One Million Ukraine Soldiers Flee To Russia After Thousands Die In Key Battle

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Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean & RIA Novosti – 2015-02-25 02:05:05

One Million Ukraine Soldiers Flee To Russia After Thousands Die In Key Battle
Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean

(February 21, 2015) — A stunning new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Federal Migration Service (FMS) states that over 20,000 Ukrainian forced military conscripts have fled across the border these past few weeks bringing their total number in the Federation to an astounding 1,193,000. [Note: Read English translation below.]

According to this report, the US-EU backed Ukrainian neo-Nazi led government began the illegal conscription of its military age male population this past May by issuing a presidential decree bypassing their normal laws, which in turn has caused millions of them to flee rather than be forced into a conflict where neighbors are being forced to kill neighbors.

The Ukrainian government’s response to these fleeing conscripts, this report continues, has been to annihilate their citizens rights on civic freedoms while at the end of January, President Poroshenko ordered Ukraine’s government to adopt legislation to forbid travel abroad for those eligible for conscription, and in February the armed forces said it would forbid draft-eligible men from leaving their home provinces without permission from their local military commissar.

Strengthening the fears of these Ukrainian military conscripts against their own government even more than the growing oppression against them, FMS experts in this report say, was their governments abandonment of thousands of soldiers completely encircled by rebel forces Debaltseve this past week leading to the needless deaths of up to 3,500 Ukraine troops.

As this conflict has now cost the lives of over 50,000, this report further notes, it shows no signs of ending soon either as just this morning Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, Vadym Prystaiko, warned that his nation is now preparing for “full-scale war” against Russia.

Also, in what this report calls “a tragedy obscured by farce”, the debacle of the Ukrainian army in Debaltseve was in reality a situation wherein President Poroshenko sacrificed thousands of Ukrainian soldiers because he did not want to incur the wrath of the US-led war party in Kiev by ordering their retreat. . . .

[N]ot even the . . . the New York Times, was able to disguise the disgraceful abandonment of these young men by their own government and President Poroshenko, and who reported:

” . . . demoralized Ukrainian soldiers straggled into the town of Artemivsk, griping about incompetent leadership and recounting desperate conditions and gruesome killing as they beat a haphazard retreat from the strategic town of Debaltseve.

Gunshots rang out on the central square, as many soldiers began drinking heavily. One soldier stood, swaying, on the sidewalk mumbling to himself. Others, who had escaped from Debaltseve after weeks of shelling, were seizing taxicabs without payment. It was not clear that all of them had been given places to sleep, and one group stood silently, shivering on a street outside the Hotel Ukraine.”

Even worse, FMS experts in this report say, with rebel forces in eastern Ukraine allowing Russian media sources to document the thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers so that their remains may be reunited with their grieving mothers, wives and children, earlier today the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) banned all Russian media from their country in order to keep secret the full scale of this tragedy.

Should the truth be known to the Ukrainian people about the lies and deception of President Poroshenko, this report further states, it could significantly damage him thus bringing to fruition the warning given yesterday by former Ukrainian Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov that another coup against Ukraine’s government is nearer than many realize, and as, perhaps, best articulated by a Ukraine fighter who stated:

“What are the police going to do? They could not do anything against the peaceful protesters on Maidan; they are hardly going to withstand armed fighting units.”

With the Ukrainian government providing almost nothing for their soldiers causing them to use their own money for uniforms, weapons and equipment, and as Yuriy Biryukov, an adviser to the President Poroshenko and to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, claimed late last month that between 20-25% of money allocated to the Ministry of Defense was stolen, and that the military prosecutor’s office was in a state of “total corruption”, FMS experts in this report warn that the Federation can expect hundreds of thousands more of these military refugees to flee across the border.

Also, this report grimly notes, with the amount of equipment lost by the defeated and retreating Ukrainian troops called “beyond description”, and with only one Ukrainian volunteer battalion left in the battle zone, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s deputy supreme allied commander in Europe nevertheless continued the West’s war rhetoric today by stating that tensions with Russia could lead to all-out war.

President Putin, of course, this report notes, countered NATO’s General Bradshaw by warning the West:
“Nobody should have any illusions that it’s possible to achieve military superiority over Russia — or put it under some sort of pressure — as we’ll always have an adequate response to such reckless schemes.

“Our soldiers and officers have proven that they are ready to act decisively, coherently, professionally and courageously, performing the most difficult unconventional tasks, as befits a modern, experienced, combat-ready army, which values its traditions and military duty.”

And with Ukraine being the 6th war since 9/11 the US and its EU allies have embroiled themselves in (along with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen) this report concludes, one wonders when the people in the West, especially America, will awaken to the fact that NATO only exists to manage the wars created by its own existence . . . and has astoundingly lost them all!

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More than 20 Thousand Ukrainians
Military Age Arrived in Russia for a Week

RIA Novosti

(February 2, 2015) — The press service of the Russian Federal Migration Service reported that today in Russia is just about 2.5 million citizens of Ukraine, including men of military age — 1,193,000. For a week the number had increased by more than 20 thousand.

MOSCOW (February 2, 2015) — The number of Ukrainians of military age who entered the Russian Federation over the last week has increased by more than 20 thousand, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the press service of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

Earlier, on January 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities within the law may increase the length of stay of certain categories of persons, especially of military age in the Russian Federation.

After that, the FMS of Russia reported that the time of sojourn forced to leave the territory of Ukraine, including the young people of military age, be extended repeatedly for subsequent periods of 90 days.

To prolong the legal stay in Russia for Ukrainian citizens must within 90 days from the date of entry into Russian territory to apply to the division of the FMS of Russia at the place of temporary residence.

“Today in Russia is just about 2.5 million citizens of Ukraine, including men of military age — 1,193,000. For a week, their number increased by more than 20 thousand”, — said the press service. From the southeastern regions of Ukraine came to more than 850 thousand people have noted in FMS.

Ukrainian authorities began in April last year in the Donbass military operation against disgruntled occurred last February coup inhabitants of the region. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict have become more 5,000 civilians.

According to the Vice-Speaker of the National Council of DNI Dennis Pushilin, during the conflict in the Donbass killed 7,000 people — most of them civilians.

January 9, the intensity of the attacks in the region has increased as the number of victims of the conflict. Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that the APU build up reserves in all the places where the fighting is. Militia, in turn, said that “pushed the front line” to avoid shelling residential areas of cities Ukrainian security forces.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the recent events in the Donbass confirm the most serious concerns about the intention of Kiev power way to resolve the situation in the Donbass.

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