ACTION ALERT: Stop the War on Africa’s Rhinos

April 9th, 2015 - by admin

Reinhard Behrend / Rainforest Rescue – 2015-04-09 00:54:01

Take a Stand for South Africa’s Rhinos!
Reinhard Behrend / Rainforest Rescue

South Africa’s rhinos are facing oblivion. More than 1,200 were poached in 2014. A kilo of rhino horn commands prices of up to $60,000 — more than gold, platinum or cocaine.

The South African government now wants to permit a controlled trade in rhino horn in hopes of putting poachers out of business. In reality, the legal trade would stimulate demand and play into the hands of criminal organizations by making it easy to launder poached horns.

When four African countries briefly legalized the trade in ivory in 2008, a bloodbath ensued — and South Africa clearly has not learned from their experience.

We demand a complete ban on rhino horn trafficking and rigorous action against poachers.



Poachers in South Africa are killing rhinoceroses at a rate that will lead to their extinction in the near future. For many years, governments in Africa and beyond, international organizations and environmentalists from around the world have been working to stop the slaughter.

Rhinos — like other animals suffering at the hands of poachers — are close to the hearts of people the world over. The plan of the South African government to legalize the trade in rhino horn is a slap in the face of everyone who is dedicated to the survival of the species.

Legalization would play into the hands of the international criminal organizations behind poaching. A legalization would result in a massacre of rhinos comparable to the mass killings of elephants after the ivory trade was permitted in 2008.

Rhinos must be protected. Their horns are not a commodity.

Please ensure that the ban on the rhino horn trade remains in place without exceptions and is effectively enforced. Take a stand for the survival of the rhino.

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Thanks for being involved,
Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)