Geoengineered Snowstorms — Turning Warmth Into Winter

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William Thomas / Geoengineering Watch – 2013-12-15 01:20:27

Geoengineered Snowstorms – THE SNOWMEN Turning Warmth Into Winter Part 1

(December 14, 2013) — Screenheads clicking into Hollywood’s upcoming distractions can anticipate some improbable sci-fi antics this summer. But make believe can’t come close to what’s happening right over their bowed heads. It’s called “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering” and it means exactly what you’d rather not ask.

“Aerosols” are microscopic particles naturally or intentionally suspended in an increasingly angry atmosphere. Borrowing from Victor Galaz at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, we can say that geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale technological intervention in Earth’s atmosphere to mitigate the impacts of human-induced warming before critical thresholds are crossed from which there is no return.

Few of the scientists and billionaires urging the panicky and profitable rush to massively pollute already wheezing skies with sunlight-reflecting — and now, snow-making chemicals — realise that the aerosol spray planes have been flying in earnest since 1997. That’s when I first reported atmospheric engineering taking place over Canada and the United States while on assignment for Environment News Service.

Aerial laydown missions confirmed by lab tests and matching patents, thousands of recorded observations, two scientists working on the project at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, revelations by a senior FAA official, and the meteorological impossibility of forming contrails in air that is neither cold nor wet enough for condensation without adding particles for moisture to coalesce around — have been officially identified to Air Traffic Controllers as “Climate Modification”. [Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 by William Thomas.]

The really scary monster hidden in the ice is the thousands of billions of tons of methane tenuously frozen in far northern tundra and Arctic seafloor sediments. Nobody sane wants it wafting into Earth’s atmosphere. Not after what happened last time.

Methane is often said to be 20-times more heat-trapping than CO2. But that’s over a century. Over a 10-year time horizon, every molecule of methane is 100-times more potent than CO2. [Geoengineering Watch]

The Arctic contains 40% of Earth’s stored carbon and is warming several times faster than the rest of us. Nearly half of all this methane-producing permafrost is close to thawing. [Proceedings of the National academy of Science; ScienceFeb 12/13; Register Feb 12/13]

Even worse is all that warming water. More than 51 million tons of methane is already bubbling up every year from the biggest continental shelf in the world — the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. “If only 1% of permafrost carbon were to be released each year, that could double the globe’s annual carbon emissions,” geophysicist Vladimir Romanovsky calculates. [Guardian Jan 14/10; National Science Foundation; Cosis; LA Times Feb 22/09]

The last big methane extinction went down during the Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum some 55 million years ago. That’s when volcanism and undersea landslips released some 2,500 billion tons of methane into Earth’s atmosphere and ocean (where all that carbon turned into carbonic acid). Temperatures at the Equator exceeded 140°F and the ocean became a global Dead Zone through 50 degrees of latitude.

Nervous governments know that there is more methane in the eastern Siberian Arctic alone than was released during the PETM wipe-out. Berkeley biologist Anthony Barnosky is one of many scientists warning that a “global-scale state shift” — when Earth undergoes rapid and irreversible change — could reach a similar tipping point within… “a few decades.” [Science Daily Nov 9/11]

In spring 2012, CO2 concentrations over the Arctic contributed to “a higher rate of global warming than occurred at the last global-scale state shift,” Barnosky continues. At this rate, by 2070 or earlier the global temperature average will be “higher than it has been since the human species evolved.” [Science, Nature, San Francisco Chronicle June 8/12; Register]

The most important equation is simple:

More methane= more warming.

More warming = more methane

Thing is, as the four-million remaining square-miles of Arctic sea ice thins and stays thin, it’s melting easier and earlier — exposing more heat-absorbing dark waters. Decades ahead of the best computer models, the world’s leading sea ice expert now predicts the end of Arctic summer sea ice within four years.

Referring to this onrushing “global disaster,” Prof. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University is calling for “urgent” consideration of “various geoengineering ideas that have been put forward.” [Climate Crocks]

The Arctic Methane Emergency Group is all over this. They too insist, “To prevent runaway Arctic warming the Arctic must be cooled.”

Emergency measures include stepping up efforts to reflect sunlight back into space, along with large-scale cloud-seeding to induce above-freezing snowfall and lower the temperatures in air masses moving west to east across the United States. This might bleed heat out of the Arctic, while triggering additional unintended consequences.

Both risky projects to ensure polluting petroleum profits are well underway.

This winter, the Obama administration that first came into office “discussing radical technologies to cool Earth’s air,” urgently needed snow and cold across the USA to help defuse the Arctic’s thawing methane-bomb. A White House indebted to Big Oil and addicted to the Canadian Tar Sands could not afford a repeat of last year’s “Winter That Wasn’t”. [Truthout Apr 18/09]

Not after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officially classified March 2012 as the warmest March ever recorded in the USA. That was when some 15,000 day and night-time temperature records collapsed from heat stroke as a vast high pressure area east of the Rockies sent temperatures across the North-Central Plains 30 to 40 degrees above average. The USA’s driest, hottest winter closed with record warm temperatures 10° above normal after dark. Daytime highs averaged almost 20° higher than normal.[]

Scientists explained that the heat being absorbed by dark, ice-free Arctic waters was being released back into the atmosphere. Warm air rises, creating high pressure. And this, they said, was deflecting the jet stream: that high-altitude river of water vapour bringing weather to the world at over 100 knots.[Guardian Sept 14/12; Weather About]

No one was considering curtailing carbon burning. Not with AccuWeather calling for “above-normal snowfall” for New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. All that high pressure over eastern Canada and Greenland would soon be “forcing cold air to reach to the US,” where it was expected to entrain “with the big storms” starting in January — “with the potential for large snowstorms to make headlines and create travel headaches in the major cities.” [AccuWeather]

It seemed a safe bet. January is the coldest month in North America. And in January 2012, Weather Central reported, “every state except Florida had some snow on the ground.”

