ACTION ALERT: Wake Up, World: Syrians are Dying

September 11th, 2012 - by admin

Amnesty International – 2012-09-11 23:00:23

(August 23, 2012) — Amnesty International just completed a mission in Syria, where we met with residents caught in the bitter battle for control of Aleppo — the country’s economic capital and largest city.

Amnesty Crisis Adviser Donatella Rovera shot alarming video footage of families who are living amidst the bombings, executions and other atrocities being committed by government forces and militias working alongside the Syrian military. 

A doctor at Dar al-Shifa Hospital told Amnesty International that the hospital suffered two air strikes in three days – killing and injuring civilians. We also investigated several attacks on residents waiting in line to buy bread. 

Attacks like these are flagrant violations of international humanitarian law. It’s critical that stories, images and video footage from Amnesty’s investigations in Syria be seen by the world.

We are working to get this damning footage into the hands of journalists around the world. Support our work and help ensure that our first-hand video is seen by influential members of the media.

Government forces are attacking densely populated urban areas where the opposition is believed to be based, conducting air and artillery strikes that have injured and killed many civilians.

One man told Donatella that he returned from work to find his home flattened: 

“When I went to work, I never thought that it was the last time I would see my family. I lost all that was dearest to me — my children, my wife, my brother, my cousins — everybody.” 

The civilian deaths Donatella witnessed are clear violations of international humanitarian law. 

Amnesty International goes fearlessly into conflict areas to document abuses and report them to the international community.

Help Amnesty International shout “Wake Up, World!” with breaking reports, images and video. 

The findings of Donatella’s latest mission build on satellite images Amnesty International released last week showing the extent of likely artillery bombardment near Aleppo.

The images, obtained by commercial satellites from July 23-August 1, show more than 600 craters — many near residential areas. 

Donatella’s footage captures the faces of the families who took shelter from those bombings. 

Amnesty International has evidence of flagrant violations of international humanitarian law in Aleppo, Syria. We are working to get this footage in the hands of journalists and media influencers around the world.
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I know you can sense the urgency with which I write this message. We must keep our eyes on Syria and continue to call on the international community to stop the killing once and for all.

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Sanjeev Bery, 
Advocacy Director, Middle East North Africa 
Amnesty International USA