Russia Warns Cities to Prepare for Attack as US Sends 800 Tanks and Armored Vehicles to Europe

March 21st, 2015 - by admin

What Does It Mean & Paul Netupsky / & TASS Russian News Agency – 2015-03-21 23:05:20

“Prepare For Nuclear War,” Russia
Warns Citizens As US Tanks Flood Into Europe

Sorcha Faal / What Does It Mean

(March 20, 2015) — A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief (MChS) has issued an order for all companies employers to prepare for nuclear war [See story below — EAW], while at the same time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has slammed the US for flooding Europe with tanks and armored vehicles. [See story below — EAW]

According to this report, the MChS issued their order on 16 March to companies and employers to immediately provide their workers with radiation suits and gas masks as part of the “war orders” issued by President Putin and which we had previously reported on.

With these “war orders” being necessitated after the uncovering of a United Kingdom plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against the Federation this week, a situation made even graver after the arrest Tuesday (17 March) of US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole for her failing to, likewise, launch American nuclear weapons against Russia on Monday (16 March) this report continues, the Kremlin remains “alarmed” that no one seems to be in charge of the United States anymore.

Raising this “state of alarm” even higher, this report says, was that Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov has still been unable to contact President Barack Obama whom he had just met during a private White House visit a few weeks ago in Washington D.C. wherein the American leader stated he may not be able to stop this war.

With massive combat operations now existing in all of the Federations 9 time zones, the MoD further states in this report, the General Staff has ordered the immediate deployment to combat status of tens-of-thousands more troops bringing the number to over 80,000 now preparing for war.

The MoD further confirms in this report that the Federations strategic nuclear bombers have been mobilized in Crimea and that Iskander nuclear missiles are now being deployed in the Kaliningrad region, which borders Poland and Lithuania, too.

Important to note, this MoD report says, are that the Federations military actions are solely in response to the aggressive war moves of the United States against Russia, which includes tomorrows start of the US Army’s 1,100 mile armored column journey along the western border, dubbed “Dragoon Ride”, comprised of American troops from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (providing air support).

Equally important note, this report continues, is that the threat against the Federations northern border with Norway, where thousands of Norwegian troops continue their “Joint Viking” deployment of armored vehicles and artillery against Russia, continues with no end in sight.

Most ominously, however, MoD experts in this report say, was President Obama’s order this week to immediately deploy to Germany 800 tracked and wheeled vehicles, which when combined with the 220 Abrahams main battle tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles the US has sent to Eastern Europe, the 120 Abrahams battle tanks and armored vehicles sent to Latvia, and the hundreds of other tanks and armored vehicles stuffed into Norwegian caves for a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) . . . all within the past 8 months . . . the addition of these estimated 1,400 “vehicles of war” to Europe by the Americans clearly show the deadly intentions of the West against Russia.

And to anyone doubting the intentions of the US in wanting to wage war against Russia, this report grimly reminds everyone, it was just 11 months ago that the Obama regime was trumpeting its removal from Europe of America’s last remaining battle tank on the continent, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Stars and Stripes News Service on 19 April 2014:

“Amidst the still-ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Obama administration is moving the last US battle tanks from Germany and, thus, from Europe.

At the same time, the Pentagon also is disbanding two of the US Army’s heavy brigades in Germany. Last year, the 170th Infantry out of Baumholder disbanded, while the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade at Grafenwöhr is in the process of doing the same.

John Vandiver reports for Stars and Stripes, April 4, 2014, that the US Army’s 69-year history of basing main battle tanks on German soil quietly ended last month when 22 Abrams tanks, a main feature of armored combat units throughout the Cold War, embarked for the US.

On March 18, the remaining tanks were loaded up at the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s (TSC) railhead in Kaiserslautern where they then made the journey to the shipping port in Bremerhaven, Germany. There they boarded a ship bound for South Carolina.

“There is no [US] tank on German soil. It’s a historic moment,” said 21st TSC spokesman Lt. Col. Wayne Marotto.”

As to why and how our world went from last April when no US battle tanks remained in Europe, to 11 months later when they continue to flood onto the continent in the hundreds and thousands, and in the face of a massive Russian military response, should be plain to see for anyone caring to.

Now all that remains to happen is the “planned” false flag incident forcing us all into a war very few will ever know the true reasons for, but which the majority of whom, sadly, will also become its casualties.

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Employers Are Preparing for Nuclear War
Paul Netupsky / (Google Translation from Russian)

(March 16, 2015) — Companies and employers are obliged to provide their employees with personal protective equipment in case of radiation or chemical contamination — buy gas masks and special kits.

The purpose of Minister of Emergency Situations signed Vladimir Puchkov order which shall take effect from today — the protection of the population in the event of a chemical or radioactive contamination. The whole territory of St. Petersburg is related to a particular (highest) group of civil defense, including may be subjected to radioactive contamination in the event of an accident at Leningrad NPP. Therefore, 100 percent of the citizens should be provided with gas masks, nearly one in three from St. Petersburg as “medical personal protective equipment” (kits with special preparations – AI-2).

Primary responsibility for civil defense management Ministry of Emergency Situations holds the employers. They have to buy gas masks to all employees and to create a 5 percent margin. In the absence of necessary warehouses executives have the right to distribute gas masks and kits to the employees themselves, charging them with responsibility for the safety of property. And all this at their own expense.

Any failure to comply with these requirements qualify as sufficiently serious administrative offenses: legal entities can be fined from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, their managers or other officials — up to 20 thousand.

