ACTION ALERT: National Four-day Independence Strike Begginning July 4th

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Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri / Chemtrail News – 2013-07-02 02:45:42


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

(June 14, 2013) — This is the first time in human history that we face a constant, deliberate, and multi-pronged assault on our health. There are 100,000 chemicals on the market today. Most have never been tested for human and/or animal safety. So, we continue to be un-informed guinea pigs for military and governmental hidden agendas.

Added to these are chemical-based hormone disruptors, brain excitotoxins, and the now chronic exposure to the EMF spectrum and aerosol Chemtrails. These are ALL implicated in and destroying our ability to be healthy, to think clearly, and to function well. There is no place on our beleaguered planet that is safe.

There are also three more poisons that I want to include briefly: fluoride, chlorine, and nuclear radiation.

Fluoride is a known systemic poison. Found in the water supply as an additive, in toothpaste and other dental products, we have had decades of public lies that it is beneficial. It never was; and it never did prevent cavities. Among its harmful attributes: it causes dental fluorisis; lowers IQ; causes male infertility; and chronically poisons the body. The use of fluoride in thousands of our water supply systems was a long-term, covert crime to find a way to get rid of it as a nuclear waste by-product.

The original tests, dating back to the Manhattan Project, were rigged; and silence was maintained by those in charge, as we were systemically poisoned. See, “The Fluoride Deception”:

One of the best documentaries, FLUORIDEGATE, on fluoride’s history and toxicity is the new one done by Dr. David Kennedy, a San Diego dentist. See:

There is good news, as more people wake up to what is really going on. The Floridation Action Network [FAN] has released a statement signed by more than 4,100 physicians, dentists, scientists, and environmentalists calling for an end to flouridation. See:
and more recent figures:

Chlorine is another toxic element, and also one of our planet’s basic building blocks. In nature, however, it is never found by itself; and so it combines with other elements. In its elemental form, it is a gas; and it is extremely toxic. Chlorine has a history suppposedly to clean and disinfect.

It is found in countless household products, plastics, insecticides, pharamaceuticals, and non-organic tampons. There are known links to asthma, due to chlorine use in swimming pools.(1) Asthma is not a one-issue illness either. But the combined toxins are damaging to anyone’s lungs!

As chlorine breaks down, dioxin becomes a by-product. This is so lethal that one teaspoon, in its nano form, could wipe out life on this planet. There is no safe level of dioxin exposure. Most dioxin is found through the food supply, as it bioaccumulates up the food chain.

For 27 years the EPA (a totally broken agency) delayed releasing the dioxin report. It is implicated in cancers, lower children’s IQs and other learning disabilities, altered behaivor, lower sperm count, and women’s reproductive crises of endometriosis and fibroids. The list of harm is quite long. See:

Nuclear Crises
At the top of the list, the long-term crises related to the nuclear industry include chronic exposure to a lifetime’s worth of radiation poisoning. Since the first atomic bombs were horrifically dropped on innocent Japanese citizens, [even when the Japanese wanted to surrender], we now all have been exposed to deadly and chronic radiation poisoning for more that six decades.

The half-life of some of radioactive elements runs from the thousands to millions of years [e.g., Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years; and Uranium-235 has a half-life of 700-million years]. How can we ever think we are safe? These dangers have been covered up for the benefit of industry greed within a vastly broken and totally corrupt system.

Thousands of bombs have been detonated under water, under ground, in the atmosphere; and now Depleted Uranium [DU, comes from U-238, and has a half life of 4.5 billion years] is dropped on civilians in Gaza, in Iraq, and elsewhere in the mid-East.

These are more heinous crimes against humanity. The late and brilliant Dr. Rosalie Bertell [author of “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War”] noted DU’s toxicity in a report about Gulf War Veterans:

The nuclear reactor catastrophes –from 3-Mile Island, to Chernobyl, to Fukushima– continue to contaminate the entire planet with nuclear radiation. With ageing nuclear reactors at 104 facilities (and 65 commercially operated power plants) in America, there continues to be numerous accidents; but the industry has never admitted that it is unsafe technology and that there is NO SAFE long-term storage anywhere.

Hanford, the oldest nuclear facility, in Washington state, is a Haz-Mat Super Fund site; and it leaks to contaminate the entire Pacific Northwest area, including the Columbia and Willamette rivers. High rates of cancers abound.

At the extreme end of nuclear radiation exposure, it kills; while it leaves radiation that continues to ireversibly damage and destroy. Long-term, radiation causes massive systemic poisoning, cancers, and genetic malformations [in humans, other animals, and plant life] that are heart-wrenching to see. Most of this is off the radar of the average person; but the medical evidence and photos make one weep at these extensive crimes!

