when words such as these are deemed terror:

The Truth
Brandon J Raub

(November 11, 2011 at 10:00 am) — America has lost itself. We have lost who we truly are. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This is the land of Thomas Jefferson.

This is the land of Benjamin Franklin.

This is the land of Fredrick Douglas.

This is the land of Smedley Butler.

This is the land John F. Kennedy.

This is the land of Martin Luther King.

This is the land where the cowboy wins. This is the land where you can start from the bottom and get to the top. This is the land where regardless of your race and ethnicity you can succeed and build a better life for you and your family. This is the land where every race coexists peacefully. This is the land where justice wins. This is the land where liberty dwells. This is the land where freedom reigns. This is the land where we help the poor, and people help each other. This is land where people beat racism.

The Federal Reserve is wrong. They have designed a system based off of greed and fear. They designed a system to crush the middle class between taxes and inflation. This is wrong, and it is unjust. It is wrong.

We have allowed ourselves to be deceived and seduced by the powers of the printing press. It is not a good system. It discourages saving: the foundation for all stable economic activity. The Federal Reserve is artificially manipulating interest rates and creating phony economic data.

This thing has deceived our entire nation.

They created it in 1913. They also created the income tax in 1913. They encouraged the growth of debt so they can tax you on it. There is interest on the debt. Your government is in bed with these people. They want to enslave you to the government so that they can control every aspect of your lives. It is an empire based on lies. They operate of greed and fear.

There is a better way. It’s called freedom. Freedom is called a lot of things. But there is a true meaning. It means very simply that you have the right to do whatever you want as long as you are not infringing on the freedoms of other people.

I firmly believe that God set America apart from the other nations of the world. He saved a place where people could come to to escape bad systems of government. This system we have created works. It really works.

There is evil going on all around the world. The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them.

Men and Women follow courage. They follow leadership, and courage. Our example has paved the way for people all around the world to change their forms of government.

Force is not the way because liberty is a powerful concept. The idea that men can govern themselves is the basis for every just form of government.

We can govern ourselves. We do not need to be governed by men who want to install a one world banking system. These men have machine hearts. Machine and unnatural hearts.

They have blocked out the possibility of a better world. They fear human progress. They have monopolies on everything.

This life can be free and beautiful. There are enough resources on this earth to support the world’s population. There are enough resources on this earth to feed everyone. There is enough land for everyone to own their own land and farm, and produce their own energy.

These people have been hiding technology. There are ways to create power easily. There is technology that can provide free cheap power for everyone. There are farming techniques that can feed the entire world.

The Bill of Rights is being systematically dismantled. Men have spilled their blood for those rights.

Your sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters, and America’s best young men and women are losing their limbs. They are losing their lives. They are losing the hearts. They do not know why they are fighting. They are killing. And they do not know why.

They have done some extraordinary acts. Their deeds go before them. But these wars are lies. They are lies. They deceived our entire nation with terrorism. They have gotten us to hand them our rights. Our Rights! Men died for those rights!

September Eleventh was an inside job. They blew up a third building in broad daylight. Building 7.

Your leaders betrayed you.

You elected an aristocracy. They are beholden to special interests. They were brainwashed through the Council on Foreign Relations. Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one world banking system. They want to put computer chips in you.

These men have evil hearts. They have tricked you into supporting corporate fascism. We gave them the keys to our country. We were not vigilant with our republic.


August 25, 2012 (c) EU and US all rights reserved..

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Vets Being Rounded Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

Vets Being Rounded Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

Marine Veteran Brandon Raub’s Attorney says he is getting calls from veterans and people all over the country reporting psychiatric detention for political speech.
Alexander Higgins / Activist Post and The Blaze

(August 25, 2012) — Last Thursday, decorator former US Marine Brandon Raub, who served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained by the FBI and local authorities for posting controversial anti-government political comments on the social media site Facebook.

Although 26-year-old Brandon Raub was detained against his will for his political views, he was not charged with any criminal misconduct, a hallmark of the Nazi gestapo tactic of indefinite psychiatric detention which was used to crush political dissent.

John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney representing Raub, discussed how the US government violated his client’s first amendment rights with RT yesterday.

He also made an appearance on GBTV with Glen Beck in which he made even more shocking revelations.Whitehead tells Beck that he is getting calls from military veterans all over the country subjected to the same Nazi style psychiatric detention for their political views.

More alarming, is when Beck asked if people of left-wing ideology — specifically members of Occupy Wall Street — are being detained. Whitehead responded saying he can’t say for sure because people all over the country are just disappearing.

He also reveals that while Raub was in psychiatric detention one of the psychiatrists that he was seeing threatened to “brainwash” him and force him to take medication.

Attorney of Former Marine Detained for Facebook Posts Tells Beck: Psychiatrist Threatened to ‘Brainwash’ My Client With Meds

[…]Whitehead told Beck that he and his organization are planning to sue over a provision in Virginia state law that allows authorities to place a person in emergency custody and hold them for four hours unless a magistrate enters a temporary detention order (TDO). Raub was held under this law, specifically Va. Code § 37.2-808, for days.

‘We are getting ready to file a civil lawsuitÅ because [Raub] has been put through hell for a week,’ said Whitehead. But, he explained, ‘Under the civil commitment law in Virginia, the police can do this.’

[…] Whitehead said that veterans have since been contacting him from across the country claiming they too were victims of wrongful detention in psychiatric institutes like Raub. Apparently, there are civil commitment laws in other states as well, he said.

‘It happens. There’s about 20,000 civil commitments alone in Virginia each year,’ he added.

It was actually Raub’s mother, who took to Facebook in a rage after he son was taken by federal and local law enforcement officers, that sounded the alarm and made the entire country aware of his situation.

‘Did they have a warrant for his arrest?’ Beck asked.

‘No warrant for his arrest and no search warrant,’ Whitehead replied. ‘They haven’t [charged him with a crime] and they’re not going to.’

Stunned, Beck asked how this could take place in the United States of America, where the Constitution provides protections from such things, most notably the First Amendment.

‘Is this America,’ the attorney said. ‘That’s what I keep asking.’

To be clear, Raub is a 9/11 ‘truther’ and harbors some pretty questionable beliefs. However, as Beck explains, Americans should defend the free speech of even the people they disagree with. ‘I will stand with anyone on the left for their right to express themselves in a non-violent wayÅ  especially if I find it offensive, I will stand for their right to say it,’ Beck said.

Further, in a surprising twist, Whitehead revealed a startling allegation that his client made regarding an incident that occurred before his release. Raub complained to his attorney that one of the psychiatrists that he was seeing threatened to ‘brainwash’ him and force him to take medication.

‘That really scared him,’ he said.

After soaking in all that Whitehead had shared with him, Beck reflected:
‘From what I know of this story, this is an outrage. There were some things that stick out to me — as flares of caution. But the one thing we should be reckless with is our defense of people who have opinions that we don’t agree with. I’ve never asked for a boycott, I’ve never asked for someone to be fired.’

He continued: ‘If we can’t meet on the battlefield of ideas, as George Washington said, If we can’t speak to each other openly, if we are paranoid and watching over our shoulder, we lose the essence of who we are and we will never be a great nation againÅ  Buckle up, I have a feeling that this is going to be an interesting ride.’

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