500,000 Gaza Children Lose Their Schools: 504 Gaza Children Lose Their Lives

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UNESCO Press Release & – 2014-08-31 23:58:02


Gaza: 500,000 Children Unable to Return to School
UNESCO Press Release

(August 27, 2014) — More than one million Palestinian students were expected to return to school on 24 August, but classes will remain closed in the conflict-stricken coastal enclave, denying these nearly 500,000 children their right to education.

“Going back to school means bringing back normalcy to children. For this we need a durable ceasefire, and we must meet the most pressing needs for the rapid recovery of the education system,” said Lodovico Folin Calabi, Acting Head of the UNESCO Office in Ramallah.

Since the beginning of the conflict on 8 July, at least 219 schools have been damaged, 22 of which so severely that they can no longer be used.

Among those still standing, 103 have been turned into collective shelters for some 330,000 displaced people, half of whom are children.

“This is the time when children should be in school to study, not to try and survive armed conflict”

“This is the time when children should be in school to study, not to try and survive armed conflict,” said David and Paulette Hassell, Co-Country Directors of Save the Children, who together with UNICEF co-lead the Education Cluster co-ordinating humanitarian action in the sector.

“This has been a dangerous summer for Palestinian children in Gaza, who could not even go outside to play. School is a vital lifeline to these traumatized children, which plays a key role in their healing,” the Hassells added.

The education sector was already in a crisis point prior to this escalation, suffering from a shortage of almost 200 schools, with nearly 80 per cent of classes running double shifts to deal with the high number of students.

The closure of Gaza has prevented desperately-needed new schools from being built, and it will impair reconstruction efforts if urgent action is not taken.

“Education is the foundation of any society. To invest in education is to invest in peace and stability. For this, the humanitarian community needs the ability to quickly bring in materials and equipment required for the repair, reconstruction and building of schools in Gaza on a large scale,” said June Kunugi, UNICEF Special Representative in the State of Palestine.

330,000 people forced to find refuge in schools — – 70,000 of whom have nowhere to go after their homes were destroyed

According to current estimates, the school term will not resume until at least two or three weeks into a durable ceasefire. Schools currently used as shelters will require varying degrees of rehabilitation in order to be ready for normal schooling. Initial repairs must also be carried out in war-damaged schools, and unexploded ordnance needs to be cleared to restore safety.

A solution also needs to be found for the 330,000 people forced to find refuge in schools — – 70,000 of whom have nowhere to go after their homes were destroyed — – and to support longer-term, extensive rehabilitation and refurbishment of damaged school buildings.

Students must be given a chance to heal from the trauma of having lost loved ones and the pressures of daily attacks and displacement. With nearly half of Gaza’s children suffering mental distress, psychosocial support will have to be included in the school curriculum to support the uphill struggle to heal children’s psychological scars. This will only be possible once students are able to resume classes and their lives.

The Names of the Children Killed in Gaza
During 50 Days of Conflict

As a ceasefire is agreed after 50 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights has compiled a list of 504 children killed in Gaza — almost a quarter of the total Palestinian dead

Andrew Marszal / The Telegraph

(August 26, 2014) — During a 50-day offensive, Israeli ground forces and strike aircraft have bombarded targets across the Gaza Strip. As well as Hamas bunkers and rocket launching facilities, civilian homes, schools and hospitals have all been hit.

About half of Gaza’s 1.8 million people are children under the age of 18. In a territory that measures only 25 miles in length and seven in width at its broadest point, civilians have not been able to escape the fighting. As a result, children comprise a quarter of the total Palestinian dead.

In all, at least 521 have been killed since the onset of Israel’s offensive on July 8, according to the Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights in Gaza.

The name, age, gender, and location and date of death are listed above for 504 Palestinian child victims.
Hamas rockets killed one Israeli child, four-year-old Daniel Tregerman.

The list will be updated.

