US Admits Airstrike Killed 9-year-old Afghan Child

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US Admits Airstrike Killed 9-year-old Afghan Child

(February 24, 2014) — A 9-year-old Afghan has been killed in a deadly airstrike by the US-led forces in the troubled southern province of Helmand, Press TV reports.

Local Afghan police sources say the boy’s father and sister were injured after warplanes from the Western military alliance attacked a residential area in the volatile region on Monday.

US-led forces have confirmed the airstrike, saying civilians were targeted by mistake.

Meanwhile, at least two people were killed in a similar attack in the eastern province of Gazni on Sunday.

Thousands of Afghan civilians, including a large number of women and children, have been killed during night raids by foreign forces and CIA-run assassination drone strikes.

The growing civilian death toll in US-led forces operations has intensified anti-US sentiment in Afghanistan.

The latest aristrikes come at a time when the US is now pushing the Afghan government to sign a security deal to allow US troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

The Afghan president has grown increasingly hostile towards the US government over a controversial security agreement that would allow thousands of American troops to remain beyond the 2014 withdrawal deadline.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has recently said that he “saw no good” in the US presence in Afghanistan, noting that the US-led NATO mission has failed to bring security.

The Afghan president also warned that he will not allow continued foreign presence if it means more bombs and civilian killings.

Afghan political groups have also heaped scorn on the US-led forces for committing unforgivable crimes against Afghan women and children since invading the country in 2001.

7 Killed in Fresh US Drone Attack in Afghanistan

(February 13, 2014) – There’s been a fresh US drone strike in Afghanistan. At least four people have been killed in the fifth attack over the past four days. Afghan officials say. US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan continue their drone strikes despite growing public anger. At least four people have been killed in a fresh aerial attack. US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan continue their drone strikes despite growing public anger.

US Forces Kill Two Children in Northeastern Afghanistan

(October 13, 2013) — An attack by the US forces has claimed the lives of at least two Afghan children and injured five others in the troubled northeastern province of Kunar, local security sources say.

The governor of Kunar Shuja-ul-mulk Jalala said the incident happened when US-led foreign troops opened fire on a house after Taliban militants fired rockets targeting a military base in the troubled region.

The Western military alliance has yet to comment on the fatal incident, which sent shock waves across the volatile region. UN observers had reported in the past that Afghan civilians, including women and children, are the main victims of US-led attacks in the war-torn country.

A large number of civilians have been killed or injured at the hands of US-led foreign forces — most of them in nighttime raids and airstrikes. The casualty rate has risen over the past few months, even though the Afghan government had asked foreign forces to make every effort to avoid killing civilians.

The US-backed NATO command has for months ignored residents’ complaints of severe abuses committed by the elite American troops and commandos.

These developments come after Afghan investigators found substantial proof that American Special Forces have been involved in kidnapping, torturing and killing of Afghan civilians across the war-torn country. Civilian casualties have long been a source of friction between the Afghan government and US-led foreign forces and have dramatically increased anti-US sentiments in Afghanistan.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across the country, despite the presence of thousands of US-led troops.

4 Dead in Fresh US Drone Strike
In Northeast Afghanistan


(December 8, 2013) — US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan continue their drone strikes despite growing public anger. At least four people have been killed in a fresh aerial attack in the northeastern Kunar province.

Afghan army sources say the overnight raid targeted Taliban militants operating in the city of Asmar. US drone attacks in Afghanistan have escalated over the past two weeks — resulting in the deaths of a number of people. The US says it targets militants in drone assaults but figures show many civilians have lost their lives in the process. Afghans consider the attacks as a breach of their national sovereignty.

18 Die in US-led Airstrike in South Afghanistan

(November 9, 2013) — At least 18 people have been killed in an airstrike carried out by US-led forces in southern Afghanistan, Press TV reports. The attack was launched on Saturday in the Arghandab district in the restive southern province of Zabul.

Local officials said the victims of the airstrike were all members of the Taliban militant group. The Taliban have not yet commented on the report.

On October 31, six people died in a US-led airstrike in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Paktia. Three people had lost their lives in a similar incident in the eastern province of Wardak on October 28. Afghans have become increasingly outraged at the seemingly endless number of the deadly US airstrikes.

Small Child Killed, 2 Women Injured
In US Drone Attack in Afghanistan


(November 28, 2013) — Furious Afghan president says US drones have struck a home in Helmand, killing a small child and wounding two women.

President Hamid Karzai has condemned the drone strike as yet another example of US disregard for civilian life. The strike comes in the midst of a standoff between the Afghan government and the US over a security deal.

Washington is pushing for a military presence in Afghanistan after 2014 along with legal immunity for American troops. The US killing of civilians is a controversial issue in Afghanistan. The Afghan government wants the Americans to stop using airstrikes in populated areas, but those demands have so far fallen on deaf ears.

A Fresh US Airstrike Kills 11 People in Kandahar Province

(October 18, 2013) — No end in sight to the deadly U-S airstrikes in Afghanistan. Nearly a dozen people have been killed in an overnight attack in the southern Kandahar province. The deadly air raid in the Ghorak district also left dozens of people wounded. Afghan authorities say the victims were Taliban militants. Earlier this month, a US airstrike killed five civilians including children in Nangarhar province.

Ties between Kabul and Washington are already strained over such attacks. Afghan officials say the killings of civilians are unacceptable. Kabul demands an immediate end to the US-led airstrikes for the signing of a bilateral security deal with Washington. The deal allows the US military to remain in the country beyond the 2014 deadline.

Spike in Child Casualties in Afghanistan War Worrying: UNICEF

(June 13, 2013) — The United Nation has expressed grave concern over the “unacceptable” and “very worrying” rise in child casualties as a result of the US-led war in Afghanistan. On Thursday, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) issued a statement saying that at least 414 Afghan children were killed or wounded in the first four months of 2013 — an increase of 27 percent compared to the same period in 2012.

According to the statement, of those 414, at least 121 children were killed and 293 were injured through April 30.

On Tuesday, Jan Kubis, the UN special envoy to Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), voiced concern over the rise in civilian casualties in war-torn Afghanistan from January 1 to June 6 this year. He said the UN recorded 3,092 civilian casualties during the period, up 24 percent compared to the same period last year.

On June 6, at least three children were killed and seven others injured in an airstrike carried out by US-led forces in Afghanistan’s northeastern province of Kunar. The US-led foreign forces have killed thousands of people, including many civilians, in airstrikes and night raids since they invaded the country in 2001.

Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry has repeatedly warned the US-led troops to stop airstrikes in residential areas. Washington claims that its airstrikes target militants, but local sources say civilians have been the main victims of the attacks.

Civilian casualties caused by foreign forces have been a major source of tension between Kabul and Washington. The US-led war in Afghanistan, which has caused record-high civilian and military casualties, has become the longest military conflict in the history of the United States.

US-led Forces Admitted: Several Afghan Civilians Were Killed Last Week
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