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Emily Greenhouse / Bloomberg & CBS Local News – 2015-01-15 01:07:09

Pro-Gun Group Replays the Charlie Hebdo Attacks —
With Armed Victims.
Results? The Terrorists Still Won

Emily Greenhouse / Bloomberg

(January 14, 2015) — After the attack on Charlie Hebdo last week in Paris, a Texas-based group called The Truth About Guns found itself wondering and worried. As a local CBS anchor put the question, introducing a segment from Plano: “What if: Could any or all of the victims have survived if they had guns?”

Moved to action, The Truth About Guns organized a simulation of last week’s attacks at the satirical newspaper’s headquarters, which killed twelve. On a set designed to look like the Charlie Hebdo office, a dozen people volunteered to take part in a series of simulations, carried out with paintballs.

One volunteer, Parks Matthew, spoke of the need to advance on a threat if he were attacked, rather than “fall” on his four children to protect them. Of the simulation, Matthew said, “I still got killed, but I did better than I thought I would do.” In the anchor’s words, “He walked away armed with a better understanding of himself.”

In none of the simulations were the volunteers able to take out both shooters. In all but one scenario, the volunteers still died. Not exactly reassuring about arming civilians as a security measure.

Gun Owners Participate In Simulation Of Paris Massacre
CBS Local News

PLANO, Texas (January 13, 2015) — A group called The Truth About Guns organized a simulation of last week’s terrorist attack in Paris. They hoped to learn how things may have played out differently at Charlie Hebdo, or any other mass shooting. “It’s the one people are Monday-morning-quarterbacking at the moment,” said group member Nick Leghorn. “It’s interesting to see how people react under stress. It’s not what you’d expect people do.”

Volunteers took turns on a set designed to look like the offices of the French satirical weekly magazine. But unlike the terrorist attack that killed 12 people, volunteers played the role of armed civilian.

“He started shooting — and I started shooting,” said volunteer Linda Cruz. Time and time again, the armed civilian “dies” — shot by a round that marks him or her with paint. In only two cases volunteers were able to take out one of two gunmen in the process.

“Still got killed but did better than I thought I would,” said father of four, Parks Matthew. He was curious to see what protective instincts may kick in. “If I’m in a movie theater and someone pulls a gun, what am I going to do? I know now I’m not gonna just fall on my kids and protect them, I need to advance on the threat,” said Matthew.

Twelve volunteers participated in the exercise. Only one survived after running away. No one was able to take out both shooters.

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