US Drone Reportedly Kills Afghan Civilians

June 15th, 2013 - by admin

Sayed Jawad / Khaama Press & Jason Ditz / – 2013-06-15 00:49:17

Drone Strike Kills or Injures 9 Civilians in Eastern Afghanistan
Sayed Jawad / Khaama Press

KABUL (June 6, 2013) — According to local authorities in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan, at least three civilians were killed following a drone strike in this province.

Provincial governor Fazlullah Wahidi said the airstrike was carried out on Wednesday night in a residential area in Manogi district.

Mr. Wahidi further added at least three civilians including two boys and a girl were killed and six others including two women were injured.

In the meantime ISAF denied the allegations and said, “This claim is not true. ISAF takes allegations of civilian causalities very seriously. We do not have any operational reporting that supports these allegation that civilians were killed in Kunar province. Enemies of Afghanistan are the only party to the conflict targeting civilians and increasing their use of indiscriminant weapons. Enemies of Afghanistan has killed or injured 3,485 Afghan civilians in 2012.”

This comes as civilian casualties has been one of the controversial issues between the Afghan government and international coalition security forces.

Coalition security forces have not commented regarding the incident so far.

Kunar is among the volatile regions in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan are openly operating and carry out insurgency activities.

Article printed from Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan Online Newspaper:

NATO Denies UN Report on
Three Children Killed in Afghan Drone Strike

Jason Ditz /

(June 14, 2013) — NATO has issued a statement today denying a report of a June 6 drone strike in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province killing three children. The report had already been confirmed by both the Kunar governor and the UN Children’s Fund.

The strike occurred in the Manogi District of Kunar, where a US drone destroyed a house and killed three children within. Seven other civilians were wounded in the attack, all from the same family.

NATO now says the whole incident is “simply not true,” despite the very destroyed house, the very dead children, and the seven hospitalized relatives. They say the report was the result of a “misunderstanding.”

UNICEF stood by their own report confirming the incident, saying they went out and verified the incident before issuing the statement on it in the first place. Though initial NATO denials are not unusual, it is rare for them to stick to the denial after it has been confirmed so thoroughly.

Afghan Governor: US Drone Strike Kills Three Children
Jason Ditz /

(June 6, 2013) — The governor of Afghanistan’s Kunar Province has reported a US drone strike against the Manogi District has killed at least three civilians, all children, and wounding seven others.

A survivor of the explosion says that the drone hit their house, knocking him unconscious. He reported seven members of his family were hospitalized, and denied that they had done anything wrong.

NATO was quick to deny the report, saying that they took allegations “very seriously,” but that their own reports on operations in the area didn’t confirm any such incidents in the province.

Civilian deaths in NATO air strikes have been a huge problem throughout the war, with the US often promising an “investigation” that never seems to actually conclude into exactly what happened.

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