Comply with the rules, of course, profitable. After all, the easiest mask on the St. Petersburg market is worth 150 rubles, AI-2 kit — 240 rubles. That is to ensure the collective enterprise of 50 people cost about 12 thousand rubles. Given that, according to the Committee on Labor and Social Protection of St. Petersburg, the city has about 3.1 million people, the total business expenses will exceed 700 million rubles.

However, in addition to the purchase of PPE, employers responsibility training for the rules of civil defense, coordination with local administrations comprehensive plans and so on. All this is not so much expensive as troublesome events.

For example, the head of each organization or designee other officer (chairman of the committee) must undergo special training and every five years to improve skills in the institutions of Ministry of Emergency Situations (including Training Center in St. Petersburg). Tuition is free, but you need to enroll and get directions to the district administration. For ordinary employees should conduct classes in the approved curriculum followed consolidate the knowledge and skills in exercises and training.

Employers themselves are convinced that the imposition on them relating to civil defense obligations looks like another attempt to strangling business. “I think that the balance between budget and augmentable pressure on business to be respected, and any mass control of the company in terms of providing personal protection equipment will not be, says Dmitry Karev, COO outsourcing company Acsour.

To have or not to have personal protection to solve each employer. In principle, they are inexpensive, and you need to compare the risks, costs, and so on. ”

But the managing director of PM NAI Becar in St. Petersburg Natalia Skalandis estimates the cost of providing PPE team of 50 people in about 250 thousand rubles. “A more effective solution would be the introduction of the obligation to provide remedies individually. That is, each citizen should he buy a gas mask and a first aid kit, as drivers are required to have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit car” — believes Natalia Skalandis.

Far greater risks for the new rules are caught recently in disgrace NGOs (non-profit) organizations. According to the head of NGO “Human Rights Resource Center” Mary Kanev, civil protection should the State. “Requirements for the acquisition of PPE — an additional burden for organizations which often employs one or a maximum of three employees. In this situation, the pressure on NGOs, perhaps for some it will be the “last straw” in a choice of capacity to implement, for example, charity.

According to my practical calculations, the compliance with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, RTN, FEMA, and other agencies Roskomnadzora will cost a total of from 80 to 500 thousand rubles — depending on the number of employees, floor space and other nuances, ” — Mrs. Maria Kaniewska.

Meanwhile, the majority of respondents journalist “BaltInfo” Employers could not comment on the new requirements and readiness to fulfill them. “Our specialist is just at a seminar on this issue,” confessed to the press service of “Imperial Porcelain Factory.”

Experts remind that the procedure adopted by the accumulation of personal protective equipment installed in 1998 and approved by the federal law on the basis of its rules. It is no longer a St. Petersburg company, came under the rink checks, was fined and received a prescription MOE.

Moreover, some companies have tried to challenge the legality of laying the financial burden of providing civil defense business. After ensuring the security of individuals, society and the state, including civil protection, it is the constitutional obligation of the state. But the higher courts found no violation.

“Civil defense is organized on the basis of the principle of territorial-production. The disputed legal regulation, rests with the obligations due to the specifics of measures to ensure civil defense against catastrophes, natural disasters, epidemics and to eliminate their consequences, can not be regarded as discriminatory, unconditional and thus violates the constitutional rights of the applicant” — concluded the Russian Constitutional Court.

Shall come into force from March 16 order reduces the responsibility of public authorities. For example, the previously existing regulations obliged the authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation to provide all children with special protective chambers or masks.

Whereas in the new document the younger generation is not mentioned, and governments at all levels are required to purchase PPE primarily for their own employees and employees of subordinate structures. Regional administrations must also provide masks and kits all non-working population, but who, it means the — remains a mystery.

The press service of the North-West Regional Emergency Center is not yet able to comment on the journalist “BaltInfo” procedure for the application of the new order.

Moscow Slams US Plans for
Armor Deployment in Eastern Europe

TASS Russian News Agency

MOSCOW (March 20, 2015) — Plans for deploying US armor on NATO’s eastern flank cast doubt on NATO’s compliance with its liabilities, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday following a statement by the chief of NATO’s Allied Land Command in Europe Ben Hodges.

“We have taken note of the statements Hodges made in Washington on March 17,” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s comment runs. “As follows from what he said, in the near future there will follow a build-up of the US forces in the East European countries within the framework of the operation Atlantic Resolve.

In particular, the fleet of US armor (the number of both Abrahams main battle tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles) will be increased from 60 pieces to 220. As he dwelt on the deployment options, Hodges speculated it would be preferable to keep the vehicles in the East European countries on open-ended terms, saying that it would be a normal state of affairs.

“In that connection we would like to recall the obligations the alliance assumed under the Russia-NATO Founding Act on the non-deployment of considerable combat forces on the permanent basis in the territory of newly-admitted members, in other words, the East European countries which Hodges was referring to.

According to our estimates, in case of the deployment of US armour on the permanent basis on NATO’s eastern flank in the mentioned amounts there will emerge solid reasons for calling in question the alliance’s compliance with these liabilities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“If a policy undermining the key provisions of the Founding Act is a normal state of affairs, that means that Washington openly neglects the interests of European security and deliberately moves towards destabilization of the military-political situation,” the commentary said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes that Europe “does see the risk of unconditionally following advice from US generals and will opt for approaches that will rule out the risk of a slide towards a military confrontation between Russia and NATO.”

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