Amad Nae’l Mahdi 16 M
Hussein Yousef Kawari’ 12 M
Basil Salem Kawari’ 9 M
Abdullah Mohammed Kawari’ 12 M
Qasim Jabr Kawari’ 11 M
Seraj Iyad Abdel ‘Al 8 M
Mohammed Ibrahim Al Masri 14 M
Aseel Ibrahim Al Masri 15 F
Yasmin Mohammed Al Mutawaq 3 F
Mohammed Mustafa Malaka 2 M
Ameer Iyad Areef 12 M
Mohammed Iyad Areef 10 M
Nidal Khalaf Al Nawasra 4 M
Mohammed Khalaf Al Nawasra 2 M
Raneem Jawdat Abdel Ghafoor 1 F
Sulaiman Saleem Al Astal 17 M
Musa Mohammed Al Astal 15 M
Meryam Atiyyeh Al ‘Arja 9 F
Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal 4 M
Abdel Rahman Bassam Khattab 6 M
Saad Mahmoud Al Haj 17 M
Fatima Mahmoud Al Haj 14 F
Ismail Hasan Abu Jame’ 17 M
Saher Salman Abu Namous 2 M
Anas Yousef Qandeel 17 M
Nour Marwan Al Najdi 10 F
Safa Mustafa Malaka 6 F
Anas Alaa’ Al Batsh 7 M
Manar Majid Al Batsh 13 F
Marwa Majid Al Batsh 7 F
Amal Bahaa’ Al Batsh 1.5 F
Qusai Issam Al Batsh 12 M
Mohammed Issam Al Batsh 17 M
Hossam Ibrahim An-Najjar 15 M
Mu’ayyad Khalid Al A’raj 2.5 M
Ziyad Maher An Najjar 17 M
Sara Jehad Sheikh Al Eid 4 F
Hamza Ra’ed Thary 5 M
Ahed Attaf Bakr 10 M
Zakariya ‘Ahed Bakr 10 M
Mohammed Ramiz Bakr 11 M
Ismail Mohammed Bakr 10 M
Ibrahim Ramadan Abu Daqqa 10 M
Yasmeen Mahmoud Al Astal 5 F
Hosam Mahmoud Al Astal 8 M
Afnan Wesam Shuheebar 8 F
Jehad Issam Shuheebar 11 M
Waseem Issam Shuheebar 8 M
Mohammed Ibrahim Intaiz 13 M
Mohammed Salem Intaiz 13 M
Yamin Riyad Al Hamidi 4 M
Rahaf Khalil Al Jbour 4 F
Mohammed Ismail Abu Msallam 15 M
Walaa’ Ismail Abu Msallam 14 F
Ahmad Ismail Abu Msallam 11 M
Mousa Abdel Rahman Abu Jarad 8 months M
Haniya Abdel Rahman Abu Jarad 2 F
Sameeh Na’eem Abu Jarad 1.5 M
Ahlam Mosa Abu Jarad 17 F
Samar Na’eem Abu Jarad 14 F
Qasim Hamed Ulwan 4 M
Emad Hamed Ulwan 7 M
Rezeq Ahmad Al Hayik 1.5 M
Sara Mohammed Bostan 10 F
Abdallah Jamal Al Smeeri 17 M
Amjad Salim Shaath 15 M
Faris Jom’a Al Tarabeen 3 months M
Omar Eed Al Mahmoum 17 M
Seham Ahmad Zourob 11 F
Mohammed Ziyad Al Rahl 5 M
Mohammed Rafeeq Al Rahl 17 M
Omar Jameel Hamouda 10 M
Nagham Mahmoud Al Zweedi 12 F
Ru’ya Mahmoud Al Zweedi 6 F
Waseem Rida Salhiyeh 15 M
Mohammed Bassam Al Sorri 17 M
Mahmoud Anwar Abu Shabab 16 M
Dina Omar Azeez 5 F
Aya Bahjat Abu Sultan 17 F
Khalil Usama Al Hayya 5 M
Hamza Usama Al Hayya 4 M
Amama Usama Al Hayya 6 F
Marwa Suleiman Al Sirsawi 12 F
Dina Adel Isleem 3 F
Heba Hamed Al Shiekh Khalil 14 F
Tala Ahmed Al I’tiwi 10 F
