US Troops Attack Afghan Civilian Bus, Killing One

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Jason Ditz / & UPI – 2013-04-11 01:38:47

US Troops Attack Afghan Civilian Bus, Killing One

US Troops Attack Afghan Civilian Bus, Killing One
Jason Ditz /

(April 10, 2013) — Details are still scarce, but officials are confirming that US troops attacked a civilian bus in the Herat Province, in the Adraskan District. The attack killed one civilian and wounded another.

So far there have been no comments from US officials as to why the bus was attacked, but it was traveling on the same Kabul-Herat highway as the US convoy was, and it is not unusual for US troops to perceive anything else on the road as a “threat” and start attacking it.

This is the second report incident of civilians killed this year in Herat. In February, four civilians were killed in the cross-fire between a NATO and Taliban gunbattle in the province.

It is also the second incident of US troops killing civilians this week, with 11 children killed in a US air strike in Kunar Province, on the other side of the country, earlier this week.

US Troops Kill Afghan Civilian

(April 10, 2013) — At least one Afghan civilian died and another was injured Wednesday when US troops attacked a civilian bus in Herat province, officials said.

The bus was traveling on the Kabul-Herat highway in the Adraskan district in western Herat province when it got close to a convoy of US troops, Khaama Press said.

The reason for the attack was not reported.

Meanwhile, authorities in Cheghcharan city in western Ghor province said two NATO-led coalition troops were injured Tuesday when an Afghan security service member opened fire on them.

Provincial governor spokesman Abdul Hai Khatibi identified the two soldiers as Lithuanian. The conflict took place when an Afghan soldier asked Lithuanian troops to stop their vehicles, he said.

An Afghan soldier fired a rocket-propelled grenade at one of the vehicles, injuring the two soldiers, Khaama Press reported. One soldier is in critical condition.

The Afghan soldier who fired the grenade was arrested.

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