US-NATO “Fast-Track War Plans” with New Propaganda Push

July 31st, 2014 - by admin

21st Century Wire & RT News & Melissa Melton / Global Research & Activist Post – 2014-07-31 02:36:30

After Failed MH17 False Flag, Washington Attempts Bold New Moves to Frame Russia

After Failed MH17 False Flag,
Washington Attempts Bold New Moves to Frame Russia

21st Century Wire

(July 29, 2014) — After their total failure to blame eastern Ukrainian Rebels and Moscow for what appears to be Kiev forces shooting down Fight MH17 on July 17th, Washington and its NATO allies have shifted their propaganda strategy in a new attempt to implicate Russia for international war crimes. . .

Over the weekend, Washington used its US ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, to launch another fabricated social media post designed to blame Russia for “firing artillery over its border into the Ukraine”.

Twitter Bombed: Pyatt’s tweeting turned out to be a bad joke. It’s a wonder he still has a job.

Moscow’s Defense Ministry came out immediately to demonstrate that the images posted by Pyatt on his Twitter account were in fact “faked”, as ITAR-TASS reported. It was simple to see that Pyatt had simply grabbed a series of images off of the Google World-style satellite mapping website Digital Globe, claiming it was “evidence” of Russia artillery fired into eastern Ukraine. Here is Jeff’s rather flamboyant, and ultimately embarrassing Tweet:

It turns out, Pyatt’s Twitter gaff, was part of an “disinformation merry-go-round” currently on heavy rotation in Kiev. Unlike to too-eager media drones in the US and Europe, Russian officials have been able to explain the mechanics of the Washington-Kiev fiction mill:

“This scheme is called “an informational merry-go-round,” Konashenkov added, using an expression commonly uttered in Russia relating to feeding the information to the media.

“It’s no secret to anyone that fakes like this are made by a group of US counselors staying in the Kiev building of the Security Council, led by General Randy Kee,” he noted.

The general outlined the cycle as follows: the US counselors in the Kiev feed the disinformation to the Ukrainian media, with the news being taken by the Washington official representatives and presented as statements.

Afterwards, the Ukrainian media cite the US authorities and publish articles like as “objective.”

Washington Raises the Stakes
Clearly, war planners in Washington are determined to fabricate a case against Russia in order to enable one of two outcomes:

1. Create a ‘global’ mandate for wider international sanctions against Russia.
2. Create a UN Security Council Crisis by implicating Russia via an “international violation”.

The first outcome is already in motion, but has failed to gain any real traction, not least of all because the US last expended most of its credibility and goodwill as a result of lying its way into successive wars and being caught doing, as was the case in Syria last September.

With the first outcome set firmly in place, the second desired outcome was set into motion by ‘Lawyer-n- Chief’, President Barrack Obama, who has accused Russia of Violating a 1980′s international missile treaty:

“In an escalation of tensions, the Obama administration accused Russia on Monday of conducting tests in violation of a 1987 nuclear missile treaty, calling the breach ‘a very serious matter’ and going public with allegations that have simmered for some time.” New sanctions from world leaders are imminent “amid worries that Moscow is stepping up its intervention in Ukraine and may be setting the stage for an outright invasion.” Moscow appears to be preparing for “deeper international isolation.” [AP]

Evidently, this is just the latest desperate lunge by Washington, dipping back into Soviet era legalese in order to bolster and intensify the idea of a ‘Russian Threat’ to the US.

What Obama fails to mention is that Washington is able to conveniently side-step any of the US treaty obligations by going via the NATO route. Obama himself has been a key driver in pushing NATO ‘defensive missiles’ into eastern European countries right on Russia’s own doorstep.

When the US began this push to militarize the European border with the Russian Federation, it used the rather incredulous excuse that their new encirclement was to protect against, “an Iranian intercontinental ballistic missile threat”, even though no such threat exists. Obama’s phase two is set to be implemented this year:

Phase Two (in the 2015 time frame) — After appropriate testing, deploy a more capable version of the SM-3 interceptor (Block IB) in both sea- and land-based configurations, and more advanced sensors, to expand the defended area against short- and medium-range missile threats.

Expect more of the same for Washington over the next 60 days, as it angles for an open door to restart its military engagement of Syria, beginning from the fall of 2014. Already, the US have its Naval assets and air strike assets firmly in position around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and only require another false flag incident, or random encroachment over either Turkish, or Israeli borders by some entity in Syria, in order to initiate plans already made to bomb Syria last September 2013.

US, NATO Are Fast-Tracking War Plans
Following 21WIRE’s initial independent investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, hundreds of thousands of readers now have a clearer insight into what appears to be a failed false flag operation designed to assign blame for the tragedy — to eastern Ukrainian rebels and Moscow.

Fortunately, the world is waking up fast to this latest tale of overt deception by neo-fascists in Kiev, Washington and its NATO allies, but the danger stakes are now higher than ever, as western planners are even more desperate to expedite their plans to re-polarize the globe into a binary conflict.

Ukraine TV Cuts Live Interview after
HRW Rep Refuses to Admit ‘Russian Aggression’

RT News

(July 29, 2014) — A live interview with an HRW representative on Ukraine’s Hromadske TV came to an unexpected close when the host terminated the conversation after the guest refused to validate claims of Russia’s alleged “indisputable war crimes.”

Hromadske TV journalist Danilo Janevsky abruptly cut off a live interview with Tatiana Lokshina, a representative of Human Rights Watch (HRW) after she refused to provide what she called a “political assessment” on the situation in eastern Ukraine.

HRW is tasked with the objective reporting of human rights violations as set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These impartial reports do not produce a political verdict; rather, they are used as the basis for drawing international attention to abuses.