Dina Rushdi Hamada 16 F
Saji Hassan Al Hallaq 4 M
Kenan Hasan Al Hallaq 6 M
Mohammed Hani Al Hallaq 2 M
Ibrahim Khalil Ammar 13 M
Iman Khalil Ammar 9 F
Asem Khalil Ammar 4 M
Rahaf Akram Abu Jom’a 4 F
Abdel Rahman Al Iskafi 12 M
Marah Shakir Al Jammal 10 F
Ahmed Sofyan Al Jammal 9 M
Samia Ahmed Al Sheikh Khalil 2 F
Shadi Ziyad Isleem 16 M
Fadi Ziyad Isleem 10 M
Ali Ziyad Isleem 11 M
Mohammed Rami Ayyad 3 M
Mohammed Ashraf Ayyad 3 M
Najiyeh Jehad Al Helou 15 F
Maram Ahmed Al Helou 2 F
Kareem Ahmed Al Helou 5 months M
Karam Ahmed Al Helou 5 months M
Nirmeen Majid Daher 10 F
Othman Raed Al Jammal 11 M
Ghada Subhi Ayyad 13 F
Azmi Khalid Badwan 16 M
Sha’ban Jamil Ziyada 12 F
Mohammed Ayman Al Sha’ir 6 M
Heba Akram Al Sha’ir 7 F
Razan Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 14 F
Jawdat Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 13 M
Aya Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 12 F
Haifaa’ Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 9 F
Tawfeeq Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 4 M
Ahmed Tawfeeq Abu Jame’ 8 M
Ayyoub Tayseer Abu Jame’ 10 M
Nujoud Tayseer Abu Jame’ 6 months F
Fatima Tayseer Abu Jame’ 8 F
Rayan Tayseer Abu Jame’ 2 M
Rinad Tayseer Abu Jame’ 1.5 F
Batoul Bassam Abu Jame’ 4 F
Suheila Bassam Abu Jame’ 2 F
Bisan Bassam Abu Jame’ 1 F
Sajed Yasser Abu Jame’ 7 M
Seraj Yasser Abu Jame’ 4 M
Sarraa’ Yasser Abu Jame’ 3 F
Nour Yasser Abu Jame’ 2 F
Hosam Hosam Abu Qeenas 7 M
Anas Mahmoud Mu’ammar 17 M
Abdallah Yousef Daraji – Al Moghrabi 2 M
Mohammed Rajaa’ Handam 15 M
Yasmin Nayif Al Yazji 4 F
Hatem Nayif Al Yazji 3 M
Arwa Yasser Al Qassas 4 F
Samar Yasser Al Qassas 3 F
Israa’ Yasser Al Qassas 7 F
Yasmeen Yasser Al Qassas 10 F
Nesma Iyad Al Qassas 10 F
Lamya Iyad Al Qassas 13 F
Yasin Ibrahim Al Kilani 9 M
Yasser Ibrahim Al Kilani 7 M
Sawsan Ibrahim Al Kilani 11 F
Reem Ibrahim Al Kilani 12 F
Ilyas Ibrahim Al Kilani 4 M
Dana Mohammed Daher 1 F
Abdallah Abu Hjayyir 16 M
Alaa’ Abdel Majeed Abu Dahrouj 17 M
Othman Salim Bree’im 17 M
Fadi Azmi Bree’im 17 M
Ghaidaa’ Nabil Siyam 7 F
Mustafa Nabil Siyam 9 M
Abdel Rahman Nabil Siyam 6 M
Dalal Nabil Siyam 9 months F
Ahmed Ayman Siyam 15 M
Ameen Ayman Siyam 17 M
Iyad Mohamemd Sabbah 17 M
Fatima Ahmad Al Arja 16 F
Mona Rami Ikhriwat 1.5 F
Shahd Mu’een Qishta 9 F
Mohammed Ahmad Al Baddi 3 months M
Mahmoud Ahmad Al Qassas 10 M
Abdel Nasser Sa’di Meslih 17 M
