ACTION ALERT: Don’t Sentence Nonviolent US Peace Nun to Death

February 11th, 2014 - by admin & Transform Now Plowshares – 2014-02-11 01:23:24

Petition to US Attorney General:
Don’t Impose Death Sentence on 82-year-old Nun and Peacemaker

Transform Now Plowshares

WASHINGTON (February 10, 2014) — Sixteen years in prison is not enough? Sister Megan Rice and her friends, all peace activists, already face 16 years in prison if convicted for a nonviolent peace action.

Sister Megan, Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli went to Oak Ridge, Tennesse, to say NO to nuclear holocaust. Instead of dropping charges, the US Attorney General and the Department of Justice are considering two additional charges against this 82-year-old nun and two US veterans, both sabotage charges. One carries 20 years and the other 30 years in prison. With the new charges, the defendants would face a maximum of 65 years in prison. This is the equivalent of a death sentence.

Megan, Greg, and Michael called their action “Transform Now Plowshares,” and brought nothing more dangerous than flashlights, binoculars, bolt cutters, bread, flowers, a Bible, and household hammers to Oak Ridge. They hammered on the walls of a storage facility to symbolize the disarming and abolition of nuclear weapons.

The real danger to society is not this nun and two veterans, but instead the facility they want to transform. This unconstitutional facility holds enough weapons grade uranium to make more than 10,000 nuclear weapons, far more than what scientists say is needed to destroy life on earth.

Please join in this petition to the Attorney General of the United States asking him to refuse to authorize additional charges: 16 years in prison for revealing the criminality and insecurity of nuclear weapons production smacks of killing the messenger for the failings of the king.

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The Petition
Eric Holder, US Attorney General

Don’t Impose a Death Sentence on an 82-year-old Nun

Sister Megan Rice and two US veterans, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed, went to Oak Ridge TN in a spirit of nonviolence and peace, to bring an end to the scourge of nuclear weapons. New charges against them would amount to a death sentence and ought not be considered.

These courageous people remind us of the United States’ obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to make concrete steps towards full nuclear disarmament. It is your duty as Attorney General to make sure no new charges are brought against these three heroes.

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Sr. Megan Rice Interview Upon Release
Knoxville News Sentinel (August 3, 2012)

Comments: Reasons for signing

• Patricia McRae Baley LAS VEGAS, NV
Sr. Meghan Rice should be given the Medal of Freedom and actual freedom for her bravery and willingness to speak truth to power. Please let her and her companions go.

These peacemakers are lour only true patriots and faithful citizens. Fighting our wars and protecting Wall Street is destroying us! RDW

• Bette Pierman BENTON HARBOR, MI
This issue is very important to me and our right to free speech. To treat someone who expresses non-violent disapproval in the same manner as a convicted murderer is deeply disturbing to me and totally violates my belief in what the US Constitution guarantees its citizens. Obviously, there was a failing with the security at this facility and those who exposed that problem should not be penalized for it!

• Sister Michelle Meyers LESUEUR, MN
These courageous people are witnessing for peace, not nuclear holocaust.

• Harry Murray ROCHESTER, NY
These people are nonviolent activists who should be commended for their courageous actions against war, not prosecuted.

• Nikos Pastos ANCHORAGE, AK
Our society can no longer afford the toxicity of the nuclear lie. Why would we punish Sister Megan Rice for the lax security of the Oak Ridge facilities? Obviously there is no safe or secure storage of weapons grade uranium. Isn’t this fact a national security risk to human health and well being ?

• Lorraine Rekmans MACKINAW CITY, CANADA
I agree. “Our very humanity rejects nuclearism.” “The issue: It’s the criminality of this 70-year old [nuclear] industry.”

• megan Rice LAS VEGAS, NV
To end the war on the poor and act justly, love tenderly and walk humble with our Creator Who is unconditional love.

• Phil Lipari COLONIA, NJ
It is not just to imprison peace activists like this.