Like a pebble dropped into a calm lake, what are the radioactive “ripple effects” not only on our own planet, but throughout our solar system, and probably the galaxy? What have we done?

Added to detonated nuclear bombs is a Western medical industry that uses radiation in many forms as part of its practices. People have been brainwashed. This is completely unsafe. For 40 years, physician Dr. Helen Caldicott has been lecturing around the world about the extreme dangers of nuclear radiation.

As with mercury, there is no safe level of exposure. All of us have had a toxic overload and lifetime exposure. See: and

The very good news is that California’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been shut down permanently. This is the first step:

When we add to this huge list the on-going heinous geo-engineering crimes of aerosol Chemtrails, chembombs and the Haarp facilities, weaponized illnesses [from AIDS to Morgellons, and various flus], we are not just on illness overload, but this covert assortment of poisons has created other inter-related crises that affect billions of us around our planet.

It is impossible to cover all the environmental poisonings. The idea of this four-part series is to cover some of the major ones, give you links to follow up on research, and connect the dots –so that we have the opportunity to re-evaluate what we think we know, and to see the bigger picture of decades of harm. As I tell my students: “Do your homework.”

Whether in America or elsewhere, the political system is rigged for harm to all of us. No matter what their affiliation, on either side of any aisle, politicians are paid off and are working against us. As “New Scientist” magazine has shown in a ground-breaking article, 147 corporations are in charge of this planet. See:–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html

Given that we all live in various forms of a police state, with some countries having the rigged façade of “democracy,” and where people who speak out or gather peacefully are tasered and beaten, WHAT CAN WE REALLY DO?


Societies in Transition
Firstly, there is some very good news, though still not reported in mainstream media, as they are also part of the problem. Around the world, there is much going on behind the scenes to deal with these many crises: Financial; Political; Environmental; and Health. Some of this is already being reported by excellent investigative Internet writers. Here is a brief synopsis:

1. The Federal Reserve –a private banking cartel that has created such havoc for the past 100 years, and has criminally rigged the world’s finances to benefit a small group of elite– will very soon be shut down. Thousands of people have been arrested and/or forced to resign.

The Feds are out of money (after years of printing worthless paper in the trillions of dollars to deliberately collapse the American economy and wreck peoples’ lives). They are also out of options to create more chaos. Here’s Part 1 of their history:

Good and heroic people are working behind the scenes to create a healthy and peaceful transition from the criminal financial and political activities that now exist.

2. New and safe energy technologies will soon be released that will NOT rely on petroleum and the massive harm it has created [from the destruction of the Canadian Alberta Sands, to the Gulf of Mexico oil-rig, false flag catastrophe, to thousands of cities where their refineries spew poisons all over the local citizens].

These technologies have been deliberately kept secret by what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex” and their “black ops.” Some of this technology has already been reported in Europe, but America has rejected it.

Our real history has been hidden from us for centuries. As a scholar, I have been to several private libraries with rare books and documents to verify what I am writing. More on this later.

Given the massive toxicity to which we are constantly exposed, given that at any quiet public gathering the military-police can beat and/or taser us, or jail us. So, what, in fact, can we do? It is irrefutable that our heath has taken a massive nose dive! We do not have a real help from any environmental and/or health/organics organizations. They have all been bought off through donations from “cover” foundations. This is what is called “controlled dissent.” Thus, certain urgent topics are never discussed in public. Nothing of major importance ever really gets fixed!

Ours is a society based on violence, harm, and FEAR. That is the way the cabal controls us. There is something radically wrong when children learn very early about killing! The media [TV, movies, DVDs, and society at large!] is full of news reports of killings and all kinds of harm! Again: there is something radically wrong when children grow up and become part of the military war machine, invade other countries, and kill others. Our society is way out of balance.

In the greater historical perspective, this kind of focus on harm and fear never works. There are countless societies that did not survive because of the centuries-long war mentality –at the cost of everything else.

Renaissance art has a marvelous lesson to teach us in the “Allegories of Good and Bad Government” painted 675 years ago in Siena, Italy, by the Lorenzetti brothers. The lessons of these mural stories is as important now, as it was then:

How much more harm do we want to be subjected to? What are we waiting for? WE ARE THE ONES! Over the past three years, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see odd, aberrant and often out-of-control behavior –for no apparant reason! Prof. Olle Johansson has been connecting the dots for 40 years: EMFs [cell phones, cell towers, Smart Meters] are damaging our ability to think clearly and behave rationally! Then add: mercury, Chemtrails, and vaccines. How much more harm do we want? If we cannot think clearly, if we don’t remember what we did or what is actually happening, how then can we function?

WE HAVE PLENTY OF GRIEVANCES. NOTHING HAS BEEN ADDRESSED, because those in charge are working for corporations, not us!