Nour Ra’ed Abu Hwishil 6 M
Obaida Fadel Abu Hwishil 9 M
Ibtihal Ibrahim Al Rmahi 3 F
Iman Ibrahim Al Rmahi 15 F
Wesam Alaa’ Al Najjar 17 M
Mu’een Mohammed Siyam 5 M
Khalaf Atiyeh Abu Snaimeh 16 M
Rabee’ Qasim Abu Ras 9 M
Salma Rajab Al Radee’ 6 F
Ayman Adham ElHaj Ahmad 16 M
Hazem Na’eem Aqil 15 M
Rawan Ayman Sweedan 7 F
Jana Rami Al Maqat’a 3 F
Mahmoud Mansour Al Bashiti 7 M
Zeinab Safwat Abu Teer 4 F
Mohammed Ahmed Abu Shaqra 17 M
Adham Ahmad Abu Eeta 4 M
Hadi Abdel Hameed Rab El-Nabi 3 M
Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Rab El-Nabi 1 M
Mohammed Jehad Matar 12 M
Amna Jehad Matar 11 F
Do’aa Ra’ed Abu Odeh 17 F
Meryam Shayboub Al Shinbari 11 F
Abed-Rabbo Shayboub Al Shinbari 16 M
Ali Shayboub Al Shinbari 9 M
Abed-Rabbo Jamal Al Shinbari 17 M
Soha Abed-Rabbo Meslih 2 F
Mohammed Akram Al Kafarneh 15 M
Mahmoud Ismail Al Astal 17 M
Nada Tha’ir Al Astal 5 F
Ameen Tha’ir Al Astal 4 M
Anas Hatim Qdeeh 7 M
Mahmoud Sulaiman Al Astal 17 M
Ahmad Mohammed Al Najjar 17 M
Mahmoud Jehad Abdeen 12 M
Nabil Mahmoud Al Astal 13 M
Ameer Adel Siyam 12 M
Mohammed Ahmad Siyam 7 M
Ibrahim Abdel Rahman Al Sama’neh 17 M
Waleed Sa’ad Al Harazeen 8 M
Abdel Kareem Anwar Al Darazeen 5 M
Mohammed Anwar Al Darazeen 3 M
Nour Mohammed Abu Dbagh 12 M
Ahmad Ramzi Abu Qadous 13 M
Walaa’ Mohammed Al Qabid 15 F
Ahmed Mohammed Al Qabid 11 M
Ahmed Waleed Sammour 9 M
Hadi Salah Abu Hasanein 12 M
Abdel Azeez Salah Abu Hasanein 14 M
Do’aa Sami Sa’ada 11 F
Anwar Abdel Qader Younis 2 M
Ameer Hamoudeh Abu Shahla 2 M
Islam Hamoudeh Abu Shahla 3 F
Ameera Hamoudeh Abu Shahla 1 F
Samir Hussein Al Najjar 1.5 M
Mutaz Hussein Al Najjar 6 M
Ghaliya Mohammed Al Najjar 1.5 F
Bara’a Salah Al Riqib 11 F
Rawan Khalid Al Najjar 17 F
Ahmad Khalid Al Najjar 14 M
Yousef Jamil Hamouda 15 M
Fadi Salim Baraka 14 M
Sameeh Jibreel Jneed 5 M
Yousef Emad Qadoura 11 M
Hind Emad Qadoura 10 F
Mohammed Mousa Olwan 9 M
Yousef Abdel Rahman Hassouna 11 M
Mahmoud Hazim Shbeer 12 M
Ahmed Hazim Shbeer 10 M
Jamal Salih I’lyan 8 M
Bara’ Akram Meqdad 7 M
Mohammed Nahidh Meqdad 13 M
Ahmed Jaber Washah 10 M
Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Shaqfeh 7 M
Mohammed Emad Baroud 10 M
Mansour Rami Hajjaj 9 M
Abdel Samad Mahmoud Ramadan 16 M
Hanan Salem Al Far 15 F
Ali Hasan Al Howari 11 M
Rami Khalid Al Riqib 16 M
Hussein Yasser Abu Saqer 16 M
Dalia Nader Al Agha 17 F
Dina Nader Al Agha 14 F
Iyad Nader Al Agha 17 M
