Israeli Military Assaults Women’s Day Marchers; Destroys Palestinian Crops

March 10th, 2015 - by admin

TeleSur TV & Press TV – 2015-03-10 00:38:41

Palestinian Women Protest against Israeli Occupation
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Israel Marks International Women’s Day With Brutal Assault
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(March 8, 2015) — Over a thousand women demanding the end of the occupation were met with violence. As the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a group of 1,500 women — both Israelis and Palestinians — marched to Qalandia checkpoint, dividing Jerusalem and Ramallah, on Sunday to demand the end of Israel’s occupation and were met with violence from troops.

“Our greetings to the Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli prisons and the female martyrs and wives of martyrs,” organisers said in a statement ahead of the march. “We promise them to continue . . . until (we reach) freedom.”

The women were met with tear gas bombs by the Israeli military and riots broke out, leaving 30 injured and 14 hospitalized, mostly women. At least 7 Palestinian women were detained.

The riots were sparked by the Israeli forces’ denial of permission to open a checkpoint, which would have allowed protesters on both sides of it to unite at the rally.

As marchers approached a closed gate, some tried to climb and put up Palestinian flags when Israeli soldiers used pepper spray, stun grenades, and tear gas to stop them.

The Qalandiya checkpoint is one of the main symbols of the Israeli occupation. An estimated 2 million Palestinians in the West Bank are not allowed to pass through this checkpoint to go to Jerusalem or Israel.

Israeli Settlers Uproot 500 Palestinian Olive Saplings in West Bank

(February 18, 2015) — Israeli settlers have once again attacked Palestinian properties, destroying hundreds of olive saplings in the occupied West Bank.

Israel Destroys Thousands of Acres of Crops in Palestine
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(March 3, 2015) — Thousands of acres of wheat and other cereal crops have been destroyed by Israeli police in the Palestinian Bedouin village of Rakhama in Negev. According to Ali Freijat, a local resident, as many as 14 Israeli tractors escorted by in excess of 50 Israeli police vehicles destroyed the agricultural products and leveled the land early on Tuesday, Ma’an news agency reported.

“This is vandalism through which they plan to displace the Bedouins from the Negev so as to create a Jewish state free of Arabs,” Freijat added. He further noted that the Israeli regime forces have been trying to confiscate the land for many years.

“However, my message to them is that if you turn over the land a million times, and if you demolish our homes a thousand times we will continue to live on this land and won’t allow anybody to take it from us,” he added.

Reports also said on Sunday that the Israeli regime plans to carry out more demolitions in an area populated by Palestinian Bedouins near al-Quds (Jerusalem). Tel Aviv authorities say they want to build settlements and military structures in the area.

The demolition of Bedouin homes is part of Israel’s massive land grab plan, which will forcefully displace thousands of people. In the Negev desert, Israel has already authorized the expulsion of tens of thousands of Bedouin Arabs from where they have lived for generations.

Bedouin villages in the desert frequently come under attack by Israeli forces. More than 150,000 Bedouins live in the occupied Palestinian territories, mostly in and around Negev. Nearly half of Bedouins live in villages where Israel denies access to water and electricity.

Rights groups have repeatedly called for the Israeli regime to stop the demolition of the homes of Bedouins.

Israelis Attack American Consular Officials in West Bank
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(January 3, 2015) — Israeli settlers have attacked American consular officials in the occupied West Bank to stop them from investigating a recent settler assault on Palestinian agricultural property.

The incident took place near Ramallah in the same area where senior Palestinian official, Ziad Abu Ein, was killed on December 10 in clashes with the Israeli army. Settlers threw rocks at the officials who had come to the area in two consular vehicles to look into Palestinian complaints that settlers uprooted scores of their olive trees.

Following the barrage of rocks, consular officials were forced to leave. On Thursday, Palestinians complained that Israeli settlers uprooted more than five-thousand olive tree saplings east of the town of Tur-musayya.

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