I have been calling for a Nationwide General Strike since 2009. Now, together with UNITED WE STRIKE [], WE ARE CALLING FOR A 4-DAY, FOURTH OF JULY NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE –from July 4-7.

Collectively, what we need to do is JUST GO HOME! and use this four days to shut the country down financially, and do some homework to learn what is actually going on. In the great and peaceful tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we can accomplish far more this way. More will be posted for my Part 4. We Must change our global social and political environment. We MUST LIVE IN A PEACEFUL SOCIETY!

1. Stay at home for four days and use this time productively to be with friends and family. Prepare ahead of time by filling your gas tank and having enough food in the house. Don’t shop. Don’t spend any money that requires paying any kind of local, state or federal taxes. This also goes for all Internet purchases. As United We Strike says: “Don’t buy. Don’t comply. Ask why.” Remember, too, there are far more of us than them!

2. If you have to shop, don’t shop at any Big Box stores. Shop locally and preferably support your local organic farmers markets.

3. We realize, too, that many of you cannot stop working. Do whatever you can to support the changes we want to create!

These are our demands to those in charge:
1. Immediately, stop all geo-engineered aerosol Chemtrails and shut down all HAARP facilities permanently. This also includes an immediate BAN on other dangerous practices, including: war “games”; spraying of Corexit; fracking, drilling for oil, mountain-top cutting for coal. Hold all involved persons accountable for these crimes.

2. Immediate Global Cease FIRE. Withdraw all US military from war zones they created. Close all military bases.

3. Return America to the original 1789 Constitution and original amendments.

3. Immediate Ban on all GMOs worldwide. See:

4. Have all fraudulent debt erased. Release NESARA funds to people.

5. Release all hidden new technologies for energy, health, and environmental clean-up of Gaia.



The buck stops at the cash register. We must make informed decisions and not shop on automatic pilot! WE DO NOT HAVE TO SUPPORT ANY COMPANY THAT MAKES POISONOUS PRODUCTS! READ THE LABELS. DON’T BUY GMOs, Brain-damaging artificial sweeteners and all drinks with them, DON’T BUY CHEMICAL PRODUCTS OF HARM! Stay with basics: organics, and cook from scratch (instead of using processed foods).

1. Get Tested for Heavy Metals Toxicity. This is vital, as we all are exposed to billions of tons of these poisons. If we can gather enough data, we have concrete proof of the poisons that they are spraying on us. This can be done anonymously –just using gender, age, and city/state. We have never done this collectively; and now our lives and those of our children and families are ALL on the line!
2. Look across the disciplines –not just in education (and how courses are taught, individally, rather than in a cross-disciplinary way). Everything is inter-related in our daily lives. What happens to our air, the soil, and the water when there is chronic poisoning AFFECTS ALL OF US!

There are millions of us who understand that the system is broken beyond fixing. We need a new and healing paradigm where Gaia can be fixed with our help and with all the new technologies. We need to come together in Peace and Compassion and create a New Society for ourselves based on Love and Harmony.

We all have the ability to re-evauate what we think we know, based on real information. We must take responsibility to educate ourselves about the truth. We can go in a direction of an elevated consciousness where goodness abounds. It is ALL do-able!

Watch for Part 4 next week and more plans and info about our New Society! PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY!

1. Chlorine Toxicity and swimmers.

Environmental writer and educator, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis” that links environmental toxins with womens’ reproductive illnesses. She is currently writing a newly revised and udated second edition. Last August, she was a guest speaker at the second conference on Chemtrails in Los Angeles. Here is a new link to it:

From Keith Lampe
(Ponderosa Pine)

My sense of how best to spend these four days is for friends to form clans or tribes or circles or expanded households (choose your label) within which the cooperative behavior provides enough free time for one or more of its adults to be available as full-time volunteer activists for the group’s favorite cause.

If Americans remain divided-and-conquered within nuclear-family households, they won’t have enough free time to pull off any last-minute avoidance of annihilation.

Another good use of these four days is to evolve beyond communicating in ways easy for NSA to surveil — and one way to do this is to communicate again within the venerable oral tradition, which of course is not easy for any police and/or military to surveil.

This way, news of flash mobes (that is, flash mobilizations, a much better term than the pimp/whore corporate media’s sarcastic “flash mobs”) can be spread in person door-to-door. Everyone in these networks receiving info then relays it ASAP to at least two others living nearby. Flash mobes are much more effective expressions than the quaint controlled-opposition pre-announced marches and rallies.

Folks in these groups also could share the information burden by having one or more of them specialize in one or more of the, say, dozen most compelling activist topics and then provide summaries for everyone so it doesn’t take so much time to be up-to-date that there’s no time remaining to act on what has been learned.