Fadel Nader Al Agha 11 M
Tamer Ahmed Al Najjar 16 M
Israa’ Naeem Balata 13 F
Alaa’ Naeem Balata 14 F
Yehia Na’eem Balata 8 M
Hadeel Adbel Kareem Balata 17 F
Mohammed Abdel Nasser Al Ghandour 15 M
Jood Yousif Abu Eedeh 8 months F
Halima Mohammed Suleiman 1.5 F
Baraa’ Mohammed Suleiman 6 F
Haneen Hosam Hamouda 13 F
Rahaf Alaa’ Abed-Rabbo 2 F
Jamal Mohammed Abed-Rabbo 1.5 M
Ali Ahmed Shaheen 16 M
Aya Ismail Al Batsh 12 F
Mohammed Taleb Asaaf 8 M
Osama Ahmed Al Helu 5 M
Rahaf Mohammed Farahat 1 month F
Nada Izzo Al Ja’al 2 F
Mohammed Raed Abu Jabr 3 M
Sama Raed Abu Jabr 1.5 F
Toqa Salah Abu Jabr 1 F
Leen Anwar Abu Jabr 2.5 F
Salma Anwar Abu Jabr 1.5 F
Hala Ahmed Abu Jabr 6 F
Reeham Taysir Abu Mashi 14 F
Sara Ahmed Abdel Ghafour 1 F
Samaa’ Mohammed Al Najjar 15 F
Mohammed Atta Al Najjar 1 M
Rafeef Atta Al Najjar 3 F
Mona Jehad Al Najjar 1 F
Omar Waddah Abu ‘Amer 12 M
Abdel Ghani Waddah Abu ‘Amer 11 M
Emad Waddah Abu ‘Amer 10 M
Issa Waddah Abu ‘Amer 8 M
Ez Eddin Waddah Abu ‘Amer 4 M
Mohammed Ahmed Abu ‘Amer 12 M
Marah Ahmed Abu ‘Amer 10 F
Yasser Ahmed Abu ‘Amer 9 M
Marwa Ahmed Abu ‘Amer 5 F
Suleiman Ahmed Abu ‘Amer 2 M
Mohammed Jamil Al Najjar 12 M
Layali Wael Al Najjar 2 F
Jana Fayiz Breeka 3 F
Lama Fayiz Breeka 1 F
Hala Ahmed Mu’ammar 2 F
Yazan Ahmed Mu’ammar 3 M
Aya Sami Al Ramlawi 9 F
Mos’ab Ahmed Islaih 17 M
Mohammed Mustafa Abu Hammad 14 M
Mohannad Ashraf Al Qarra 17 M
Zaher Mahmoud Al Najjar 7 M
Abdallah Nidal Abu Zaid 4 F
Shama Wael Abu Zaid 16 F
Bisan Iyad Abu Zaid 12 F
Mohammed Omar Dheer 10 M
Maria Omar Dheer 12 F
Tasneem Mohamed Dheer 8 F
Mu’min Omar Dheer 9 M
Ghaidaa’ Omar Dheer 7 F
Salama Mahmoud Dheer 12 M
Mohammed Mahmoud Dheer 7 M
Arwa Mahmoud Dheer 16 F
Yamin Omar Dheer 5 M
Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hashash 15 M
Bilal Ahmed Al Hashash 16 M
Alaa’ Bahaa’ Al Ghareeb 16 M
Alaa’ Ramadan Khader Salman 17 F
Osama Mohammed Sihweel 17 M
Sujoid Abdel Hakim Olwan 11 F
Lama Ahmed Al Khalili 5 F
Deema Ashraf Al Khalili 4 F
Ziyad Ashraf Al Khalili 3 M
Leena Alaa’ Al Silik 9 F
Omniya Mohammed Al Silik 8 F
Malak Jalal Al Silik 7 F
Abdel Azeez Mohammed Al Silik 3 M
Abdel Haleem Mohammed Al Silik 5 M
Abed Wael Al Shamali 16 M
Shaimaa’ Ibrahim Al Sheikh Ali 1 week F
Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Khousa 1 M
Shahd Ibrahim Abu Khousa 10 F
Yazan Emad Abu Khousa 3 M
Retal Basheer Abu Khousa 1 F