The interview — which began on a predetermined note to blame Moscow for the internal armed struggle in Ukraine — ended with the sudden, uncommon practice of cutting the guest off live on-air. It happened just as Lokshina was about to provide an impartial assessment of the abuses in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

“How does [the HRW] estimate rocket, heavy artillery and air attacks on the territory of the bordering sovereign state? Does it constitute a war crime, from your point of view? Yes or no?” Janevsky asked his program’s guest.

Lokshina tried to explain that Human Rights Watch does not comment on matters of political responsibility.

Just as she began to say “If you want to hear what we have found…,” the conversation was abruptly cut off by Janevsky. “Thank you very much, our conversation is over,” he said.

That was Janevsky’s last attempt to force the HRW representative to lay the blame on Russia during the course of the interview — but the journalist relied on a clearly anti-Russian rhetoric from the very beginning.

“How are Human Rights Watch and you personally estimating the atrocities of the Russian military thugs and their accomplices among the local population, who have been torturing, kidnapping and killing people for months and bombing international airlines?,” was the host’s first question. He then drew his own conclusion that “there are no war crimes that they haven’t already committed.”

The Russian HRW spokesperson reminded viewers that the situation in Ukraine has been qualified as an “internal armed conflict,” both by HRW and the International Committee of the Red Cross — which of course was fervently rejected by the interviewer, who tried to get the conversation back on track by mentioning “Russia’s aggression against Ukrainian people.”

“What does [internal conflict] effectively mean? It means that right now during the conflict, there are international humanitarian laws, the rules of war, which should be observed. These rules ban certain actions. And they are banning them for all sides in the conflict,” Lokshina tried to continue.

Following the awkward interview, which has drawn much criticism in social media, Janevsky wrote on his Facebook page that he considers it “unacceptable” for guests such as Lokshina to “deny the reality of eastern Ukraine, humiliate our soldiers who bleed in the Donbas, deterring the Russian aggression.”

The post, written in Ukrainian, has already received more than 2,400 ‘likes,’ with most comments approving Janevsky’s harsh line of questioning of Lokshina. Some users accused her of being on a Russian government payroll for her refusal to provide a political assessment of the bloody conflict.

A small minority of comments said that Lokshina was just doing her job. That assessment seems to hold ground, as HRW did designate Ukraine’s conflict to be “an internal, or non-international, armed conflict under international humanitarian law (the laws of war).”

In its recent report on Ukraine, HRW confirmed that the Ukrainian army is using indiscriminate Grad missiles to attack densely populated areas in Donetsk — which violates international law — while blaming the local militias. HRW did not report any evidence that militias were responsible for any Grad attacks on civilian-populated areas, but warned that they should avoid operating in those areas.

US Senate Bill 2277:
“Green Light” to Wage War on Russia?

Isn’t Just about “Russian Aggression”.
It’s Also about Oil, Gas and Propaganda

Melissa Melton / Global Research & Activist Post

(July 29, 2014) — The full name of Senate Bill 2277, introduced on May 1st, 2014, is “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.” It starts out claiming to be about the Department of Defense creating “a strategic framework for U.S. security assistance and cooperation in Europe and Eurasia”.

Currently, the bill is listed on as having been read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. The bill’s full text can be found here.

As Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out, “Washington’s incessant lies alleging ‘Russian aggression’ have created Russian aggression out of thin air.”

So, for the purposes of this article, let’s go ahead and focus on the “for other purposes” part mentioned in the bill’s title.

This is the part that involves exploiting natural gas resources and inundating the former countries of the Soviet Union with American propaganda regarding the coming conflict on behalf of not just our government, but you, the American public.

It’s written right there in the bill.

Sections 305 and 306 — “Expediting natural gas exports” and “European and Eurasian energy independence” — discuss the exploitation and exploration of natural gas and oil resources by America’s private sector.

So the U.S. government is going to “help” by allowing American corporations to exploit existing natural gas reserves and conduct additional exploration for oil and gas. . .you know, while we’re busy combating that pesky Russian aggression.

Well, it seems Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter made the right move at just the right time when he decided to join the board of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, not even two weeks after this bill was introduced.

The bill also involves lots of propaganda, and if you are American, the opinion expressed in that propaganda will be presented to these people as if you agree with it.

Section 309 “Expanded broadcasting in countries of the former Soviet Union” discusses how, while the United States government is doing all this, there will simultaneously be a propaganda campaign aimed at these countries to “convey” the American government and public’s “perspective”.

The section begins, “Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors and the Director of Voice of America shall provide Congress with a plan, including a cost estimate, for immediately and substantially increasing and maintaining through fiscal year 2017 the quantity of United States-funded Russian-language broadcasting into countries of the former Soviet Union.”

The focus of the “programming” will be “conveying the perspective of the United States Government and public regarding ongoing events in those states to Russian language audiences.”

So not only will our government be “preventing further Russian aggression” by allowing our corporations to exploit natural gas reserves in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, but they will launch a massive propaganda campaign at the same time in the name of the government and American citizens telling these people America is awesome for doing so.

I for one think this is little more than crony capitalism masquerading as war — war for empire without a single legitimate reason (unless exploiting natural gas is a good enough reason to potentially provoke World War III).

Well, I’m an American citizen, and that propaganda does not speak for me. No wonder so many people around the rest of the world think all Americans are a bunch of greedy warmongers.

In other news, at a recent Aspen Institute conference, US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey — who has been busy dusting off 20-plus-year-old war plans — actually found it within himself to utter, “You’ve got a Russian government that has made a conscious decision to use its military force inside another sovereign nation to achieve its objectives. It’s the first time since 1939 or so that that’s been the case.”

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