Fax the White House; Demand a Pardon for Whisteblower Edward Snowden

January 3rd, 2014 - by admin

CREDO Action – 2014-01-03 23:08:25


We’ll fax this New York Times editorial calling for clemency for Edward Snowden to the Obama administration on your behalf

Becky Bond / CREDO Action

ACTION ALERT: The New York Times has published a blockbuster editorial making the case that Edward Snowden should be granted clemency for his role in uncovering the NSA’s unconstitutional spying. Send a free fax to make sure the president and attorney general read it.

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Fax the White House; Demand Justice
For Transparency Hero Edward Snowden

(January 2, 2014) — Yesterday, the New York Times published a blockbuster editorial titled “Edward Snowden, Whistle-blower.” In the editorial, the newspaper lays out the clear and overwhelmingly convincing case that the Obama Administration should grant Snowden a plea bargain or other form of clemency for his role in bringing to light evidence that the NSA has been involved in unconstitutional spying on American citizens.

Edward Snowden was clearly acting as a whistle-blower in revealing documentation of the NSA’s shocking dragnet that collects information about the phone calls, emails and other communications of virtually all Americans.

And yet the president’s Department of Justice has thus far chosen to prosecute him for criminal violations of the Espionage Act and will likely seek a life sentence once Snowden is in custody.

Rick Ledgett, the hand-picked head of the White House’s task force on the NSA has said that he could support amnesty if Snowden would stop any additional leaks. And former high-ranking State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter announced her support for the New York Times editorial board’s call for clemency.

CREDO will send on your behalf a free fax of the New York Times editorial to the Obama administration. Click here to automatically send send your fax now.

“When someone reveals that government officials have routinely and deliberately broken the law, that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government,” writes the Times. And as the editorial notes, for Snowden there was no other recourse that would have brought the NSA’s abuses to light.

The White House and its Department of Justice can ensure that in the wake of the constitutional crisis brought to light by Snowden, our constitutional rights are restored and the NSA is reformed. The president, White House officials, attorney general and Department of Justice staff should read this editorial, and summon up the courage to take action.

Please read the editorial, fax a free copy of the full text to the Obama administration, and share this email with your friends and family. Find the full text of yesterday’s editorial on the New York Times web site.

Thank you for joining CREDO in standing up for whistle-blowers and fighting to defend our 1st and 4th amendment rights from NSA abuse.

Becky Bond is the Political Director for CREDO Action from Working Assets