Mohammed Mohammed Abu Shamala 9 M
Ibrahim Mu’tasim Kalloub 4 M
Mohammed Akram Al Smiri 14 M
Ibrahim Akram Al Smiri 10 M
Asmaa’ Abdel Haleem Abu Al Kas 15 F
Mayar Jamal Abu Msabeh 10 F
Salah Mousa Hejazi 8 M
Layan Nael Al Silik 3 F
Ola Jalal Al Silik 15 F
Nour Ezz Al Ja’al 5 F
Hosam Ra’fat N’eem 16 M
Mahmoud Ashraf Al Khalili 7 M
Hadeel Amer Al Bayoumi 14 F
Aseel Amer Al Bayoumi 16 F
Hasan Mohammed Al Bayoumi 14 M
Rinad Ashraf Al Assar 1.5 F
Lama Ra’fat Al Assar 7 F
Malak Shakir Abu Shouqa 2 F
Mohammed Ammar Shalat 10 M
Faris Mohammed Siyam 11 M
Othman Fawzi Abdeen 17 M
Sama Nael Al Birrawi 10 months M
Fayiz Tareq Yaseen 16 M
Mohammed Ahmed Al Neirab 14 M
Mu’men Ahmed Al Neirab 8 M
Mahmoud Ahmed Al Neirab 10 M
Lujayn Basim Al Farra 4 F
Abdel Rahman Basim Al Farra 8 M
Nadeen Mahmoud Al Farra 16 F
Mohammed Mahmoud Al Farra 12 M
Yara Mahmoud Al Farra 8 F
Maysoun Ra’fat Al Breem 7 F
Haytham Ahmed Al Smeeri 12 M
Raneen Ali Al Qarra 15 F
Fadi Nasser Al Qawasmeh 17 M
Omar Shakir Barbakh 15 M
Mu’tasim Mohammed Al Najjar 12 M
Nagham Shareef Al Namla 10 F
Jehad Suleiman Abu Omran 12 M
Khalil Ibrahim Sheikh El Eed 4 M
Aya Ibrahim Sheikh El Eed 5 F
Abdel Kareem Ibrahim Sheikh El Eid 2 M
Hala Bassm Madi 3 F
Jana Bassm Madi 2 F
Yousef Ahmed Madi 3 M
Ibrahim Anwar Al Sha’er 16 M
Emad Ahmed Ahmed 17 M
Yehia Salim Al Tarabin – Al Mahmoum 13 M
Do’aa Mustafa Al Mahmoum 4 F
Bisan Mustafa Al Mahmoum 12 F
Heba Mustafa Al Mahmoum 9 F
Obada Mustafa Al Mahmoum 2 M
Asmaa’ Salim Al Tarabin – Al Mahmoum 16 F
Ibrahim Suleiman Al Masri 5 M
Khalid Suleiman Al Masri 4 M
Mohammed Ahmed Abu Sha’ar 17 M
Anas Ibrahim Hammad 4 M
Mohammed Anas Arafat 5 months M
Ameer Ra’fat Zorob 15 M
Odai Ra’fat Zorob 13 M
Shahd Ra’fat Zorob 10 F
Khalid Ra’fat Zorob 8 M
Ahmed Mustafa Zorob 15 M
Mohammed Musrafa Zorob 12 M
Waleed Mustafa Zorob 6 M
Mu’tasim Musrafa Zorob 2 M
Rawan Nash’at Siyam 8 F
Rami Nash’at Siyam 15 F
Ameen Yousef Abu Madi 8 M
Yousef Shadi abu Madi 7 M
‘Hala Shadi Abu Madi 10 days F
Aseel Sofyan Ghaith 3 F
Nour Mohammed Abu ‘Assi 1 month M
Haitham Yasser Abedl Wahab 15 M
Ayman Yasser Abedl Wahab 13 M
Lama Yasser Abedl Wahab 9 F
Mohammed Yasser Abedl Wahab 2 M
Ibrahim Fathi Eeeta 13 M
Ahmed Fathi Eeeta 7 M
Mohammed Fathi Eeeta 5 M
Ibtisam Bassam Al Neirab 12 F
Doha Bassam Al Neirab 15 F
Ola Bassam Al Neirab 3 F
Mohammed Omar Salih 17 M
Rana Raed Abu Suleiman 10 F
Ahmed Rami Abu Suleiman 2 M
