Despite Terror Bombing, Gaza’s Ark Determined to Sail

May 13th, 2014 - by admin

Freedom Flotilla Coalition – 2014-05-13 01:38:02

Gaza’s Ark Update
Freedom Flotilla Coalition

(May 12, 2014) — This weekend representatives of the Gaza’s Ark steering committee met with our Flotilla Coalition partners in London, England, and this morning we are standing together to tell the world that our campaign to challenge the blockade will not be deterred by threats or by violence. (The media statement from our London press conference is posted below.)

With your support, we got within a few weeks of having the Ark ready to sail. With your ongoing help, we will repair the Ark and be ready to sail in the next few months — we will keep supporters informed.

We have been touched by the many expressions of solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza, which we have received in the last two weeks. What we need now is for you, your families, friends, co-workers and organizations to all get on board and support this campaign.

Please support us now as generously as you can, and please forward this message to any of your contacts who you think would like to support this campaign.

In solidarity,
Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee

Our Response to Terrorist Attack:
We Will Sail in the Fall!

Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition
on the terrorist attack on Gaza’s Ark

LONDON (May 12, 2014) — The Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in London over the last two days to discuss future plans in the wake of the terrorist attack on Gaza’s Ark in the port of Gaza, as well as future plans to struggle against the blockade of Gaza.

The attack, which occurred on April 29th, caused substantial damage to the hull of the boat. These hull damages and others caused by the explosion need a minimum of 2 months work to repair at a cost of approximately US $30,000. In response to this attack we will increase our efforts to challenge the blockade through non-violent direct action. We now plan to sail Gaza’s Ark early in the fall of 2014.

The authorities have not yet concluded their investigations of the incident, so it is premature to blame anyone, but it is well known who enforces the blockade on Gaza and who doesn’t want it challenged. Preliminary results of the investigation and inspection by our partners indicate that the materials, which were used in the attack are not readily found in Gaza.

Freedom Flotilla boats have been sabotaged before in the ports of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, over the last 5 years, as they were preparing to sail to Gaza to challenge the blockade.

Boats that sailed to Gaza have been attacked by the Israeli Navy in international water, in one case lethally, and in others with force which caused a boat to sink. Boats that were not sabotaged (over half a dozen) were hijacked and towed to Ashdod.

This attack on Gaza’s Ark took place as Israel is under increased legal pressure for its deadly attack on the first Freedom Flotilla in 2010 at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and in Turkish courts. It also happens as Israel is increasing pressure against all Palestinians in retaliation against For further information:
Ehab Lotayef +44 (753) 877 0353 or +1 (514) 941 9792
Ann Ighe +46 (70) 974 0739
Zaher Birawi +44 (785) 089 6057