Drawing from a previous patent held by the US Navy, a 1971 patent for “Weather Modification Method” discarded the futile use of solid carbon dioxide to supercool clouds. Dry ice sublimates too quickly and does not produce enough ice particles to make snow in warm temperatures.

Instead of trying to cool a huge air mass by adding ice, why not remove some of the heat? Robert Knollenberg’s warm weather snowmaking patent described deploying “endothermic seeding agents” that dissipate heat and dissolve readily in moisture.

The preferred potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate or urea particles not only absorb heat from the air; they also act as condensation nuclei for ice and snow to accumulate in temperatures well above freezing.

Best of all, Patent 3613992 boasted, such “inexpensive and readily available” seeding agents “are easily dispersed into the atmosphere.”

Snowmaking seems to work. On November 1st and again on the 10th through 12th 2009, cloud-seeding to alleviate a more-than-decade-long drought over much of north China and thirsty Beijing triggered two major snowstorms. These blizzards of success snarled traffic, cancelled classes, delayed flights and enraged city residents, who were not warned to expect major snowfalls in above-freezing temperatures.

Over 15,000 workers applying more than 6,000 tons of highly toxic and corrosive chloride failed to clear the artificially snowbound Chinese capital.

“No one can tell how much weather manipulation will change the sky,” warned Xiao Gang, a professor in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “We should not depend too much on artificial measures to get rain or snow, because there are too many uncertainties up in the sky.”[Australia News; AFP Nov 11/09]

Four decades ago, the upper lab-tested limit for ice nucleation using urea was 43°F. What Knollenberg failed to mention was that the white crystals of ammonium nitrate used to make warm temperature snow contains 34% nitrogen. Spread as soil-searing fertiliser to force crop growth on nutrient-depleted industrial farmlands, potassium nitrate also contains high levels of highly reactive nitrogen. [Wiki; Wiki]

Urea works even better. Suitable for application by drones, just 20 pounds of urea milled to a particle diameter of 25 to 30 microns is typically dropped at a seeding rate between 5 and 12 pounds per mile into the upper 200 feet of stratus or altostratus clouds. Preferred cloud bases are between 2.5 and 10 kilometers high, with tops from 6 to 11 kilometers above ground. The colder the air temperature, the less cow pee is needed.

Airborne water droplets do not readily freeze above -36°C. Tests dispensing as little as 10 grams of pulverised urea at -16°, -14°, -13° and -10° caused ice-crystal “sundogs” and holes in the stratus, through which “well-defined” and “heavy” snow showers were “observed to fall to the ground.” [PTO Direct]

Some people might get pissed off to be pissed on. They would also not be pleased to learn that supposedly spraying to end a “snow drought” caused by anthropomorphic warming is insane when every molecule of nitrogen streaming from spray tanker turbines and additionally sprayed into the sky is 300-times more heat-trapping than carbon dioxide — and will continue raising temperatures for a century.

“We won’t solve global warming without addressing nitrogen,” declares Elizabeth Holland, a senior scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. “The changes to the nitrogen cycle are larger in magnitude and more profound than the changes to the carbon cycle.” [Inside Bay Area Aug 12/07]

But why stop here? In 1947, Bernard Vonnegut proposed that substances whose crystalline lattices match those of ice “would make effective nucleating agents,” recalls Peter Conrad at Indiana State University.

Barium fluoride, Conrad continues, “provides an almost exact match for the basal face of hexagonal ice.” Though fragile, these water-attracting substrates “have been shown to dramatically increase the nucleation threshold for ice.” [Fifth Annual Beckman Scholars Symposium July 25 — 27/02]

States finding inexplicably high amounts of barium in their drinking water are now advised to check for barium fluoride. If they can remember.

Or bother.

Fluoride is well known to interfere with brain function, especially in children. “Both the Germans and the Russians added fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile,” the Australian parliamentary record reveals. [Governor’s Speech to Parliament, Victorian Hansard Aug 12/87; sworn deposition by Communist Party member Oliver Kenneth Goff — APFN Aug 6/93; Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility May/00;Journal of Exp. Biology May/02; Fluoride Journal 2000]

Unless the intention is to turn entire populations into zombies, spraying barium fluoride and aluminum oxide into the atmosphere is especially nuts. As Fluoride Alert relates, “A study in Brain Research demonstrated that chronic exposure to fluoride in drinking water” compromised the hippocampus memory centre and the blood brain barrier through — wait for it — “increased aluminum concentrations in brain tissues.” [My alarm.]

Exposure to wireless radiation at just one-ten-thousands of a watt also opens the blood-brain barrier. This allows blood proteins and geoengineering fallout one-tenth the diameter of a human hair to clump in the brain, spurring premature aging and Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

As aluminum chemtrailing continues unabated and wireless exposure proliferates, dementia expert Dr. Barry Greenberg declares, “The scope of the looming medical-care disaster is beyond comparison with anything that has been faced during the entire history of humanity.” [Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00; Chemtrails, Wireless And You by William Thomas]

Is anybody listening?

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