Lama Rami Abu Suleiman 3 F
Mohammed Rami Abu Suleiman 11 M
Jana Rami Abu Suleiman 3 F
Emad Naseem Saidam 17 M
Mohammed Nidal Abu Mehsin -Al Nims 17 M
Yousef Mahmoud Abu Taha 16 M
Riziq Ismail Abu Taha 1 M
Somoud Ahmed Al Roumi 5 F
Ameen Ahmed Al Roumi 15 M
Rajab Abdel Rahman Al Shrafi 9 M
Abdallah Abdel Hadi Al Majdalawi 13 M
Rawan Ahmed Al Majdalawi 9 F
Mahmoud Ahmed Al Majdalawi 8 M
Ahmed Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri17 M
Raghad Mohammed Nijm-Al Masri 3 F
Shaimaa’ Wael Qasim 14 F
Remas Salem Khattab 5 F
Tareq Eid Abu Mashi 12 M
Dalia Atwa Khattab 13 F
Ismail Wael Al Ghoul 14 M
Mustafa Wael Al Ghoul 1 month M
Malak Wael Al Ghoul 6 F
Mahmoud Mohammed ‘Okal – Hejazi 9 M
Mohammed As’ad ‘Okal – Hejazi 10 M
Aya Mohammed Abu Rijl 3 F
Monthir Mohammed Abu Rijl 6 M
Saqr Bassam Al Kashif 7 M
Tareq Ziyad Abu Khatleh 15 M
Amr Tareq Abu Al Roos 15 M
Ahmed Khalid Abu Harba 14 M
Yousef Akram Al Iskafi 16 M
Ismail Sameer Shallouf 17 M
Muneer Khalil Abu Dbaa’ 14 M
Maria Mohammed Abu Jazar 2 F
Firas Mohammed Abu Jazar 2 M
Nour Bahjat Wahdan 2 F
Ghena Younis Saqr 2 F
Ahmed Hatim Wahdan 13 M
Hussein Hatim Wahdan 9 M
Aseel Mohammed Al Bakri 4 F
Asmaa’ Mohammed Al Bakri 4 months F
Mohammed Amjad Uwaida 13 M
Amal Amjad Uwaida 5 F
Hammam Mohammed Abu Suheeban 11 M
Kamal Ahmed Al Bakri 4 M
Khalid Ziyad Al Hindi 15 M
Osama Hussein Lafi 11 M
Ibrahim Ahmed Al Najjar 16 M
Ibrahim Zuheer Dawawsa 10 M
Bilal Bassam Mish’al 15 M
Mahmoud Maher Hassan 14 M
Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Haddaf 8 M
Mahmoud Khalid Abu Haddaf 15 M
Aya Anwar Al Sha’er 13 F
Ez Eddin Saleem Abu Sneima 12 M
Ahmed Mohammed Al Masri 14 M
Maidaa’ Mohammed Aslan 1.5 month F
Ali Mohammed Daif 7 months M
Mustafa Rabah Al Dalu 14 M
Nour Mahmoud Abu Haseera 2 F
Saher Mohammed Al ‘Abeet 11 M
Mohammed Emad Al ‘Abeet 15 M
Mustafa Ra’fat Al Louh 10 M
Maysara Ra’fat Al Louh 7 M
Farah Ra’fat Al Louh 6 M
Hassan Srour Tamboura 13 M
Abdallah Tareq Al Reefi 6 M
Ziyad Tareq Al Reefi 13 M
Omar Nasser Al Reefi 4 M
Ahmed Nasser Kellab 17 M
Yousef Nasser Kellab, 15 M
Abdallah Shehda Abu Dahrouj 3 M
Abdel Hadi Shehda Abu Dahrouj 2 M
Badr-Eddin Hashim Abu Mnee’ 17 M
Zeinab Bilal Abu Taqiya 1 F
Mohammed Wael Al Khodari 16 M
Hussein Khalid Ahmed 8 M
Tasneem Issam Joudeh 14 F
Raghad Issam Joudeh 12 F
Mohammed Issam Joudeh 8 M
Osama Issam Joudeh 6 M
Ahmed Radad Tanboura 15 M
Amna Radad Tanboura 13 F